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Epistle to the Philippians ➸ [Read] ➳ Epistle to the Philippians By Karl Barth ➽ – Thomashillier.co.uk Karl Barth is known as one of the greatest Christian theologians of modern times While Barth's writings are permeated by biblical citations and exegesis there are only a few examples of Barth's interp Karl Barth is known as one of the greatest Christian theologians of modern times While Barth's writings are permeated by biblical citations and exegesis there are only a few examples of Barth's interpretation of an entire biblical book In this anniversary edition of The Epistle to Epistle to Epub / the Philippians Karl Barth's exposition of the book of Philippians is again made available Two new introductory essays by Bruce L McCormack and Francis B Watson examine the significance of Barth's theological exegesis of Philippians and introduce Barth's approach to biblical interpretation.

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  1. Matt Crawford Matt Crawford says:

    In a relatively short amount of space Barth takes the short Pauline Epistle line by line First he offers a commentary on what is being said Then he shows how this fits into the unifying theme of the letter Lastly he shows how it fits Paul's overarching theme noticeable in all of The Apostle's writings Philippians is often overlooked with much attention usually given to Romans Galatians and 1 Corinthians Barth shows why Philippians should not be overlooked Given the parallels between Barth's own time and our own perhaps study of this Epistle is necessary now than ever

  2. Brent McCulley Brent McCulley says:

    Barth is a fantastic linguist and approachs Philippians not as an exegete and not as a historical scholar although he utilizes critical exegesis and historical theology but as a systematic theologian and a profound one at that This is not a companion to go to for exegetical insight but rather one to be read all the way throughMy great friend and I decided to go through this together before he leaves for Princeton Theological Seminary and together we tarried patiently throughout Barth's commentary feeling the theological tension minding the one thing and revolving our dialectical thought around the axiom that is Christ and Him crucified sharing in His death and sufferings We learned that we suffer because God is merciful and that there are common denominator issues that are core and yet there are issues that are often times petty that needed to be crucified as we put others literally mind them before ourselvesThrough Barth I have learned the importance of patient theology and being contented in sometimes admitting when we don't have the answer Barth admits a couple times he doesn't have a good answer for a verse or two in his exegesis about what Paul was really talking about The point nevertheless always points back to Christ and in this we must rejoice and I will say it again χαίρετεThese are the gems we need to find the time to work through; they have time and time again proven to be fruitful b

  3. James Korsmo James Korsmo says:

    This interesting little commentary is one of the few examples of Barth's theological exegesis as it is applied to an entire book systematically It doesn't rival other traditional style commentaries as far as exegetical insight I especially love Gordon Fee's commentary in the NICNT series but it contains a number of gems and reflects a deep and sustained engagement with the text Barth illumines a number of theological themes in the letter in his own distinctive way and as is reflected by citations of this book in many modern commentaries certainly makes a contribution to the understanding of Philippians I most thoroughly enjoyed his discussion of Phil 38 9 and the subject of faith and righteousness This brief discussion alone is worth the price of the book While I won't be consulting this little commentary first or most freuently in future studies of Philippians I certainly won't neglect it either especially when looking at those theologically dense passages

  4. Edward Cooper Edward Cooper says:

    A first This little book marks the first time I've ever read from cover to cover a commentary for strictly devotional purposes Unlike his unprecedented Romans this work is far digestible It truly nourishes the heart soul as well as the mind

  5. Dougald Dougald says:

    I really enjoyed Barth's wedding of pastoral care and scholarship in this work A lot of the exegesis is stout throughout the work It was a good work to read

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