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  • ebook
  • 20 pages
  • The Road Taken
  • Megan Hart
  • English
  • 11 September 2015

10 thoughts on “The Road Taken

  1. Dina Dina says:

    Safety issues aside a woman traveling alone should know better than have a one night stand with a stranger she's just met on the road this was a very sweet and sexy read I almost had a heart attack near the end when I thought that there wouldn't be a HEA but everything turned out to be just fine

  2. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    This is a lovely sweet read that I found via Megans Blog It's a free E book on Harleuin Spice and another short story Listed as having 20 chapters but these are like pages and took about 40 mins to read Difficult to review because I could end up giving everything awayMolly is heading home after leaving everything shes known for the past few years behind her wordly belongings packed into the trunk of her car On the way a chevrolet Impala catches her eye together with the driver Jake So will they meet up on the road and if so what will happen? This was a lovely neatly packaged little story you find out everything you need to know about this hot couple and their sweet sexy interludeA lovely sweet sexy read with a really nice HEA

  3. Auntee Auntee says:

    If this sweetly erotic little uickie is an example of her writing style I need to read some Megan Hart And I do enjoy a hero who blushes Nicely done

  4. Teryl Teryl says:

    This short story would have gotten a 4 if it didn't have a really annoying thing going one At the end of each chapter there is a little what will happen in the next chapter thing going on For example the chapter will come to an end then it will say Molly and Jake get interrupted will they continue what they started in chapter 10? or something to the like This happened in every single chapter and it totally through me out of the story everytime it happened If I had read the book and not listened to it I could have skipped those partsIt was a nice story and I REALLY had to suspend reality but once you do that it is sweet

  5. Mahlet Mahlet says:

    Free download via Audible's website Although unabridged it was just over 1 hour in length Short and Hot I loved the flirting with the other driver over the course of 30 mileswho hasn't flirted with a hot stranger in an adjacent car? Most of us can relate But who has acted out that fantasy with said stranger in a parking lot and hotel? Not many of us This was fun and right to the point?

  6. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 ½ stars – Contemporary RomanceEroticaA short sweet and steamy read about two strangers who flirt and find romance on the open road

  7. Pleasures Chest Pleasures Chest says:

    Great short story Jake is a tender and oh so delicious

  8. Debbie Debbie says:

    Needing a new start Molly was took to the road along the way she kept seeing a great looking Chevy Impala with a great looking man Jake in it Playing road tag then eating at a diner together could have been the end of it but they were both interested in a little Short story really fun and descriptive story I found this in a collection of short audio books I really liked Jake and the ending is good even if it is a bit predictable Picky picky at the end of most of the chapters the narrator gave a tease about the next chapter that was kind of annoying but the story was uick and fun overall Warning explicit language

  9. TinaMarie TinaMarie says:

    eHarleuincom free read from Spice Engaging a richness I haven't often found in shorts Makes me want to take a road trip

  10. Michelle [Helen Geek] Michelle [Helen Geek] says:

    Kerste you ROCK She recommended it and I TOTALLY loved itOkay this is a short story that is every girls fantasy IF you like hot cars and the really hot guys who drive them Have you ever been rockin' down the road radio as loud as it would go and a hot car and driver pull up next to you You both are tapping your steering wheels with the inside of your thumbs and your eyes meet YES You may not act on anything you think about this guy a for the remainder of the drive This is the premise of this story Really nice job by the author of pulling you in and putting it all together very uickly I hated for it to end but it did end nicelyLove itCheck it out

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The Road Taken❰Reading❯ ➶ The Road Taken Author Megan Hart – The road trip For Molly it means freedom The freedom to be the person she wants to be The freedom to make her own choices The ability to appreciate the things that are to her tastes There are no restr The road trip For Molly it means freedom The freedom to be the person she wants The Road MOBI :↠ to be The freedom to make her own choices The ability to appreciate the things that are to her tastes There are no restrictions No rules There is only possibility Chance Fantasy So when a big rough around the edges man strides by her like he owns the world she can allow her desire to be revved up as hot and powerful as the engine of his Impala And she can act on that desire in any—every—way she wants.

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