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The Children's House of Belsen [Download] ➽ The Children's House of Belsen ➽ Hetty E. Verolme – Hetty's family was torn apart following the 1940 German Invasion of the Netherlands and rounded up by the Nazis and then separated from their parents Hetty and her brothers were sent to the 'Children Hetty's family House of eBook ¸ was torn apart following the German Invasion of the Netherlands and rounded up by the Nazis and then separated The Children's MOBI :↠ from their parents Hetty and her brothers were sent to the 'Children’s House' in Belsen Concentration Camp As one of the eldest Hetty Children's House of PDF/EPUB ë became the 'Little Mother' helping to care not only for her siblings but the other children as well In a direct and powerful style Hetty recalls one of the remarkable largely untold story of the Holocaust—the extraordinary struggle and survival of this group of children through those terrible years.

About the Author: Hetty E. Verolme

Hetty Esther House of eBook ¸ Verolme was born in Belgium in In her family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands In she The Children's MOBI :↠ and her family were sent to the Nazi concentration campsAfter surviving the war and working for a time in the fashion industry she Children's House of PDF/EPUB ë emigrated to Australia in She worked in many jobs from waitress to bus conductress from door to door retailing to selling real estate She.

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  1. Petra-masx Petra-masx says:

    The children's house at Belsen was not like the other blocks If the children didn't die of disease or malnutrition then they didn't die at all They weren't there to be executed experimented on or used as slaves and worked to death They were just thereThe uality of their care depended on who was in charge of the house When Hetty was there it was a veritable angel sent from heaven if you believe in that sort of thing it's hard to believe in that sort of thing and the Holocaust at the same time Otherwise Sister Luba was just an extraordinary woman nicknamed the Angel of Belsen The author was a little mother in the children's house and was preoccupied as all in the camps were with getting enough food stealing it begging it however she could for herself her family and the other children But she never explains why they were there rather than having been murdered sent to the gas chambers as most children in the death factories that these camps were Nothing I write will be adeuate to describe the emotional power of the book which is also a cool objective account of life in the camps with all its horrors of starving people corpses lying piled up in stinking heaps dead eyes agape and staring at the children the brutality of the Nazi guards and the mental conundrum of forever wondering what made Jews so different that they should be eliminated from the face of the Earth as in fact most of their parents grandparents and older siblings had beenIt's a ten star book brilliantly written a window on another world of a dystopia so perverted that it's a wonder those who emerged from it which was most of the children from the children's house at Belsen didn't become insane But they didn't and some were very successfulAfter the war the orphaned teenage Hetty went to Australia and started off as a bus conductress She did many jobs rising to a property developer of shopping malls And then she retired and visited many countries and schools telling the children how it really was in a concentration camp at the heart of the Nazi industry of death She hoped as we all do but futilely that the knowledge would stop anything like it ever happening again Wish that it would

  2. ✨ jamieson ✨ ✨ jamieson ✨ says:

    So fact this is the book I've had the longest on my owned TBR I went to a talk by the author of this book who is a Holocaust survivor once and was incredibly moved by it and bought her memoir but I didn't read it for years because word war two stories are really really sadThis definitely was really really sad but it was really good too I don't know what else to say about it really The strength and resilience of the people in this story is astounding but what happened to them is horrific

  3. Eleanor Eleanor says:

    Today I had the amazing opportunity to meet Hetty at school today She is the most lovely old lady you could know and despite all she had been through she still has such a positive out look on life Being able to listen to her tell her story was an experience I will never forget I am now totally determined to read the book and discover the rest if her story

  4. Pam Pam says:

    The Children’s House of Belsen is by Hetty Verolme It is the story of thirteen year old Hetty Verolme and her brothers and parents who were taken from Amsterdam to Westerbork and on to Bergen Belsen They had certificates to exempt them from deportation so they were among the last to leave Even then they were in the Star Camp which was much better than being in the camp itself Here they were with their parents and could see each other each day Then their Father was taken away due to an argument with an officer Then their Mother was deported to another camp This left then fourteen year old Hetty in charge of her younger brothers Max and Jacky Luckily they ended up in the Children’s House in Bergen Belsen There under the care of Sister Luba they survived the war The details she gives are wonderful While reading you can feel her emotions and those of the other children That she and her brothers survived together is amazing This book is basically the same as her book Hetty so reading one is enough

  5. Ali Ali says:

    Amazing bookBut what a shame it had to be writtenA part of history that is deeply shocking even todayA part of history that sadly is still being repeated todayWhy has the world not learnt? Why has human nature not changed?Anyway this book was billed as uite an uplifting story of the Holocaust I did not believe that there could ever be such a thing But to be sure it isThe horrors are there but they are not too described they are not uite gloss over but it's almost like the author knew we would already know about it all would already have seen the startling depressing images of the beatings and the starvationThis concentrates on the daily trying to get by the struggle for food and the closeness of the bonds that are formed between the childrenI normally cry at Holocaust stories and although this was ultimately sad in placesok it's horrific and sad full stop but there is a lovely story of survival of friendship and good triumphing against evil

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Hetty describes the characters in the story so well that you feel you know them her brave mother loveable grandparents impulsive father her siblings the other children the SS officers the prison guards her fellow prisoners of war from all over Europe She chronicles the move from her home in Amsterdam where they were forced at gunpoint to leave then from camp to camp dorm to dorm and the starvation and depravation experienced along the way It is a book of historical importance recording the moments and people of WW2 experienced by a young Jewish girl

  7. Linda Linda says:

    This was not at all a fun read By which I don't mean it was a bad book Far from it it It's the memoir of a woman who as a young teen was send to Bergen Belsen concentration camp and ended up being in charge of the children's barack in the final six months of the camp She was 'lucky' in that the children's barack seems to have been mostly on the sidelines a little off from the illness and general horror of the rest of the camp On the other hand they were still in a Nazi concentration campThis was a true page turner in that you really want to know what happens to everyone It's written in a simple style sometimes a bit too simple to my taste honestly but that also makes it easier to rush through the book I do wish the ending wasn't so abrupt that there was a little about Hetty and her family adjusting to life after the camp But I get why she would want to focus on her time in Bergen Belsen Recommended for people interested in this side of the Nazi concentration camps

  8. Helen O& Helen O& says:

    Someone gave me her copy of this and said that she wanted me to read it not perhaps knowing that I have spent a good part of the past three years reading books about the Holocaust Obviously incredibly horrific details of abuses beyond imagination are a major part of this book yet so many noble acts of bravery compassion and heroism are also described After surviving Belsenthe author made her home in Australia It is written in a very simple yet powerful way and it is not surprising that it won the Christina Stead award in 2000

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Unbelievably moving true story of a young Jewish girl at Belsen concentration camp The story haunted my thoughts for so many days so painful to read of the suffering but the stoicism of the children the book describes and the kindness of Sister Luba the Angel of Belsen are true examples of heroism amidst unbelievably difficult circumstances

  10. Julianne Julianne says:

    Wow This was a completely different look into this subject Loved seeing the pictures at the end I can't believe these people are still alive today and can share their stories with us it's so important

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