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  1. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    John D MacDonald has fast become one of my favorite authors He was so prodigious throughout the 1950s and '60s that he wrote seven Travis McGee mysteries two of which he threw in the garbage upon completion before consenting that his publisher Fawcett Books release the first one I had some vague impression that The Girl the Gold Watch Everything would be MacDonald's version of a Richard Matheson story The high concept fantasy plot was there Boy inherits watch that can stop time I'm convinced that MacDonald bet one of his buddies that he could write a 150 page book uicker than his buddy could read one This is the resultI was so confused by what I read that I took two days off and started over The book didn't make much sense on its second pass Kirby Winter is a 32 year old jackass whose Uncle Omar has died leaving none of his 50 million estate to his heir only a watch and a letter not to be opened for a year Kirby is a hero in the Classic Keanu Reeves mold he cannot buy a clue on what is going on around him Rather than whoa Kirby often mumbles gawr when not tripping over furniture I can't stand invalid protagonists who seem to have difficulty tying their own shoes How Kirby has lived as long as he has is the biggest mysteryLet me turn things over to one of my writing instructors playwright screenwriter and film director David Mamet “I did a movie called Spartan and it’s with Billy Macy and Val Kilmer and Kristen Bell It’s a pretty good movie And there’s no narration in it Somebody’s been kidnapped you don’t know who she is Somebody’s sent to find her you don’t know who he is And Macy paid me the highest compliment He said you know there’s not one second of narration in that whole damned movie That’s a great compliment right? Because anybody can write narrations It’s why anybody can write television Because it’s all basically narration And one of the hallmarks of soap opera which most television drama is is two people talking about something that happened offstage They don’t want anything from each other So that’s the death of drama And I tried to tell writers that when I was working on a television show that phrase ‘As you know ’ Because who are we talking to?”In The Girl the Gold Watch Everything Kirby tells a strange woman he apparently met at his uncle's funeral all about himself Why would a strange woman lavish so much attention on hapless Kirby a dunce who didn't inherit a penny from Uncle Omar? The incongruity doesn't prompt Kirby to stop talking and uestion this to act Then the strange woman's niece shows up and starts berating Kirby She's apparently a TV actress who the strange woman has gotten shitcanned from her job in order to come to Florida to spend time with her which makes no sense considering the strange woman is in the middle of conning Kirby By now we reach the 20% mark of the story There's no watch no magic The author hasn't shown the reader anything just let characters talk about things that occurred offstage After the niece tells Kirby all about how conniving her aunt the one she was willing to drop everything to come to visit in Florida is Kirby tells the niece all about his Uncle Omar a high school teacher who mysteriously uit his job one day went to Reno and won 100000 If MacDonald had shown a young Kirby experiencing strange events at the home of his uncle which he then puts out of his mind until the funeral many years later then I'd be curious for Kirby to find out what's going on In MacDonald's story characters talk and talk about stuff that happened offstage but it didn't mean anything to me because I'd been given no opportunity to connect with anything emotionally It's just writing Really what it feels like is an author rushing through a first draft extraordinarily fast Setting a scene up and writing action takes time whereas two characters riding in a taxi and talking for 12 pages can be dashed off by a writer with a much weaker ear than John D MacDonald in less than an hour That was the impression I got here

  2. Lyn Lyn says:

    It’s fun to read a novel from a talented writer when that author has stepped out of his usual style and is trying out a different genre The Machine Stops by EM Forster comes to mind Like Forster John D MacDonald has stepped away somewhat from his usual crime fiction and Travis McGee novels to try out some cool SFActually MacDonald published this book in 1962 a couple of years before his first McGee novels would arrive on bookstore shelves An established writer of crime fiction like Cape Fear The Executioners fastballer MacDonald climbed the hill and let fly with this entertaining curve ball about time travelSort ofMacDonald’s story about a time altering device is actually most compelling by what it leaves out If told today that device would be center stage and the action would revolve around it and what happens when X Y and Z come aboutMacDonald is too good a storyteller for such a formulaic delivery and like the best of his crime fiction the strongest element of this enjoyable narrative is the spot on characterization the interdependency of the players good dialogue and a cagey plot I also enjoy when a supporting character steals the show as Bonnie Lee does hereGood fun For MacDonald fans SF fans and those of us who love 50s 60s fiction

  3. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    You've worked for your uncle all of your life The man was in complete control of you telling you what college courses to study sending you around the world on errands for him You knew he was wealthy and you tried to be patient So what do you do when he dies and leaves you nothing than a gold pocket watch and a letter to be opened one year later?This is what happens to Kirby Winter and the way he tries to solve the new riddles in his life make up the rest of the story Riddles caused by the tax man's discovery of 27 million dollars apparently gone missing from Uncle's estate No one believes Kirby when he explains what happened to that money He must be lying He must have tucked it away somewhere He had the time to do that right? And what about that beautiful woman who seems so intent on getting Kirby all to herself Who is she and will he ever be able to think straight when she is around?This was only my second MacDonald title I got a huge kick out of it I ordered it a couple of years ago after reading A Bullet for Cinderella and wanting MacDonald in the house I have just one other here Cape Fear which I plan to get to later this year And I think I'll go see if I can find some others at my favorite online used bookstore Why ever not? I have the time to do that right?

