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The Lark's Lament [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Lark's Lament By Alan Gordon – In 1204 AD the Fools' Guild is in hiding under attack from the forces of Pope Innocent III Theophilos and Claudia jesters with the Guild are sent to enlist the help of a former guild member the minst In AD the Fools' Guild is in hiding under attack from the forces of Pope Innocent III Theophilos and Claudia jesters with the Guild are sent to enlist the help of a former guild member the minstrel Foluet now the abbot The Lark's PDF \ Fol at a Cistercian monastery to intercede with the pope on their behalf But while they are at the abbey pleading their case a gruesome murder takes place a monk is killed in the librarium and a cryptic message written on the wall in his blood         In the wake of the murder Fol issues an ultimatum to Theophilos If he learns the meaning of the message and finds the killer Fol will help the Guild But if the Jester fails Fol will have the pope declare the Guild anathema With the future of the Guild on the line Theophilos his wife and their apprentice go off in search of Foluet's past and the meaning of the message uncovering a long ago series of events that were as deadly then as they are proving to be now .

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  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    This book is one of The Fool's Guild series and I have liked all of the books I have read in the series Guild members in addition to entertaining are also involved in keeping the peace and in carrying out diplomatic missions In this volume Theophilos the fool is on a mission to assist the Guild in resisting the efforts of the Pope to eliminate it In order to accomplish the mission Theo his wife Claudia also a Guild member and their Apprentice Helga accompanied by their baby daughter Portia travel entertain and investigate a mystery which they must solve in order to get the cooperation they need to save the Guild and their way of life The writing style as should be expected since it deals with Fools is highly entertaining and often laugh inducing More surprising to this reader at any rate is that the story is historically based and the Fool's Guild was an actual organization which played a major role in the society of the time

  2. John John says:

    My third read in Mr Gordon's clever and consistent series; a departure from the two previous ones I read in that this was not based on a Shakespearean play but rather on the troubador traditions of southern France primarily Marseille and Montpellier The mystery was complex but ultimately satisfying and the development of the characters continues to be uite good I must read of these

  3. J.A. McLachlan J.A. McLachlan says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Lark's Lament It is a very cleverly written medieval mystery well researched with good plotting and a mystery that keeps you guessing What is superb about this book is the humorous repartee between the main characters which kept me laughing and their close relationship despite their ironic humor

  4. Paul Paul says:

    Not uite as riveting as the previous stories but the uick witted dialogue still manages to make me want to keep turning the pagesI love the fool family and look forward to the next installment

  5. Rev. M. M. Walters Rev. M. M. Walters says:

    Reading any of Alan Gordon's Fools' Guild novels reuires a modicum of suspension of disbelief Sometimes we just have to accept certain conditions set up by the author In this case we are asked to believe that being a fool as in court jester was a way of life a vocation if you will that did not allow for any time off or even a time to wash off the make up On top of that we are asked to believe in the existence of a world wide or at least European Guild of Fools who not only provided entertainment but acted almost as secret agents keeping the world safe and arranging civil affairs in the best way for the most people Therein lies the difference between modern spy agencies and the Fools' Guild The Guild is much altruistic than the CIA or KGB If one accepts these preconditions the Fools' Guild books are an enjoyable read If you want your historical novels to be historically correct you are probably going to be disappointed But isn't this true of any mystery set in the past? If one believes in the actual existence of Sherlock Holmes the stories are much fun not to mention all the ink used to substantiate that existenceThe story here is fairly simple Theophilus the Fool his wife Claudia their baby daughter Petra and Helga their Apprentice are dispatched by the Guild to a former troubadour Foluet who has become the Abbot of a Cistercian monastery to persuade him to become the bishop of Toulouse Before entering the monastery this troubadour was married with two sons He was also something of a flirt courtly love for him was not just something one sang about After his sudden conversion he sends wife and children off; the wife becomes a nun and the boys wind up in another monastery Foluet initially refuses but relents when a monk is murdered and his blood is used to write a warning message for Foluet which contains an allusion to a song that he wrote Theophilus and family are sent off to find out the answer to the mystery of the identity of the Lark of the song and the one who is threatening Foluet's life As the fools begin to find the answers bodies litter the landscape The mystery is solved eventually but not without a number of wrong guesses Once the song is truly deciphered and the murderer unmasked the fools resume their travels no doubt moving into their next adventureAn interesting techniue that Gordon uses here is to vary the narrator from chapter to chapter Sometimes it's Theophilus; other times it's Claudia It does reuire the reader to stay awake; there were a number of times that I thought I was reading one voice when it was actually the other probably wouldn't happen with an audiobook The dialogue between the characters is entertaining and witty; it's almost like watching a stage performance Suspend your disbelief; you'll have a good time

  6. Marcia Marcia says:

    This is the third book I have read in this series I like it so much that I have ordered through inter library loan the 4 books my library doesn’t own A lyric from a song written in the blood of a murdered monk at a monastery is their only clue and they don’t know it is a lyric at the beginning To save the Guild jesters Theos and Claudia with the help of their apprentice Helga pursue this vague clue only to be followed and menaced A complex mystery with a seemingly unimportant character eventually becoming the likely suspect Excellent dialogue and settings wonderful dialogue enjoyable

  7. Mira Mira says:

    I adore this series Following Theo's ever growing family on official business for The Guild this time the fools collide with murderous monks Alan Gordon is a master of the light touch giving enough space for the natural raconteurs to joke and banter before deftly switching to a darker tone as secrets from the past are exhumed I am heartbroken that I only have two books left in this series if anyone knows of anything like this that is so pleasing to read please let me know

  8. Pat Pat says:

    A book that can inform and entertainI only see two in this series which saddens me The witty and resourceful main characters will be missed

  9. Spuddie Spuddie says:

    It's 1204 and The Fool's Guild is in trouble Seeking assistance from a former troubadour turned monk Theophilos Claudia their apprentice Helga and infant daughter Portia head for the Cistercian abbey where Foluet is now the abbot But a foul murder shortly after Theo's visit drags the Fool Family into solving the mystery for the abbot before he will agree to assist themWhat can I say about this series that I haven't already said? It's a delight to read with wonderful characters careful research and a writing style that makes the story flow by far too uickly Easy to read yet with enough meaty historical detail that it occasionally prompts the reader to put the book down and do a bit of research I have all the books in this series on my keeper shelf and there's only two before I hit the endso I'm hoarding them This makes me extremely sad But I guess that means I can start reading them over

  10. Amy Shuman Amy Shuman says:

    This was a fun book It's simply written and I could see it clearly as TV show paid TV to do it right The most interesting thing about it is the authors insistence of its veracity He cites some scholarly works in the foot notes many of them his own Oo to support his assertion that are compeling When I get interested enough in the idea that the medieval fools guild was the 1400s euivalence of the CIA and did to control European politics than the Catholic church did I may actually go and look up independent documentation Maybe not

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