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The Death of Captain America Omnibus [KINDLE] ❆ The Death of Captain America Omnibus Author Ed Brubaker – Leaping from the final pages of Civil War this is the story that stunned readers sent shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe and made news headlines worldwide And the death of Captain America i Leaping from the of Captain PDF/EPUB » final pages of Civil War this is the story that stunned readers sent shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe and made news headlines worldwide And the death of Captain America is only the beginning In the aftermath of the fabled hero's assassination Agent The Death Epub / Bucky Barnes the Falcon Black Widow and Iron Man come together again in a desperate attempt to keep his dream alive But the collapse of Steve Rogers' dream was merely the first step in the wicked machinations of the Red Skull who is determined to see Death of Captain PDF ✓ the death of America follow soon after the death of the Captain As the Skull's master plan kicks into motion and chaos begins to take hold of the United States only one man stands in its way but is he up to the task Freed from the psychosis that transformed him into the relentless mercenary known as the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes is called on to live up to the dream in ways he never imagined Eisner Award winning writer Ed Brubaker refuses to let up on the action suspense and human drama in a tale that ties together all eras of the star spangled warrior's historyCollecting Captain America .

  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • The Death of Captain America Omnibus
  • Ed Brubaker
  • English
  • 01 August 2014
  • 9780785138068

About the Author: Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker born of Captain PDF/EPUB » November is an Eisner Award winning American cartoonist and writer He was born at the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda MarylandBrubaker is best known for his work as a comic book writer on such titles as Batman Daredevil Captain America Iron The Death Epub / Fist Catwoman Gotham Central and Uncanny X Men In recent years he has focused solely on creator owned titles.

10 thoughts on “The Death of Captain America Omnibus

  1. Cheese Cheese says:

    So I thought this would be about the death of Captain America but it's not is it because that happened in the previous volumeThis is about how the world his enemies and his colleagues react in his absenceIt's about fighting on for Truth and Justice and all that cheesy stuff but it's interesting to see how Cap influenced the people around him and how much of a loss he really isIn this omnibus we see Bucky take up the mantle because Tony Stark now head of SHIELD got a letter from Cap's will asking him to continue the Captain America mantle and to look after Bucky so it's a win win for Cap even though he's dead but everyone respects his wishesWe also see the Red skull make his move but he fs up because of Agent 13 who I can say is the dark horse in this series she's excellent Some heavy shit as well when it comes to the baby being stabbed by Sin in the womb like I said heavy shitOh and i mustn't forget Faustus Who the hell is Faustus where has he been all my life? Awesome evil mind controlling dude I look forward to seeing of him if there is Bucky is made out to look a bit shit in this volume He's good really good but he ain't no Cap and then when a lookalike of Cap from the past gets brainwashed by faustus into thinking he is the real captain america he absolutely owns Bucky but this is about how Bucky adapts and develops so again i'm interested to see Overall it started off really slowly and lacked movement in the overall storyline like where the fuck is this going? What is the end goal? Where is the happ ending? Will there be one? Why can sam see through birds eyes' stupid btw?Next volume is Cpatain America lives Hmmmm

  2. TJ Shelby TJ Shelby says:

    Ed Brubaker has definitely propelled himself to the top of my Favorite Comic Author list This book was almost a picture perfect blueprint on how to do a character transition of a major comic series After reading this I was almost instantly saddened that the Batman death and transition to Nightwing assuming the role of the Bat was left in the spastic hands of Grant Morrisson admittedly I'm not a GM fan I suppose because I know the Steve Rogers is actually dead and that Brubaker has no intention of letting him remain dead only until next summer when he magically appears from some bullshit multi verse alternate realityI really thought that there was not a single modern example of an author leaving such a defining stamp on a major character until I read Bendis' run on Daredevil It was brilliant That being said Brubaker's run on Captain America is like an instant ticket into a Comic Writer's Hall of Fame It's just THAT damn good

  3. Aldo Haegemans Aldo Haegemans says:

    What a ride I don’t remember Reading a marvel story that was that Well Played out over So many issues Never liked the winter soldier that much And bucky barnes was always my least favorite character But this book made him very likeable and a very Good background story and development

  4. Caleb Abel Caleb Abel says:

    I didn't expect to enjoy a Captain America comic much at all let alone one that focuses almost exclusively as three of his sidekicks but I was wrong This was great Perfectly paced and well balanced between the multiple plots all without being TOO predictable One of the best things I've read since getting Marvel Unlimited

  5. Omnibuster Omnibuster says:

    This Omni isn’t about Captain America dying because that happened at the end of the first omnibus This book is about the effect his dead has on his friends heroes and the countryAgent 13 is desperately trying to regain control of her mind from Red Skull’s plot She discovers she is pregnant but loses the child but has no memory of thatFalcon does his best to supportrescue Agent 13 and also help Bucky train and take on the Captain America mantle Tony struggles to be the new director of SHIELD He makes Bucky’s new suit Reads Roger’s “will” and is tasked with saving Bucky and keeping the Cap mantle alive Tony’s solution is to make Bucky the new Cap Nick Fury is still undergroundRed Skull tries to hijack the Presidency by causing events that will make his third party candidate win favor with the public while also trying to put his consciousness into a new body with Doom’s technology He ends up in one of Zola’s machinationsThe fake Steve Rogers is still alive and out there believing he is the original Bucky struggles with being Cap He’s not as strong not as well liked doesn’t have the same skill set and feels the weight of the responsibility He has to balance this his relationship with Widow

  6. Paul Duong Paul Duong says:

    It’s not bad But it could be great

  7. Michael Hermann Michael Hermann says:

    Totally not what I expected but in a good way If you are a Captain America fan you really should read this

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    Dnf 40% not great

  9. Patrick Patrick says:

    Went back to the source material of the Winter Soldier story lines Comic was better than the movies

  10. Neil Neil says:

    This is essentially the 'book' compilation that Larry Hama turned into a novelized adaptation sans issues 22 24 I think it moves at a good pace although the artwork definitely seems to change toward the end of this compilation I cannot say the artwork was as good as what was found in the 'first' omnibus collection It still moves at a fast pace; it has political intrigue double agents compromised agents super heroes different 'Captain Americas' a man learning to bear the weight of the responsibility of the uniform and introduces characters from Captain America's rich history The book continues the story of Lukin and the Red Skull sharing the same mindbody in an unholy union as they work toward as similar goal the destruction of the United States Bucky works in conjunction with the Falcon and the Black Widow to stop their nefarious schemes as well as to rescue Sharon Carter from the villains' clutchesview spoilerWe also discover that Sharon is pregnant with Steve Rogers' baby The two had become a romantic couple again the 'months' before his death forming the 'basis' for the pregnancy Sadly the baby does not survive as Sin kills the baby attempting to prevent Sharon Carter from escaping by attempting to kill her In Larry Hama's novel he implies that Faustus may have romantic feelings for Sharon Carter; the comic does not uite indicate if this is the case or not However Faustus frees Sharon from his mind control and allows her to become a free agent again hide spoiler

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