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  1. Ngọc Ngọc says:

    đáng yêu nè

  2. Luke Luke says:

    I was excited to find this book in my local charity shop as I wasn't aware that there are other books similar to the Horrible Histories books Although not written by Terry Deary this book is written in a similar style in terms of wit and presentation a little drier but a solid overview of 9 famous scientists I learnt a lot from this book it put me on to people I didn't know about Even for the well known scientists discussed it was nice to have their personalities and backstories fleshed out a little bit Some chapters were very rushed but it served as a good introduction However the downside of the book was that it has an anti religion overtone throughout the book that gets uite tedious and I find insensitive for a kids book I understand that it is impossible to write a book like this without discussing religion but it comes across as an anti religionpro science rally cry at times I'm not a religious person but I can see how religion and science can live side by side Above everything Christianity and many other faiths are about ethics science is about uantifying everything around us It would be a shame if people were encouraged to choose between one or the other

  3. Rachael Hewison Rachael Hewison says:

    This is the first time I'd read a 'Horribly famous' book and I was hoping for good things considering how much I love the 'Horrible histories' series Whilst there were a lot of similarities in the layout and the drawings I didn't find this as good as the HistoriesThere were some excellent attributes to this book; I liked the selection of scientists there were enough to show a variety of different people but enough information was given that you felt like you learned a lot about them individually Goldsmith covers both their personal lives and their science so it brought them alive as people I really felt like I learnt a lot However I thought it could have been humorous and at some points I did feel a bit irritated by the text Some of the science also went over my head and I'm an adult so I think a child could struggleA really interesting read though and I'm sure would be enjoyed by many kids

  4. Ngân Kim Ngân Kim says:

    Chuyện được kể khá thú vị tuy nhiên còn sai lỗi chính tả và đôi khi cách diễn đạt hơi khó hiểu

  5. Anirudh Parthasarathy Anirudh Parthasarathy says:

    This book is an instalment to the Dead Famous series now re branded as Horribly Famous on the life of nine well known scientists whose contributions have shaped the world as we know it today These include Aristotle Galileo Galilei Isaac Newton Michael Faraday Charles Darwin Gregor Johann Mendel Louis Pasteur Marie Curie and Albert Einstein Despite the title of the book Darwin is given only as much importance as the other eight scientists in the book and the book is not substantially about him rather just about twenty pagesThis book met the expectations that I usually have in a Horrible Histories book good illustrations pulling out unknown facts about the subject they're dealing with the imaginary personal diary among others I am someone fascinated by science but not someone who loves science as I was never able to get a hang of it but then I have an admiration for those who did be it Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein So I could get a broad idea of how these scientists arrived at their path breaking discoveries and at the same time their path to doing it college life personal life was also covered I also loved those boxes Secrets of Science inserted at regular intervals during the course of the book presenting certain interesting facts I also felt the author chose well known scientists ideal for a children's book and yes one problem with this series is that it hardly moves out of the UK and hence I appreciate the fact that the author has chosen great scientists also from places other than the UK At times I wondered as to why the author chose Charles Darwin as the flagship scientist for the book but as I analysed what he was conveying he very clearly seemed against the religious establishment and it was Darwin who shook the very foundations of their reasoning and perhaps the respect is out of thatThis book is going to disappoint a kid highly enthusiastic about science and wishes to know the deeper aspects about the research about the scientists whom they adore However if they just want to decide on whom their role model is this book could still serve the purpose Apart from this I don't have anything significantly negative to say about the book; maybe the author could have added a relatively obscure scientist which could have made the book interesting but that is than a suggestion than a flawOn the whole I felt it was an excellent reading experience and I award the book a rating of three on five

  6. Vanathy Vanathy says:

    It was ok though I did not like it that much it was awesome to a T

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