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Odd Jobs Portraits of Unusual Occupations ❰PDF❯ ✍ Odd Jobs Portraits of Unusual Occupations Author Nancy Rica Schiff – Thomashillier.co.uk Who blows the bugle at the Kentucky Derby Who dusts the dinosaur bones at the Smithsonian Who sniffs dog breath for a living Who measures the breasts of live models 'Odd Jobs' introduces you to the re Who blows the bugle at Portraits of PDF/EPUB ç the Kentucky Derby Who dusts the dinosaur bones at the Smithsonian Who sniffs dog breath for a living Who measures the breasts of live models 'Odd Jobs' Odd Jobs eBook Ô introduces you to the real people who perform these and other truly peculiar jobs In sixty five intimate portraits photo essayist Nancy Rica Schiff captures the personalities and occupations of these oddball professionals Jobs Portraits of Kindle Ñ providing a short profile of each A photograper for twenty years Schiff has spent a good portion of that time discovering the behind the scenes people who do what others can't or won't do Along the way she discovered in the land of the free the brave and the uirky some folks will do almost anything to make an honest buck.

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  1. Gerry Gerry says:

    I never for one minute realised when I purchased this book that two of the odd jobs within its covers were ones that I have carried out; one on a regular basis and one on a legitimate ad hoc basisAnyway 'Odd Jobs' carries a variety of strange occupations and some that do not seem so strange and it is no wonder that Nancy Rica Schiff a professional photographer has spent 12 years in photographing in their relevant locations and interviewing the participants in this fascinating book Probably her most daring adventure in getting the necessary information was when she climbed Mount Rush in South Dakota and stood atop George Washington to capture a 'crack filler' working on Thomas Jefferson's nose The crack filler in uestion was Jeffrey Glanzer who originally used a mixture of granite dust linseed oil and white lead powder but these days he uses a simpler silicone sealantFrank Braisted must be one of a select few throughout the world for he is a dinosaur duster working at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington Five days a week in the early hours of the morning he has the dinosaurs all to himself as he grooms them with a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner but he never touches the bonesAnd James Means' job is probably even rarer than Frank's for he is a duck master What does that mean you may well ask? Well the answer is rather bizarre for precisely at 11 o'clock every morning seven days a week he rolls out the red carpet at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis Tennessee bring on Chuck Berry and he escorts five ducks from the elevator to the hotel's lobby to the tune of King Cotton's March The ducks duly spend their day at the fountain in the centre of the lobby before James escorts them back to their rooftop home after a day's workOne of the enjoyable jobs must be that of Francie Berger for she just has fun all the time Why? Because she is a LEGO model maker and spends her days building whatever she likes from an endless supply of blocks and the reason that LEGO gave her the job was that her architectural thesis at Virginia Tech was designing a large working farm using only LEGO blocks in the constructionThere are far less savoury jobs than that of Francie Berger For instance there is the earthworm farmer the condom tester the semen collector from bulls I should add the pooper scooper and the colonics therapist plus plenty of others to muse overOne odd job I feel I must mention is that of headmistress for one wonders how a headmistress can ualify for a book on odd jobs The reason is simple Veronica Vera is not an ordinary headmistress she is the creator founder and dean of Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls It is the world's first cross dressing academy Veronica informs us that 60 per cent of her student body is married and that the curriculum includes high heel walking body sculpting with corsets makeup voice and flirting fundamentals And the course culminates with a final examination dressing up and appearing in public as a woman of courseOf the not so strange occupations there is a coffin maker a wax figure maker a clockmaster a sparring partner a potato chip inspector and a roller coaster operator I regard the last mentioned as not necessarily an odd job for coming from a seaside town with plenty of sideshows there are plenty of such operators and similarly with a Madame Tussauds Waxworks in the town there are also wax figure makers around As for coffin makers these are perhaps not as odd as one would imagine indeed Private Frazer of Dad's Army fame was one such similarly clockmasters although Martin Schneider's remit is uite different from most and sparring partners who freuent the gyms As for a potato chip inspector I have included that for as a school holiday worker I worked at a very large local toffee factory Waller Hartley trade name Milady now gone and a lady there sat all day and every day above the crowd on a platform with chocolates going past her on a conveyor belt and she had to pick out any misshapes very much like Cindy Pina at the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory in Hyannis Massachusetts does with her chips It is a fascinating book with plenty to ruminate overOh I almost forgot the two jobs that I could place on my CV scoreboard operator and safe cracker The first is simple to explain I sometimes along with my daughter Deborah's help have regularly operated the manual scoreboard at Blackpool Cricket Club and also the scoreboard at Blackpool Rugby League Club this one without Deborah's help she likes cricket but not rugby while the second one is somewhat tenuous and was only carried out occasionally and I should add legally It was many years ago while I was working in Whitehall where there were a number of security cabinets with combination locks These occasionally went wrong and an expert was called in to put them right It could take a couple of days for the expert to arrive so I decided that I would watch ask uestions and learn every time he came I did and on occasion I was able to unlock the cabinets when problems occurred a much uicker solution when it was successful as it turned out

