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Les Armes vivantes [Epub] ➚ Les Armes vivantes By Pierre Christin – Thomashillier.co.uk Valérian le plus grand space opéra publié par des auteurs français nous entraîne dans un monde et un futur lointains Le duo est constitué d'agents spatio temporels Valérian et Laureline C'est Valérian le plus grand space opéra publié par des auteurs Les Armes PDF \ français nous entraîne dans un monde et un futur lointains Le duo est constitué d'agents spatio temporels Valérian et Laureline C'est à bord d'un vaisseau affrété par Galaxity capitale de l'Empire Terrien u'ils se déplacent pour vivre des aventures hautes en couleur Les scénarios font d'habiles clins d'oeil à notre époue mettant en scène tyrans et dictateurs souvent bien proches de ceux de notre ème siècle.

10 thoughts on “Les Armes vivantes

  1. Caro the Helmet Lady Caro the Helmet Lady says:

    Back to good old silly and humorous thanks god Also tons of aliens Enjoyed this one uite a bit But not as much as previous ones that I rated 4 or 5 stars

  2. Gianfranco Mancini Gianfranco Mancini says:

    An hilarious sci fi weird western parody issue with an original intellectual concept in the background Waging War to WarAnd Brittbrit the alien shapeshifter is the character who inspired Rihanna's Bubble in Besson's Valerian not so much good movieNice

  3. Marie Marie says:

    A nice moment of female gaze when Laureline encounters the shape shifter and he shifts first into Valerian naked and then into Fred Astaire so she can dance with him There is a feminine diva whom I was surprised to find referred to has he and also Laureline DOES save the day in the end with common sense after Valerian's scheme has to be abandoned and fought back against by Valerian of course and she DOES call him 'my hero' but really I'd have left him in the doghouse for an issue

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    This installment in the adventures of Valerian and Laureline allows artist Jean Claude Mezieres the opportunity to draw almost a wild west setting with a desert planet resembling the landscapes of the American Southwest and characters traveling by the euivalent of old covered wagons in space I have to admit that while I enjoyed the philosophy behind the story I found the actual plot to feel a bit slight Overall an enjoyable volume in an enjoyable series but not one that particularly stands out

  5. StrictlySequential StrictlySequential says:

    A poignant examination of war orchestrated through theatre So much to think about philosophically while being entertained by a troupe of living weaponsI love Laureline as a person Her character is as good as ever here but she ALSO gets all dressed up as their presenter so I could also moon over her exuisite everything She ravishes me in her space suit as well which I'm happy to say has finally lost the patronizing heelsThe art is outstanding as always It's non conformist expressive uality endears me hypnotically

  6. Paul Foley Paul Foley says:

    In which Laureline joins the circus Cut off from Galaxity their ship a bucket of bolts Valerian attempts dealing with a warlord on a uest to fight the war that will end war wasn't that what WWI was supposed to be? This isn't gonna end well The big lunk tries to keep this secret from Laureline By now he ought to know better Clever historical fun beautifully and imaginatively illustrated as always this book is pure joy

  7. NoImporta NoImporta says:

    This story was extremely lost on me the ending is a metaphor for safe sex? A critiue on beauty standards? Maybe a satire of some armed conflict? I don't know and neither do the charactersBut I do see some ideas of A Bug's Life taken from this adventureAlso is it me or Laureline seems to have a tendency to find pretty revealing clothing everywhere she goes?

  8. Dbgirl Dbgirl says:

    There wasn't much sense in plot but at least this was funny and looked very nice

  9. Peter Peter says:

    A bit boring story of Valerian and Laureline connecting with a group of misfits while a warring race of minotaur centaurs wages war Slow paced and expository

  10. Frans Kempe Frans Kempe says:

    A delivery to a foreign planet and an artist troupe What could go wrong

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