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The New Age of Adventure ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ The New Age of Adventure By John Rasmus ✾ – National Geographic Adventure has published the best work by today’s finest writers and this tenth anniversary anthology assembles an elite corps of authors that includes Sebastian Junger Peter Matt Age of Epub Þ National Geographic Adventure has published the best work by today’s finest writers and The New Kindle - this tenth anniversary anthology assembles an elite corps of authors that includes Sebastian Junger New Age of Epub Û Peter Matthiessen Philip Caputo and two dozen others These reporters have voyaged to the ends of the earth to bring back the decade’s most thrilling eccentric and extraordinary tales But the pieces collected here do than paint a portrait of the world’s most extreme and fascinating environments—they also explore important uestions about adventure in the st centuryThese stories rocket readers across the roof of the world on the new high speed railway in Tibet describe the tension between Indian farmers and the sacred elephants besieging their villages and introduce them to a shaman whom some believe can cure the most serious depressions We meet the great Afghan warlord Ahmed Shah Massoud—said to have been the finest guerrilla fighter since Ho Chi Minh—encounter a yeti with legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner and much This is a wide ranging collection for every road warrior and adventurer—armchair or otherwise—culled from the much acclaimed journal that in its first ten years has won millions of devoted readers and garnered than a dozen prestigious prizes for excellence in journalism.

10 thoughts on “The New Age of Adventure

  1. Norie Tanabe Norie Tanabe says:

    Found this book in a pile of for sale books and I am glad I pulled this one out I was probably too young to read this in 2012 but I read it and loved it Sure it made me grow up even faster not that I didn't know the horrors of the world but then isn't that the start of an epic adventure? Then there is always the good The good always come at some point hahaha

  2. Steve Tidball Steve Tidball says:

    Excellent short stories of the great outdoors

  3. Eric Eric says:

    I've always been a sucker for compilations of short stories This is an excellent collection There's an underlying philosophical uestion in here though Why are all of the best of the best articles so depressing? What is it about depressing stories that gives them the sort of heft that sinks in deep and sticks with you? Everyone sees that these articles are weighty and almost objectively better than the other articles publishes in the last decade Why is that?I think it's because these are not only the most depressing but also the most realistic It says something about the reality in which we live Or maybe it's just a book of interesting stories of adventure

  4. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    The uality is uneven but the fantastic stories included than make up for the weaker ones I don't want to accidentally leave anything out but the stories about the Afghan warlord and why people get lost were just amazing Many of the others are just as good Emperor penguinsless so I started every story with great anticipation that it might be another spectacular one If you like adventure stories and good writing this is a must read

  5. Evelyn Lee Evelyn Lee says:

    Every essayarticle in this collection was interesting I especially enjoyed the stories of people pushing themselves to the limit exploring or adventuring The essays regarding animals while well written were heavy topics and depressed me

  6. Frederic Pierce Frederic Pierce says:

    Overall this collection of modern adventures in exotic locations was great There were three or four disappointing pieces but the remaining stories tales of rampaging elephants man eating lions Afghan warlords lost mountain climbers and gorillas threatened by guerrillas than made up for them I would recommend this book for anyone who loves reading National Geographic Magazine and has a taste for well crafted first person journalistic adventures

  7. Michael Michael says:

    I'm not usually a fan of short stories and to a point this collection was no different However there were some exceptional stories within this collection and few that missed the mark for me I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures At the minimum you learn about a story which you can then look into further for detailed books

  8. Lloyd Fassett Lloyd Fassett says:

    7718 Was looking up Sebastian Jungers' latest book and found this10618 read the Sebastian Younger and section For Personal Growth It's worth reading if you're an outdoorsy person Read the Mossoud article which was odd because it was written just before he was killed which was just before the 911 attacks It seems so long ago and not so long ago at the same time

  9. Becca Becca says:

    A fantastic variety of stories from around the world Each offered a uniue writing style and perspective on a culture experience or location throughout the world I especially enjoyed Kira Salak's Hell and Back which gave an incredible account of her experience with ayahuasca

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    I wish people knew about this book

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