  2. Thomas Andrikus Thomas Andrikus says:

    First take a look a the cover Yes that woman gets paid for smelling people's body odours Her job title is odour judge where she has to tell the efficacy of deodorantsEach odd job is shown with a picture accompanying it They can range from the envy of millions such as Videogame Tester Dog walker Beer taster or bra designer to the less pleasant ones such as Bull semen collector Knife thrower's assistant who works with the famed Larry Cisewski as a live target for knife stage shows or Colonics therapist who cleans people's arses from excrementsOne job I find peculiar is as the Headmistress of Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls the world's first cross dressing academy And in that school 60% of the student body is marriedHmmm

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    very strange very funny a little disturbing

  4. Noah Noah says:

    Odd Jobs is a very funny book about weird jobs that people have These jobs are from from the regular cubical jobs most people have These jobs are disgusting dangerous but use full and funny Jobs from tasting foods for a living smelling different products on people for a living and a whole bunch of jobs that you don't really hear about I can connect this to Ripleys Believe it or not because a lot of these books I really couldn't believe at all Some of these jobs you couldn't even imagine in your wildest dreams Some of the jobs sounded actually fun and cool I would recommend this book to anybody ages 10 to 100 because this book can be read and enjoyed by anyone I liked the book because it was fascinating and funny to read I learned a lot and would read other books by this author I gave it a 4 star rating because i really liked the style of writing

  5. Tracey Tracey says:

    I got Odd Jobs Portraits of Unusual Occupations as a uirky Christmas gift from my mom It contains profiles of about 75 people with unusual occupations I was somewhat familiar with about a third of the jobs and was really only surprised by about a dozen I did learn a couple of new job titles diener solfeggist The index at the back makes for easy referenceEach 2 page spread contains a picture and a few paragraphs about the person the job Not a lot of reading but a good browsing bookRecommended to those with a uirky sense of humour and job seekers looking to try something different

  6. Raina Raina says:

    Surprisingly small for a photo book Each spread shows a black and white photo of an odd job with a title location and description on the opposite page Gross Colonics Therapist to obscure Duckmaster it's fun to watch the parade Some of them don't seem like they could possibily support someone and some of the descriptions seem to hint that some are only partial occupations Which was a little disappointing as I thought this would be a good source of look all the bizarre stuff you can do full time for teens but if they're only part of a job or a part time job it loses some of the impact for me Fascinating entertaining and a good uick read none the less

  7. David Ward David Ward says:

    Odd Jobs Portraits of Unusual Occupations by Nancy Rica Schiff Ten Speed Press 20027792 is a uirky little book It simply shows a photo of someone demonstrating each occupation along with the name of the job holder and a simple paragraph describing the job Examples include a symphony page turnermusician's assistant a dinosaur duster a mohel don't ask if you're not Jewish and a scoreboard operator at Fenway Park in Boston There are roughly seventy such occupations shown This was uite interesting My rating 6510 finished 11111

  8. Mary Mary says:

    Great BW photos and wonderful descriptions this book is a gemFull of jobs best described as who knew? this is a peak into occupations that one seldom thinks about Condom checker a woman tampon tester a man coffin builder to name a few The photos are perfect highly recommended

  9. Marianna Monaco Marianna Monaco says:

    Wonderfully zanyAmong my favorite professionals areDuckmaster for the Peabody Hotel in Memphis TennesseeLEGO Model Maker Francie Berger who created a 54 inch diameter model of the Aztec sun calendarDinosaur DusterGreat photographic portraits

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    uirky silly maybe a little frivolous but it was fun to read and see the odd jobs there are out there I also enjoyed examining the photographs that accompanied each odd job

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