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Retirement Can Be Murder Every Wife Has A Story Retirement Can Be Murder Is The Story Of Carol Andrews And Her Beloved Husband, Jim, Members Of The Fastest Growing Demographic In History, The Baby Boomer Generation Carol Dreads Her Husband Jim S Upcoming Retirement Than A Root Canal Without Novocain She Can T Imagine Anything Worse Than Having An At Home Husband With Time On His Hands And Nothing To Fill It Except Interfering In The Day To Day Activities Of Their Household And Driving Her Crazy Until Her Plans To Stall Jim S Retirement Result In Her Husband Being Suspected Of Murdering His Retirement Coach.

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    Carol and Jim Andrews are members of the Baby Boomer generation are thus at an age when the timing of retirement is a viable decision to consider One glaring consequence of retirement is that Jim will be spending time around the house Carol loves her husband, but him being in the house all day would be too much husband So Carol decides to do something about the situation She arranges i.e manipulates to have her husband seek the advice of a professional retirement coach Good plan, but the plan backfires when Jim ends up being a murder suspect after he finds the retirement coach slumped over in his chair dead At this point Carol sets out to correct the problem she s created by becoming a clue collecting sleuth in order to solve the murder mystery The basic outline of the plot that I ve described above is contained in the first pages of Chapter 1, thus it s no spoiler The story to be revealed by the book is how Carol figures out the identity of the murderer The novel contains all the needed ingredients of a good murder mystery, than one suspect, multiple motives, and unexplained clues that ...

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    Finally a cozy mystery with a heroine who is middle aged, married, and a mother In Retirement Can Be Murder our heroine is Carol Andrews, whose husband Jim is contemplating retirement from his stressful New York PR job Carol entices Jim to visit a trendy retirement counsellor, but no sooner has Jim met the man than the counsellor is found dead apparently murdered Because Jim is the last person to see the man, Jim falls under suspicion, and Carol undertakes her own investigation aided by her three best friends to clear his name Along the way, the couple s adult daughter returns home to live, following a break up with her boyfriend This book is quite unique among most cozies Yes, the plot hums along at a nice pace and the characters are rich and well developed and the dialogue rings true All of that is there, but what really makes this book special is the author s uncanny nack for finding humor in eve...

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    After reading the other reviews I thought i would like this one, I love cozy s and am looking for characters i can relate to and lots of humor I only got about halfway through this and gave up The main character, Carol, is upset because her husband wants to retire She has a group of friends that seem like characters that i would like, they come together to support one another But to me Carol was whining and self absorbed Her husban...

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    Not since first picking up one of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum books, have I ever laughed or enjoyed a book so much as Santangelo s Retirement can be Murder.Jim and Carol Andrews, a typical, baby boomer, over sixty couple him, controlling, quiet, unwilling to communicate, her, dutiful, sweet and knows when to shut up The one thing Jim can t control however is how Carol thinks and she is funny Carol thinks she s being smart, steering Jim toward speaking with the well known retirement specialist when for the umpteenth time he swears he s going to take an early retirement Things get out of control very quickly when Jim is accused of murdering retirement guru Dr Davis Dick Retuccio Rhodes.Mark Anderson, a local police officer and old, family friend is unfortunate enough to be caught between his job and his loyalty to this family He knows none of the information Carol learns just by nosing around a bit and asking innocent questions...

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    I could relate to this story as I have had friends who have worried about their spouse s retirement This story is told by Carol who is a silly stay at home wife with two adult children and three very close friends She talks often to her two dogs, Lucy and Ethel Carol s plotting and outrageous fantasies are similar to those antics of Lu...

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    This book caught my attention on page one with it s incredibly truthful chapter headings that had me roaring in laughter Susan Santangelo is a Goodreads author and on Facebook and is one terrific Author to boot It is about a wife s internal feelings about her hubby s upcoming r...

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    Don t botherSorry to say I did not like this book Her beloved was so pompous that I kept hoping he was the murderer after all, even though he was the obvious suspect She should have kicked him to the curb Don t waste your time on these snippy people I won t be reading any other...

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    I really can t stand the way Carol lets her husband, Jim, treat her He yells at her, he belittles her opinions Why does she call him My Beloved I can t imagine any woman tolerating a marriage like hers.

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    kind of stupid, didn t like the main characters at all

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    Endless yacking, not much mystery, clumsy character development, slow paced, couldn t finish it Yuck.

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