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    3 1 2This contains eleven novellas, advertised as the Greatest Science Fiction Novellas of All Time But leaving aside the issue of what is a novella, what a short story that can t be right Even though the selections were chosen by polling the SF Writers of America, the problem is that the book was published in 1973, and contains no selections individually published after 1961 All but one of the stories was published after 1946.So what we really have is great SF novellas from the period 1947 1961, and this is why many of the stories, perhaps most, seem so dated Actually, the science aspect of the stories is not so dated as one might guess These are, after all, authors who were to some extent at least looking into the future, with quite far seeing eyes No, the stories are dated by their style and feeling.Several stories are characterized by their surprise, happy endings, what we might call a cheerful resolution A good example is the first selection, The Martian Way , by Asimov The surprise ending or twist at the finish of a science fiction story is of course a h...

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    I have not read all the stories in this collection, so this review will cover only those I have read so far and I will update periodically as I read over them THE MIDAS PLAGUE by Frederic Pohl 4.5 stars Great novella about the consummerism gone wild In a future where cheap energy and robot workers have made the production of consumer products easy and cheap the poor are forced to spend all their time in constant consumption in order to keep pace with the robots extravagant production Funny and thought provoking Read on October 27, 2007 THE MACHINE STOPS by E.M Forster 4.5 to 5.0 stars A classic, haunting short story like a novella written in 1909 The story concerns a world in which humanity long ago lost the ability to live on the surface of the Earth through War, disease, etc Now each person lives in almost complete isolation below ground in a cell where all their needs are taken care of by the Machine The Machine is an advanced computer created by humans in the distant past to assist mankind and on which mankind continued to rely on and until they became totaly dependant upon it At the time of the story, people do not like to travel, all communicaiton is conducted via can you believe it instant messaging and video conferencing remember this was written in 1909 and people are no longer intellectually curious The plot involves a member of the society who begins to distrust the way society is living, longs to visit the surface of the...

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    The Martian Way 1952 by Isaac Asimov 5 5Earthman, Come Home 1953 by James Blish 5 5Rogue Moon 1960 by Algis Budrys 3 5The Specter General 1952 by Theodore Cogswell 5 5The Machine Stops 1909 by E.M Forster 5 5The Midas Plague 1954 by Frede...

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    Some really excellent novellas in this volume, including one of my favorites Rogue Moon There were a couple that I completely glossed over and some others that were interesting in premise but I didn...

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    As a collection, this is interesting not sure I d call them the greatest science fiction novellas of all time in the way that the same series collects the best science fiction short stories.Isaac Asimov s The Martian Way starts out as a standard, moderately clumsy early fifties science fiction adventure Quickly transforms into a beautiful description of working in space, and the real interactions of real people.The description of the journey to Saturn is alone worth the read.James Blish s Earthman Come Home is a far future adventure story in which a city of immortals, after leaving Earth ages past, has decided for economic reasons that it is now time to settle down on a new planet But there s a lot to it than that It s a good, solid, adventure in which one side needs to outwit another side, when both of them are on the run from the law.Algis Budrys s Rogue Moon takes the other side of an adventure tale Teleportation works like in Star Trek a person is dissolved into their component parts, which are recorded and discarded and the reco...

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    This is a remarkable collection of science fiction novellas that completes the previous volume, IIA Personally, I feel that it is a stronger collection than its predecessor I thoroughly enjoyed several of the stories herein Of the ones that I didn t care for as much, it can be said that each had a memorable, crafty, or unique issue that they focused upon.I was particularly struck by the intriguing world view of The Machine Stops, as well as the visionary qualities of its author Although it was originally published in 1909, the novella does not stand out like a sore thumb amongst its recently conceived brethren In it, E M Forster depicts a future of comfort and vice in the form of a global network of devices, known as The Machine In no uncertain terms, Forster predicts things such as television, the internet, and face talk calling as mediums that aid in the...

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    This second volume of classic novellas may be even better than the first Great stuff from Pohl and Theodore Cogswell, favorites from Algis Budrys and Clifford Simak, the original Karres story by James H Schmitz, Blish and Asimov you can t go wrong with this collection.

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    These books changed my life Without picking up the best short stories and novellas volumes in the early 1980s, I doubt I would have become the ravenous SF fan I became The selection of stories and novellas is impeccable READ IT.

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    Gotta read this foundational series before matriculating to status of genuine sf geek Two volumes down, one to go

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    A collection of the best SF novellas of the past 80 years Some of my favorites from this collection include Algis Budrys s Rogue Moon , E M Forster s The Machine Stops , and T L Sherred s E For Effort.

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The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume: 2B This Volume Is The Definitive Collection Of The Best Science Fiction Novellas Between 1929 To 1964 And Contains Eleven Great Classics There Is No Better Anthology That Captures The Birth Of Science Fiction As A Literary Field.Published In 1973 To Honor Stories That Had Come Before The Institution Of The Nebula Awards, The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame Introduced Tens Of Thousands Of Young Readers To The Wonders Of Science Fiction And Was A Favorite Of Libraries Across The Country.Eleven Classic Novellas By The Most Honored Authors Of Science Fiction Companion To Volume IIA.Introduction Ben Bova The Martian Way Isaac Asimov Na Galaxy Nov 52 Earthman, Come Home Okie James Blish Nv Astounding Nov 53 Rogue Moon Algis Budrys Na FSF Dec 60 The Specter General Theodore R Cogswell Na Astounding Jun 52 The Machine Stops E M Forster Nv Oxford And Cambridge Review Nov 09 The Midas Plague Frederik Pohl Na Galaxy Apr 54 The Witches Of Karres James H Schmitz Nv Astounding Dec 49 E For Effort T L Sherred Nv Astounding May 47 In Hiding Wilmar H Shiras Nv Astounding Nov 48 The Big Front Yard Clifford D Simak Na Astounding Oct 58 The Moon Moth Jack Vance Na Galaxy Aug 61