  4. Sandy Sandy says:

    Having never read anything previously by renowned author John D MacDonald I discovered his 1962 paperback The Girl the Gold Watch and Everything after reading about it in David Pringle's excellent overview volume Modern Fantasy The Hundred Best Novels Writing about the novel in that volume the British critic tells us that it is an amusing romp and MacDonald's only full length fantasy There may perhaps be many readers who are surprised to hear of MacDonald being mentioned in the same sentence as the word fantasy; after all he is an author well known for almost 50 hard boiled crime thrillers not counting the 21 book series featuring his most famous character Florida based private investigator Travis McGee which started in 1964 But in truth MacDonald was early in his career a prodigious creator of sci fi tales; between 1948 and '53 he penned almost 50 sci fi short stories and two novels Wine of the Dreamers and Ballroom of the Skies Still as his only out and out fantasy TGTGWAE should be of especial interest to his loyal fansIn the book we meet an interesting nebbish named Kirby Winters At 32 years old Kirby has had only one disastrous sexual encounter in his life When we first meet him his wealthy Uncle Omar has just passed away Kirby had spent the previous 11 years traveling around the world and giving away around 27 million of his scientist uncle's money to undocumented charities and now the IRS wants to know where the money has gone as do the heads of Omar's corporation AND various criminal elements To make matters worse for Kirby his only inheritance from Omar turns out to be the gold watch of the title But what a watch it is With it as Kirby soon learns CAUTION SPOILER AHEAD he is able to effectively stop time for one subjective hour causing the universe to enter a red lit stasis; in this stalled world one hour of subjective time is eual to only 3100 of a second Imagine the possibilities for both mischief and personal gain An amusing romp it surely isIn actuality the novel is a fantasy in ways than one It is a science fantasy or what HG Wells used to call a scientific romance; Wells by the way as Pringle reminds us wrote a hoot of a story called The New Accelerator in 1901 with a similar plot device in which a miraculous gadget is created It is also most assuredly a sex fantasy In the novel Kirby must deal with no less than four very sexual women Charla Maria Markopoulo O'Rourke an international criminal as well as her gang; Betsy Alden her blonde hot tempered niece; Wilma Farnham Uncle Omar's prudish but lusty assistant; and finally the girl of the book's title 19 year old Bonny Lee Beaumont a backwoods Carolina stripper who initiates Kirby into the world of sex thrills and fun The book also strikes the reader as a wish fulfillment fantasy and a revenge fantasy; indeed the ability to make time stand practically still confers almost God like powers on the increasingly self assured Kirby WintersThe Girl the Gold Watch and Everything is a terrific read filled as it is with interesting characters great imagination MacDonald constantly surprises us with how thoroughly he has thought out the ramifications of making time stand still many amusing lines and even some tough action seuences Though the central plot device of time stasis is hardly an original one besides that Wells story as The Science Fiction Encyclopedia mentions we must not forget the 1923 film by Rene Clair Paris ui Dort in which Paris is accidentally frozen in time by a scientist MacDonald gives it a fresh spin combining it with a crime thriller and a comedy Despite a few missteps for example early in the book it is stated that Kirby's single sexual encounter had taken place 12 years earler but 100 pages later it is said to have been 13; in one section Kirby's lawyer is sitting at his left at a conference table but two pages later is said to be at his right this is a perfectly entertaining novel that should prove pleasing to just about everyone And really how can any novel that discusses Ann sic Francis' Twilight Zone episode The After Hours be all bad?

