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Vauban and the French Military Under Louis XIV A Man Of Inventiveness, Versatility And Reformist Ideas, Marshal Sebastien Le Preste De Vauban Built A Formidable Ring Of Fortresses To Protect France S National Frontiers More Than Just A Fortification Designer, Vauban Was Also A Gifted Economist, Author, And Political Strategist This Book Tells The Complete Story Of Vauban S Exceptional Career, Placing Him Within The Framework Of Louis XIV S Reign And Revealing His Lasting Influences In France And Other Nations With The Aid Of Numerous Detailed Drawings, 17th Century Bastioned Fortification, Artillery, And Seige Warfare Are Described In Detail Vauban S Fortifications That Are Still Standing Today Are Particularly Highlighted.

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    A charming and well written little volume with extraordinary fun illustrations Every page is a combination of graphics and text and every page has a lot to say about this wonderful period in French history If you want to wow your friends with your prodigious historical acumen, this is certainly a very easy way to do it Wi...

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    This is not a work about Vauban as much as a review of his design of fortifications and his sieges If you want a review of bastion style fortifications, this book is first rate, as is it s coverage of the locations and strategic premises of his fortresses on the borders and coasts of France It would also be an excellent guide book, should you choose to visit these fortresses, as some of them are still extant, and the author is kind enough to point out which ones are This would make a fine companion to Falkner s Marshal Vauban and the Defense of Louis XIV s France, as that provides the narrative of Vauban s life in much greater detail, while the current work has the technical details and illustrations to flesh out the narrative But I enjoyed them both If you want to learn or review early modern fortifications, this is the place The book is copiously illustrated with bw drawings of the fortresses in question and it meticulously covers the various s...

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