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  1. Gary Gary says:

    An extraordinarily powerful real life narrative about the hell endured by a women and her family in Saddam' Hussein's Ira Recounts the life story of Guzim Najan and her life as a GUI wife and then as a victim of Saddam's monstrous regime Guzim was the wife of Irai diplomat Ra'ad Said and the book describes Guzim's childhood and adolescence in Ira followed by Ra'ad and Guzim's life in the international diplomatic circuit during the period of the Ira Ira war of 1980 1989On the eve of the First Gulf War of 1991 Ra'ad was recalled to Baghdad and instructed to work in the Foreign Ministry T Ra'ad became depressed and uncommunicative One day he was abducted by Saddam's ruthless secret service the Mukhabbarat and severally tortured before being dumped on his front porch where he begged Guzim to promise him to take the children and leave Ira A few weeks later he was dead probably of poison he was given when under the Mukhabbarat's imprisonmentAfter that Guzim and her family were subjected to three years of nightmarish house arrest where they were daily terrorized by Saddam's thugs and Guzim was beaten and tortured Eventually through he help of an old friend who now served in the Mukhabbarat Muzim and her children escaped to Jordan and eventually moved to freedom in Australia in 2002As well as the story of Muzim and her family this book is a history of Ira under Saddam's horrific 23 year reign of terror and a political history of Ira prior to this period Guzim relates at the end of the book her relief at seeing Ira freed by the brave American British Australian and Polish troops of the coalitionAnyone who doubts the horrors perpetrated by Saddam Hussein and the reason for his overthrow should read this bookAs recounted uoting the book by Kenneth Polack The Threatening Storm 'This is a regime that will force a white hot metal rod into a person's anus or other orifices This is a regime that will behead a young mother in the street in front of her house and and children because her husband was suspected of opposing the regime'Indeed Saddam's regime slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Kurds and marsh Arabs in a series of horrific genocides Leftwing radicals in the West and elsewhere who have supported his regime should hang their heads in shame if they are still capable of any

  2. Candice Sanderson Candice Sanderson says:

    One of the hardest books I've ever read I put down this book so many times because I was either crying to hard or just felt too sick to continue reading Very powerful and heartbreaking I think I was actually a little depressed while I was reading this book and I'm happy to have closed it but I can't ever forget this story and yet I know it's just the very tip of the iceberg in describing the atrocities of everyday life for Irais

  3. W W says:

    Jean Sasson has written half a dozen books on Saudi Arabia Following Ira's invasion of Kuwaitshe also wrote a short bookThe Rape of KuwaitThe problem with her books always is that they either look like fiction or a mixture of fact and fictionat bestIn case of this bookit also looks like propaganda and an exercise in Saddam bashingIt was published not long after the US invasion of Ira in 2003While Saddam was no doubt badJean Sasson's books are completely silent about the US invasions of the country and their impact on Ira's long suffering peopleApart from debatable factual accuracythis book was pretty boring too

  4. Debbie Debbie says:

    Why did so many Irais risk their lives by putting their finger on the ink pad to vote for a new government? Read this memoir of this lady's life prior to the war and you will soon understand the hideous events that were taking place under Saddam Hussein Well written and very interesting

  5. Patille Madaghjian Patille Madaghjian says:

    Wow This book has truly opened my eyes to see how much women suffered in the Middle East especially in Ira Mayada is the granddaughter of the most famous and respected leaders in Ira; Jafar Pasha Al Askari who was the Defence Minister and Prime Minister of Ira and Sati Al Husri who was one of the first Arab Nationalists and also a government minister Her family is treated like royalty and so Mayada had lived a privileged life Her world crumbles when she is taken to Baladiyat prison for a crime that she has not commit She was said to print leaflets at her printing shop against Saddam Hussein Under the cruel and agonizing reign of Saddam Hussein Ira had suffered a great deal and most people were taken to prison for no reason and were tortured brutally I was truly appalled at how Irais were treated in prison I was so shocked at how the guards acted like animals and beat the prisoners I cannot even begin to describe how the poor “shadow women” in cell 52 where Mayada stayed were tortured The women were hit continuously with a whip beaten up burned electrocuted rapedthe list goes on I could hardly believe that these women survived I know if I was in Baladiyat I could never have survived that kind of torment I really admire these women’s’ will and struggle to survive just so they can see their beloved families again They were truly brave I recoiled in horror at the descriptions of their wounds; their backs would look like a mess of freshly cut flesh with blood oozing out But what really touched my heart was the love these women had for each other They would encourage each other to stay alive and keep praying so that they can see their families once again Samara was the one of the “shadow women” who gave all the others the will to survive If it was not for the friendship of Samara I think Mayada would never have survived Not only did the women along with other prisoners bear the physical scars of their torture sessions but their minds can never rid the memories either They are mentally scarred for life Mayada will never forget her time in Baladiyat even though she was only there for a month while the other women had been there for years I was torn by the stories of the Irais during Saddam’s reign The sudden disappearance of a husband wife son daughter mother or father would cause a loved one to swirl into a nightmare They would not know if their loved one was dead imprisoned or kidnapped and they would not know why They would get no notification whatsoever I was completely heartbroken by their suffering and desperation to find their loved one or just know if they were alive Irais lived in constant threat of imprisonment or death if they said or did anything opposing to Saddam My heart really went out to these innocent people This book has opened my eyes to the misery and distress people felt under the reign of this vindictive evil dictatorWhen I finished the book I could not believe that Mayada did not know what happened to the other “shadow women” of cell 52 Who died? Who survived? I will never know and that is what deeply saddens meI recommend this book to everyone because it truly opens your eyes and mind to what our world is It can be a vicious place for many innocent people who just want to be with family and friends and have a good time All they want to do is be educated and be happy Is that too much to ask for? I will never know how these innocent people of Ira during Saddam Hussein’s rule survived because of how much they suffered physically and mentally All I can say to this book is “wow” I am speechless I am really astounded by how the magnificent women of cell 52 struggled to survive physically and mentally just so they could see their children and family My heart goes out to these extraordinary women

