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9 thoughts on “Charade of the Heart

  1. Diya Diya says:

    1992 version

  2. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    I was sooo prepared not to like this one but I ended up laughing yelling throwing it against the wall and rolling my eyes Not at the same time but often on the same pageTypical cliche etc etc but it was still a cute fun a little painful at times goodreadLaura spoiled twin needs Beth responsible twin to work for her 'cause she really likes her job Of course Beth ends up falling for and losing her virginity to the hunky boss Again cliche There's also the obligatory plain Jane her name is even Jane who's out to get LauraBeth because she wants the boss who doesn't want her and has determined LauraBeth won't have him if she can't have him Oh and there's the obligatory drop dead gorgeous ex girlfriend for the boss who just doesn't want to let goSee what I mean? Cliche to the nth degreebut it just worked for me

  3. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    A Passionate PretenseI can do without being known as someone who has a tramp for a secretaryNow that wasn't fair Marcos Adrino might have been taken in by Beth's impersonation of her identical twin sister but neither she nor Laura deserved that labelBeth knew she was playing with fire by agreeing to Laura's harebrained scheme—to stand in for her twin while Laura had her baby But she'd bargained without the tormenting complication of Marcos Either his arrogance or his irresistible attractiveness would push Beth too far—and then she and Laura would really know the meaning of trouble

  4. Calysta Calysta says:

    Interesting enough premise but the execution left a lot to be desired

  5. Shani Shani says:


  6. Adaobi Peter Adaobi Peter says:

    She wouldn't have dreamt of it neither the arrogant boss but they ended up falling terribly in love

  7. HÜLYA HÜLYA says:

    Cathy Williams sevdiğim bir yazardırBu hikayede ikiz genö kızların çocuklukta sık sık birbirlerinin yerine geçip çevresindekileri kandırmaya benzemeyen bir olay içinde bulurlar kendileriniAma bu çok da tehlikeli bir oyuna dönüşecektirKurgu güzeldi ama bazı sahnelerinde çok gerildimKonusuLaura ve Beth fiziksel olarak tıpatıp benzeselerde karakter olarak tam zıt ikiz kardeştilerLaura ne kadar dışa dönükse Beth bir o kadar içine kapanık bir genç kadındıLaura onu terk eden sevgilisnden hamile kalmıştıAma hamileliğin getirdiği rahatsızlıklar yüzünde işini aksatıyorduAklına bir çözüm geldiBeth onun yerine geçip o bebeğini doğurana kadar çalışabilirdiÇolgınca bir plandıPatronunun ruhunun bile duymayacağını tahmin etmiştiAma Marcos Adrino Beth'in farkına varmıştı

  8. Kerry Kerry says:

    'Charade of the Heart' is a very silly read When one sister finds herself pregnant with her colleague's baby she asks her twin to stand in for her and hopes that noone will notice The result being that Beth who replaces her sister in the role of PA suddenly finds sparks flying between her new boss and herself and when they both need to suddenly pack up and head on a business trip to St Lucia one thing leads to another in the tropical climateNot the greatest of MB and the supposed heartthrob of the story Marcos Adrino is shockingly unkind and very hard to like the result being that I even wondered if he was the guy our female protagonist was supposed to fall in love with

  9. Esra Esra says:

    Yine peşinde atlı koşturuyormuş gibi ilerleyen bir hikaye gibi geldi bana konusunu falan beğendim aslında ama bütünüyle çok sevemedim maalesef

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Charade of the Heart ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Charade of the Heart Author Cathy Williams – Will she give her heart to the boss When Beth's twin sister has to take time off work to secretly have a baby Beth agrees to impersonate her as a personal assistant to Marcos Adrino the impossibly ric Will she give her heart to the boss When Beth's twin sister has to take time off work to secretly Charade of Epub / have a baby Beth agrees to impersonate her as a personal assistant to Marcos Adrino the impossibly rich owner of a string of international hotels Though she's been carefully tutored by her sister Beth finds Marcos almost always one step ahead Nonetheless Marcos is impressed by his PA's newfound dedication to her job and invites Beth to join him on the next business trip to the Carribean island of St Lucia Marcos is supremely arrogant but he's also exuisitely attractive Can Beth allow herself to act on the undeniable chemistry pulsation between them and possibly blow her cover.