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  1. The Book Club The Book Club says:

    Lost voices from the Titanic is a detailed collection of all the events behind the tragic night of the 14th of April 1912The first part of the book is dedicated to the history of the White Star Line steamship company on their desire to create the biggest and fastest ship ever built It narrates also how the days proceeded on board from the departure to the awful night when the ship hit the iceberg The second part instead give us an idea on how the US and British government tried to investigate what happened on board and what could be done differently going forward to avoid such a tragic event to happen again And it then end with the details on how the survivors managed to go on with their lives I found this book extremely interesting I’ve learned so much from it and I definitely recommend it to the history’s lovers I did struggle initially when the author when into the details on how the boat was built and explored the technicalities but from the second part onwards I just couldn’t stop reading to all the letters of the survivors their hope and desire for a better future in NY and how all that got lost with many other lives the night that the ship sunk

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    Honestly everyone gets so involved in the movie ‘history’ that they don’t bother to read anything else or other people get it wrong But reading the actual statements from survivors is outstandingThings I learned◊ Everything about what Captain Smith was doing is uestionable Some crew say he pressed the ship on at almost full speed and ignored ice warnings Some say he told everyone to be extra vigilant and to slow down After they hit the iceberg some passengers say they saw Smith swan dive into the water but most people say he stayed on the boat until the end and after he was in the water some saw him helping passengers into life boats I don’t know what to think but I don’t think it’s fair that he turned into a scapegoat because he did die and he couldn’t defend himself◊ Bruce Ismay isn’t the villain that everyone wants him to be And maybe this is just me after reading his official statement But he wasn’t on that ship in any official capacity He assisted in getting women and children off of the ship The officers called for women and children and none came forward TIME TO GO THEN Especially with the boat clearly having enough room It’d be different if he was shoving people out of the way but he wasn’t And he – out of his own pocket – paid death benefits to the family of the man who worked for him and died As far as I’m concerned he didn’t deserve near the amount of grief he got◊ It’s really shocking to know that when crew started blaming White Star for not putting enough lifeboats on the ship being the reason for so many deaths suddenly they weren’t called to testify at the official inuiry Go figure It wasn’t even until that went public that it was included in the testimonies I don’t know why I’m so shocked exactly? Except that it was a crucial and vital fact that the going to be omitted◊ And speaking of lifeboats crew members threatening to kill men getting onto boats before women and children and then those boats going down half empty for no good reason while the men were supposed to accept their deaths ‘honorably’ has me fuming I understand not pulling a cheap move and pushing a woman aside but the accounts of the men standing over the railing watching as lifeboats not even full go down with their wives and kids on board My God◊ The ships that passed by the wreckage after and described the floating bodies in the water of people clinging to each other That got to me A woman fully dressed clutching her dog a woman holding her baby to her chest I can’t imagine that or the sounds survivors described hearing Also sad to know that there was an entire lifeboat that was never picked up and the men eventually died of exposure andor starvation When they were examined they'd been eating their life vests before they died◊ I never thought about what happened after I mean the story in the movie goes from Rose getting to New York to old lady Rose But think about it Most of these women lost their husbands and had small children and now everything they had was on the bottom of the ocean Jesus you get to America and you’re destitute And there was no REAL assistance White Star shelled out a little but not enough That’s so sad I mean think about now and the telethons and foundations we have◊ There were no safety drills with the crew prior to the launch Only half done run throughs of what to do in case of an emergency Crew members testified that they had no clue what lifeboats they were even supposed to be assigned to – something that’s posted at launch◊ The Californian which was the closest ship to Titanic could in fact see her lights – didn’t come to the rescue because their captain went to bed and the second in command was too lazy even after the SOS rockets were fired So in the morning they head over What the heck They were less than ten miles away That’s all I have a lot of anger surrounding that fact The only thing they have in their defense is that their wireless was down so they didn't hear the SOS call