  5. William William says:

    I read this when I was about 16 and loved it Great fun clever sci fi mixed with noir The movie was not bad eitherThe inscription inside the watch from the Latin Tempus unum hominem manet Time waits for one manAfter the famous Tempus neminem manet Time waits for no man

  6. Michael Sorensen Michael Sorensen says:

    Most people aren't aware that JD did Sci Fibut he did some of the very best This is a prime example and well worth a read Recently it was made into a Disneyesue juenile movie very B Grade which did not do justice to what JD created as a VERY Bawdy tale A Good Fast and smart read

  7. Josh Josh says:

    I'm glad I researched this book before delving in otherwise I think I would've been thoroughly confused Renowned for crime fiction The Girl Gold Watch and Everything deviates from John D MacDonald's bread and butter in favor of b grade sci fi which oozes pulpPublished in 1962 my edition 1968 the story holds up pretty well; time travel by virtue of a gold watch which when the hands are turned backwards temporarily suspends time to allow the watch holder to move freely around unbeknownst to everyone else Naturally this power is used for monetary gain and to enable the protagonist Kirby to escape some pretty dicey situations however the primary purpose of this great power is comedy YepKirby and his girlfriend use the suspended time to prank innocent bystanders as well as those who want to get possession of the watch themselves Whilst I didn't mind this approach the humor uickly grew adolescent 15yr old me would've loved it There are a few plot holes and 'easy outs' throughout the book which dampened my enjoyment and the attempted scientific rationalization of the gold watch's abilities I could've done without but overall I liked the book and would certainly recommend anyone picking this up in the dollar section of a used bookstore I wouldn't recommended actively seeking out a copy as honestly it's not worth it

  8. Chrisl Chrisl says:

    Bumping this to a 451 due to memories of library patrons coming back for rereads including me A fun story The library had a hardcover with an attractive jacket not same as pictured with this review

  9. Keith Gapinski Keith Gapinski says:

    Like a lot of people I was first introduced to this story through the 1980s TV movie with Robert Hayes and Pam Dawber in it I really liked the movie as a kid so I grabbed the book and read it and like that tooI just recently revisited the book since it just came out for Kindle and I still found it to be in my list of my favorite books of all time The story is fun a male twist on a romance story as Kirby bounces amongst a cast of women trying to find one that doesn't thoroughly frighten him It's a fun comic romp but reading it again with adult perspective I have to say McDonald had some deep moments tooOn relationships he has Bonny Lee deliver some great commentary“I love you good Kirby And love is a pretty thing See how fast all worked up we gettin’? That’s the good of it sugar Going to bed is happy and it’s fun It’s the way you get the good of it with none of the bad It’s like everybody has forgot that’s all it is and all it was ever meant to be People got to mess it up it seems Cryin’ moanin ’ clingin’ onto one another all jealous and selfish and hateful We love each other on account of we give each other a lot of happy fun and if it comes round again we’ll take some and if it doesn’t we got this much already anyhow But no vows and pledges and crap like thathear? That’s what people do because they got the funny idea it’s the right thing to do And before they know it the fun part is gone gotten itself strangled on the fine print like it was a deed to some land I live free and simple Kirby and I look on myself in the mirror and say hello to a friend I like The day I stop liking her I change my ways So this is who loves you and that’s what the word means and I got friends would die for me and me for them What I say you run onto a hell of a girl”I also love what he has to say about the morality of using the magical gold watch ok spoiler but the book is really oldAnd he would have lost one of the most precious attributes of this uniue ability to make time stand still— the additive of wry mischief of ironic joy Bonny Lee had understood that instinctively Murder would have turned the watch into a perpetual solemnity and a perpetual guilt— because regardless of provocation the owner of the watch was beyond the need to killThere are a lot of storytellers out there who could learn the lesson aboveStill one of my favorite books of all time Check it out if you're into realistic fantasy

  10. Tasula Tasula says:

    I found this book amusing and enjoyable enough that I will read of this author It's about a loyal nephew whose wealthy uncle died and left him only a gold watch and a letter The shy retiring almost virginal man is suddenly besieged by corporation executives the IRS and the press demanding to know WHERE the 27 million that should be in Krepps Corp coffers went So he goes on the run evolving from bewildered ninny to well you'll see It's a gentle book nothing horrible happens just a lot of fun and games

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The Girl, the Gold Watch, Everything [KINDLE] ❀ The Girl, the Gold Watch, Everything By John D. MacDonald – To ever loyal Kirby Winter multimillionaire Uncle Omar left nothing nothing but a gold watch and a sealed letter to be opened in one year But Kirby is destined to inherit the magical power to freeze t the Gold PDF Ç To ever loyal Kirby Winter multimillionaire Uncle Omar left nothing nothing but a gold watch and a sealed letter to be opened in one year But Kirby is destined to inherit the magical power to freeze time in its tracks Power like that promises unlimited wealth wealth that can't buy love but does make a down payment on a lot of deadly trouble In a universe without time can Kirby stay one step ahead.

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the Gold PDF Ç John D MacDonald was born in Sharon Pa and educated at the Universities of Pennsylvania Syracuse and Harvard where he took an MBA in During WW he rose to the rank of Colonel and while serving in the Army and in the Far East sent a short story to his wife for sale successfully He served in the Office of Strategic Services OSS in the China Burma India Theater of Operations A.