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The Metal Shredders Read The Metal Shredders Author Nancy Zafris Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk John Bonner Is Trying Hard To Cope With His New Role As Exploiter Of A Motley Crew Of Low Paid Workers At His Prosperous Family Business John Bonner Son Metal Shredders Is Where Cars Go To Die Mashed Into Scrap By A Mouthful Of High Speed 255 Pound Magnesium Teeth John Works With His Sister, And The Two Bond Over Their Romantic Histories Which Resemble Scrap Heaps As Well Then, One Fateful Night, A Hidden Stash Of Drug Money Turns Up In A Ford LTD Trunk With An Extremely Unpleasant Smell Now John Has To Launder The Cash Literally And Figure Out What To Do With It And What To Do About A Lot Of Things Because This Is Not Where He Wants To Die

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    With my editors on vacation, I can slip this review of a trashy novel into the august pages of The Christian Science Monitor But don t look for a chiseled cowboy towering over some buxom woman in a hoop skirt The Metal Shredders is a trashy novel in the best sense It takes place in a junkyard And the taboos it breaks aren t sexual Unfortunately, there are no sexual taboos left in modern literature No, it dares to raise the only subject that still makes Americans uncomfortable class.Nancy Zafris introduces us to three generations of John Bonners who have rooted through scrap metal looking for value that others are too careless or proud to notice The founder, whose hysterical funeral opens the novel, was the kind of man who would bring the yard to a halt when he spotted 60 cents of magnesium in a tangle of wires In the world s most wasteful nation, he realized early that garbage is the ultimate growth industry For example, we toss out 133 square miles of recyclable tinfoil every day just to unwrap our Hershey s Kisses How s that for a loving embrace of consumerism John Bonner III even the names are recycled in thi...

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    It was just a bunch of words compiled into what was supposed to pass for a story There was no character that you come to care about, there were pointless, random lesbian experiences that just jump out suddenly and sporadically, and a very loosely followed plot that generates no real anticip...

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    I mainly liked this book because it was set in Columbus and I enjoyed the details of the city where I live I didn t know much about the scrap metal business so that was interesting too but the narrative seemed to lose it s way and the ending was unsatisfying.

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    This was an OK book When I first started reading the book I thought it was going to be great, but as the book progressed it just got strange I also began to care less and less about the characters and what happened to them Unsatisfying.

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    Good plot and story line Author uses a lot of places and locations that actually exist or did exist in Columbus, Ohio.

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