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Bobcat Country Reading Bobcat Country By Brandi Homan Freeboooks.com Poetry Brandi Homan S BOBCAT COUNTRY Is The Unholy Love Child Of Lynda Barry And Ween Fabulously Honest, Surprising, And Hilarious, These Poems Are A TGIFriday S Extravaganza Of Retarded American Enthusiasm, Deftly Rendered Homan Loves The Fuck Yeaaaah S Our Culture Hoots Just Before It Drives Its Rental Car Off A Cliff Her Details Are So Spot On, Their Mere Presence Relieves Us Of The Need For Contrived, Poetic Resolutions That S What Makes The Poems True There Are No Easy Answers In Them They Make Me Proud To Be A Woman, And Yet, Simultaneously, Wanna Sincerely Rock Out In A Parking Lot To Rape Rock Jennifer L Knox.

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    Absolutely wonderful

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    Last night, I lived up to one of my poetry resolutions turn off the TV and read a book As my fingers skimmed the spines of all those luscious books waiting for me, the orange of Brandi Homan s Bobcat Country called to me I ve had this book for a few months and have had it on my list for a year I can t remember where I heard of it first, but I think it might have been Karen s blog, The Scrapper Poet Wherever I first heard of it, I learned that Homan is fromwait for itIowa And now I ve learned that she s not only from Iowa but from Marshalltown, Iowa, a town only 60 miles southwest of my own Waterloo I can still tell you exactly how to get there, where to by pass Hwy 63 in favor of the less traveled 96 I can still tell you exactly what the fields of corn look like bending in the wind and whipping past at 70 mph I can tell you how it smells on that drive in spring when the farmers are out spreading manure smells like money, as my mom always says In another mirroring, it also appears that we both came of age in the 80s and I m sure we must have sat in the same gym or football stadium at some point in our high school lives at one championship game or another I promise I ll get to the book review, I do However, first I have to honor my joy and amazement to know that there was another girl out there at the same time as I was, absorbing the world that I absorbed and learning to craft it into something called poetry This might not seem rema...

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    Brandi Homan s Bobcat Country, made me homesick.In some ways, it s hard to explain why The setting for many of the poems found in Bobcat Country is Iowa, not the backwoods of rural Pennsylvania, where I grew up Still, there s something achingly familiar about many of the characters in Homan s poems In the opening poem, What It Means to be an American the poet explains, It s picnic Buckets of beer, a bluegrass band, a shotgun wedding Casseroles in covered dishes, sparklers, fireflies Doritos and french fries cantaloupe squares and a waitress humming in the background Hmmmm Substitute country music for bluegrass, and that s home to me Even eerie are the lines found in Welcome to Bobcat Country where the poet offers such observations as We drove to Planned Parenthood, picked wedding colors We listened to gangster rap in the stockroom, ate at Perkins and Perkins and Perkins and We drank in the barn, the backyard, the back room, the bedroom, the haunted house where they filmed Twister We had the highest teen alcoholism rate in the state Okay, I didn t know the world of Twister, necessarily, but I knew the world of teen alcoholism something so common in rural areas that most people really don t think...

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    I don t know much about Brandi Homan but I am guessing that she grew up somewhere in the Carolinas or further south and that she wrote her first poems in a 24 hour pancake house Bobcat Country is full of spazzy goofball charm Even when Homan s wor...

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    Mom moved, took the oversized oak furniture Its gloss clogs her shrunken living room 29 her curlers green plastic spores 36

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    Very excited to read this

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