  6. Tmcdouga Tmcdouga says:

    I had mixed feelings about this book Based on a true account this book handles some difficult topics such as the hardships of being a woman in Ira and the terrible excessive and unnecessary torture going on in the prisons of that country While the importance of these themes should not be belittled I feel the style of writing does not do the story justice The book attempts to be a personal memoir based on real events from the life of an actual Irai woman that the author met in Ira But it never truly achieves that goal The story chugs along rather slowly recycling a cookie cutter format throughout the book 1A description of the current condition of the jail cell and its inhabitants 2Mayada worries about her children or reminisces about her family3Mayada somehow finds the strength to tell everyone a story about her pastPossibly the most frustrating part of this format was that many topics or characters were introduced in her reminiscing and then re introduced in her storytimes as if we had never heard of the people she is talking about There is so much redundant information that shows up in the book and it makes reading the book rather tedious and boringAgain I think the content of the book is extremely interesting and definitely worth reading It is very interesting to get a lot of personal details particularly about Saddam and his inner circle It really just is the format that ruins the flow of the book I would recommend it to someone with a dedicated interest in Ira or the Middle East but there are better books that deal with the topics of women in the Middle East or accounts of torture that are much rewarding for the casual reader

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    This book was so captivating that I blew through it in one day in fairness it was raining outside though I still think that A Long Way Gone ruined me so that no depressing memoir will ever disturb me again this book came close It's Mayada's account of being stuck in an Irai prison She was lucky and had little torture and got out uite uickly but hearing what her cellmates went through was terrible It's worth a read to understand why we put troops over there regardless of whether or not they should be home by now and how insanely lucky we are My swollen sunburnt nose seems not uite the social catastrophe I thought is was now

  8. Heather Heather says:

    I liked this book Mayada's story is worth telling; however I realized very uickly that Jean Sasson's writing style made me want to uestion parts of the story Sasson writes in such a way that if seemed to me like I was hearing of Sasson's voice and not much of Mayada's which I suppose can't be helped since Mayada didn't write the book I constantly wanted to ask if Mayada was really thinking the things that Sasson writes about like the color of the sky when she's taking a walk etc It seemed to me like it was sentimental filler Also the book was strongly opinionated but sometimes I wasn't sure if I was hearing Mayada's opinions or Sasson's That being said this didn't hinder the importance or the horror of Mayada's story I did feel like I learned a lot about the mindset of people who were under Saddam's oppressive regime; and the part about the torture was so difficult to read that at times I had to put the book down It was somewhat traumatic for me I was relieved and encouraged when things finally worked out for Mayada in the end; the fact that I had enough emotional connection to Mayada to feel that tells you that the story was told well It's a good read but I do prefer the following books to this oneBetween Two WorldsSharon and My Mother in LawLipstick Jihad

  9. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    Not what it claims to beA friend gave me this Based on the title I thought it would be interesting It starts off well; a young woman imprisoned in Ira after changing her name She gives details of her capture and initial activities in her cell and conversations with her cell mates However then we have information dumps about the history of Ira and Iran and various figures in the government and their political anglings Then we move on to the history of Mayada's family back to her great grandparents with each generation's activities being described in great detail I confess when I saw the family tree at the beginning of the book I wondered how it would be relevant to the story of Mayada; it wasn't but the author included it anywayThis book is severely biased and intended to make a political point If I cared about the politics and history of the region I might have been interested to try and figure out what the point was I can't stand books that are sold as one thing but are actually something else it's not fair on the readerI found this boring and wished it had actually been what it claimed to be; a biography about Mayada

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    A poignant and eye opening look at life in Ira under the rule of Saddam Hussein Mayada's chilling story offers a first hand look at modern Ira's turbulent history Mayada a member of one of Ira's most distinguished and privileged families was whisked away from her office one morning by the secret police and thrown into one of Saddam's notorious prisons for a crime she did not commit During her brief imprisonment her life was changed forever by the courage of the shadow women fellow prisoners who demonstrated compassion for each other through unimaginable deprivation and torture This is not a pleasant story but it is worth reading

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Mayada Daughter of Ira ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Mayada Daughter of Ira Author Jean Sasson – A member of one of the most distinguished and honored families in Ira Mayada grew up surrounded by wealth and royalty But when Saddam Hussein's regime took power she was thrown into cell 52 in the inf A member of one of the most distinguished and honored families in Ira Mayada grew up surrounded by wealth and royalty But when Saddam Hussein's regime took power she was thrown into cell in the infamous Baladiyat prison with seventeen other nameless faceless women from all walks of life To ease their suffering these shadow women passed each day by sharing Mayada Daughter ePUB ½ their life stories Now through Jean Sasson Mayada is finally able to tell her story and theirs to the world.

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