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Too Good to Be True Reading Too Good To Be True Sheila OFlanagan Bandcamptomp3.co.uk When Carey Browne Decides It S Time For A Holiday And Flies Into New York City One Of Her Favourite Shopping Destinations She Knows She Ll Have A Good Time What She Doesn T Know Is That She S About To Have The Biggest Adventure Of Her Life Within Days She S Met And Married Ben Russell, And A Week Later They Re Heading Back Together To Dublin, Where They Both Live, To Share The Happy News With Family And Friends Except Not Everyone S Thrilled And Not Everyone S Convinced This Is Really Than A Holiday Romance.Carey And Ben Are About To Discover Whether They Ve Found The Kind Of Love That Can Survive A Blast Of Reality

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    First choice can t be wrong, it s just how would you manage to make this last The point is both Carey and Ben need to grow up a lil bit to realize that all of the past and it s problem attached is truly something They really can t handle things at first but event...

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    Very interesting Really liked it Just wanted to keep reading.

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    Hoewel het best wel een leuk verhaal is, vind ik het minder goed dan andere boeken van Sheila O Flanagan Ik vind het verhaal in grote lijnen iets te voorspelbaar En ik had wel meer willen lezen over hoe Carey en Ben er voor zorgen dat hun huwelijk slaagt Het verhaal van Freya, Ben s zus, vond ik erg leuk en maakt dat dit boek...

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    This is my third time reading this amazing book Took me a few hours spread out over a couple days because I was busy, but I was up past 1am each night reading and that hasn t happened in a long time I adore the characters in this book They each have their own pasts and stories which made them who they are I love their backgrounds and I love feeling as though the...

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    The theme of this book is love at first sight and whether it can last the pace I think almost everyone has met someone that they fall madly in love with almost as soon as they see them but very few of them get married straight away, which is what happens to the lead characters Carey and Ben They meet on a flight to New York and then head to Las Vegas to tie the knot But what seems like a great idea in the heat of the moment doesn t necessarily work out so well when they get home While I was writing this I met a number of people who d either got married very quickly though none as quickly as Carey and Ben and the families of people who d married very quickly Interestingly, the families felt as though they d been totally left out of things and although they were all prepared to give the marriages a chance, I could tell that they weren t rushing to embrace the new wife or husband into the fold Carey is an air traffic controller, a job which I ve always thought must be really interesting It is, and scary with it I was shown around Dublin and Shann...

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    Carey and Ben meet on a plane flying from Dublin to New York, are instantly attracted to each other, and after a romantic night in Manhattan decide to fly to Las Vegas and get married However, once they return ...

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    Remember tv show i forgot it name..lol. all i can remmy it starts with D and Greg A show about a couple, who just met and decided to marry each other on the same day You know the love at first sight So book is basically about that, with alot of funny parts I enjoyed that book.

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    Enjoyable light reading Interesting scenario, like The Missing Wife It is quite long and interest falls off about 3 4 through as it drags with fluffy dialogue The ending, just like the beginning, is too good to be true.

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    Oh for heaven s sake. it doesn t even qualify as chicklit Keeps going round and round in circles, to come to a conclusion that could have been reached to within the first 15 pages Wonder how the publishers even agreed to take on this book Certainly not one of Sheila s...