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The Heart of Simple Living ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ The Heart of Simple Living Author Wanda Urbanska – The Heart of Simple Living is your road map to a balanced life a life centered on self discovery Fewer possessions More time More friends More meaning This book will help you identify objectives for y The Heart of Simple Living of Simple PDF ´ is your road map to a balanced life a life centered on self discovery Fewer possessions More time More friends More meaning This book will help The Heart PDF/EPUB or you identify objectives for your life and create awareness of your actions and finances while planning for your futureThis inspirational book delivers seven tangible and actionable paths woven together with real life Heart of Simple PDF ↠ stories and humor along the way You can follow these paths seuentially or cherry pick them one at a time Pursuing a life of simplicity is a journey and as you blaze the trail to your simple life celebrate the magic and joy of family ritual and community the perfect prescription for essential good health and well being.

10 thoughts on “The Heart of Simple Living

  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This is my second book by her the first she co authored with her now ex husband This one she wrote herself It is such a graceful book with facts and data sprinkled in with examples from her life and those that have made a difference in her life of things we can and uite honestly should do to make our lives and this world a bit liveable a bit calmer a bit beautiful

  2. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    Everyone needs to read this book Everything Wanda talks about are very simple changes to make your life better She forces you to stop and think about where your life is and what you can do to make it even marginally better This is an absolutely wonderful book I loved it so much I will be purchasing as I had rented it from the library just happening to stumble upon it in the shelves

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    This book offers a variety of ways to simplify your life Declutter and create inviting oasis and resting places This book offers insights on how to live debt free live in smaller homes instead of larger ones and to discover professional successA great book to add to any collection of self help books

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Worth reading; perhaps a bit too long

  5. Sylvia Swann Sylvia Swann says:

    What a wonderful book The Heart of the Simple Life is a beautifully written smart resourceful step by step way to simplify your life We are all overwhelmed by work finances family responsibilities and the constant tug of social media Wanda Ubanska gets it She shares tremendous insights on every page Who needs Martha Stewart? Urbanska has given us a far better path to the good life

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    A very thoughtful and clearly written reminder that less is often much She starts by explaining how taking care of finances is the foundation to simple living which makes perfect sense to me If you're trapped in a cycle of loans and debt how free can you be to live simply? Other excellent topics she covers include living frugally which doesn't mean living like a pauper but fully using and making the most of what you have instead of creating waste and consumption; greening your clothes cleaning supplies and laundry; rethinking the American way of housing and focus on small green and paid for her words or rentco housecommunity living; cooking at home and buying in bulk; growing your own food; and re imagining celebrations with meaning instead of moneyI guess she has a show about simplicity on PBS? If we had TV I'd watch her for sure She seems like just my kind of lady

  7. Martha Martha says:

    I really loved this book even though it didn't seem to be revolutionary at the time I read it I found myself dog earing every other page because of all the lovely ideas I wanted to retain and remember It's true that she often talks about why we should make some of the life changes she mentions and how they would improve us without really telling us exactly how to make them aim to live in a paid for home and be mortgage free so debt doesn't rule your life but exactly how? But it is a kind insightful and very thoughtful book

  8. Tracy Ward Tracy Ward says:

    A very nice read with lots of interesting anecdotes to get you thinking about living simply I enjoy Mrs Urbanski's writing style which made for a very uick read This is a nice book to either get you started or to give you a recharge It's a good vacation read at the beach or by the camp fire Some of the topics are fairly straight forward almost redundant advice from all the other books out there but again it's a good reminder of true priorities

  9. Gloria Gloria says:

    Addressing common issues of finances cooking etc Urbanska nudges people to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and benefiting from their efforts by seeing an improved sense of peace and purpose Thoughtfully stated this is a bit philosophical rather than a book filled with a million ideas on how to pull off a new lifestyle This is also a PBS series

  10. Tracy Tracy says:

    Elementary yet inspiringAs I titled my review although the ideas are very basic it is inspiring I think anyone who has looked into a simpler lifestyle will be aware of 90% of what is written in this book But I did find a couple of new resources and I was motivated by Wanda's sincerity and lifestyle

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