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My Sweetpea: Seven Years and Seven Days Troy, Tall, Handsome, And Sexy, And Sheila, Drop Dead Gorgeous And Voluptuous, Met Their Junior Year Of College And Married A Few Months After Graduation Sheila Fell In Love With The Troy Who Seemed To Excel At Everything He Touched He Seemed To Be Everything Sheila, His ASweetpea, A Wanted While Married, They Had Each Other But Thatas All They Had As Time Went On, Sheila Realized That The Old ClichA C Alike Father, Like Sona Was True They Divorced Seven Years And Seven Days Later Their Post Divorce Journeys Were Hard And Long And Included Excessive Drinking And Gambling, Anger, Guilt, Clinical Depression, And Dysfunctional Rebound Relationships Soul Mates Forever, They Wondrously, Yet Separately, Planned To Move On With Their Lives However, They Still Felt And Sensed Reconnection, And, Thus, It Was Painful When They Agreed That It Was Forever Over In Their Private Thoughts, Stored Deeply Within Both Of Them, Nonetheless, Is The Real Truth

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