  3. Saturday& Saturday& says:

    A well reserched account of the Titanic story brought to life by the letters and voice recordings of not just those people who built the ship but those who sailed on it and survived its sinking Added to these voices are those of the people who searched for the survivors and the victims This is book is not just for the Titanic enthusiasts but also for those who enjoy reading about historical peiods of time and the lives of people who lived during them from the working class to the upper class of society

  4. Katie Katie says:

    I’ve been intrigued by the Titanic for years; in high school before I’d even heard of James Cameron or Leonardo DiCaprio I had read both of Walter Lord’s 1950s investigative books on the tragedy at sea and followed Ballard’s deep sea exploration with fascination This book didn’t tell me much of anything new about the voyage or the night of the sinking but I appreciated the fact that the author presented information strictly from survivors with no creative liberties and without perpetuating baseless rumors I did find new appreciation for the liner itself from accounts from the shipyard where Titanic was built and though nothing written can convey the deep emotions connected to this tragedy the chapters detailing aftermath of the sinking had some sobering insights I want to give this book four stars but by the nature of it being strictly factual it isn’t as readable as some other books I’ve read on the subject so while I appreciate the author sticking to the truth without embellishment it was a little dry to get through at times

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This was a very interesting read because it showed the work that went into building the Titanic and the excitement right through to the horror It showed what changed as a result of the disaster and showed peoples thoughts and showed people in different lights to what you usually see The only thing I felt was missing though perhaps it doesn't exist was a letter from someone who knew the captain stating or defending him as many did Mr Ismay I feel like no one will ever really know what really happened that night due to deaths of important players and a whole lot of he said she saidall I know is it was a devastating moment in history that won't be forgotten

  6. Kathrin Shawcross Kathrin Shawcross says:

    This book feels unfinished and barely skims the surface of the subject It relies on including whole letters or testimonies My main complaint is that it feels as though the writer doesn't want to do the work of a historian Instead of sifting through the evidence to form a work of their own it's like they've handed us their unfinished work expecting us to make something of it ourselvesIt had moments of interest but to find then you have to read through a lot of superfluous information

  7. Natasha Natasha says:

    Excellent thoroughly researched book Starts with the planning and building of the Titanic through to the last survivor who died in 2009 Included letters and accounts from the people who were on the Carpathia rescue ship which provided a different perspective I had not read many accounts from these people Overall a haunting and Interesting book

  8. Angela Blood Angela Blood says:

    A good book but a lot of focus toward the end on Ismay which I found to be uite boring Also I would have appreciated a diagram of the ship to be able to better visualize all of the decks and such mentioned

  9. Eileen Nichols Eileen Nichols says:

    Book is fine but personally wanted stories of actual sinking and less about the building of the ship

  10. Coyney Coyney says:

    Just could not get into this book

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Lost Voices from the Titanic [EPUB] ✶ Lost Voices from the Titanic ✻ Nick Barratt – Thomashillier.co.uk On April 15 1912 the HMS Titanic sank killing 1517 people and leaving the rest clinging to debris in the frozen waters of the North Atlantic awaiting rescue Here historian Nick Barratt tells the ship' On April the HMS from the PDF/EPUB è Titanic sank killing people and leaving the rest clinging to debris in the frozen waters of the North Atlantic awaiting rescue Here historian Nick Barratt tells the ship's full story starting from its original conception and design by owners and naval architects at the White Star Line through its construction at the shipyards in Belfast Lost Voices from the Titanic offers tales of incredible folly and unimaginable courage—the aspirations of the owners the efforts of the crew and of course the eyewitness accounts from those lucky enough to Lost Voices PDF/EPUB or surviveIn narrating the definitive history of the famous ship Barratt draws from never before seen archive material and eyewitness accounts by participants at every stage of the Titanic's life These long lost voices bring new life to those heartbreaking moments on the fateful Sunday night when families were torn apart and the legend of the Titanic was cemented in our collective imagination.

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