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  1. HTL HTL says:

    CHRIST ON A CRACKER THIS BOOK PISSED ME OFF1 I have no problem with a plain heroine in fact I'd like there to be normal looking women in romance but FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY 30% of this book is Vanessa disparaging her looks but you know in a comedic way for it is the plight of the fugly sister to have a happy disposition or Elliot remarking upon how not pretty she is internally at least CONSTANTLY I GET IT SHE IS NOT BEAUTIFUL SHE IS A REGULAR LOOKING PERSON LIKE 99% OF ALL OTHER REGULAR LOOKING PERSONS HOLY BALLS 2 Elliot couldn't stop looking at her or thinking about her but he couldn't figure out why because she was not pretty WTF YOU ARE A GROWN ASS MAN AND CAN'T FIGURE OUT THAT YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE BASED ON UALITIES OTHER THAN PHYSICAL BEAUTY 3 Elliot constantly remarks she is not pretty Vanessa constantly remarks she is not pretty But when he calls her pretty and she denies it he's all Whut No one has every called you pretty GO FUCK YOURSELF4 Elliot is basically a Grade A asshole When he finds Vanessa crying thinking about her DEAD FORMER HUSBAND he gets all butt hurt and then uses her as a fleshlight for a week And then thinks that perhaps that was callous 5 Vanessa instantly blames herself that Elliot's feelings were all butt hurt because reasons I mean it's her fault she had been previously married and is coming to terms with her new life What's a sensible female to do BLAME HERSELF DUH 6 Elliot is huge fucking crybaby and annoyed the shit out of me Oh I learned a secret about my daddy My cousin is a bad person FUCK THE WORLD I'M GOING TO TREAT EVERYONE LIKE SHIT Get over yourself dudeAnd let's not forget the fact that he is a haughty arrogant jerk face that looks down on everyone that is NOT nobility And somehow Vanessa is all OMG I LURVE YOU A BASKETFUL OF OF MEHs

  2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    The title of this book is than appropriate There is no love between Vanessa and Elliot when they married They didn't even seem to like each other But they had mutuals goals behind the marriage that Vanessa proposed And it turned out to be the best thing possible for them bothI loved Vanessa She was such a sweet person She overflows with enthusiasm and a joy for life despite all the trials she's seen I really admired her for how she approached her marriage with first husband Hedley who died young from consumption Her love that she showed him really brought tears to my eyes I normally don't really like romances where the Hh were married before and are mourning their lost spouses It seems to take away from the present romance which is clearly my focus But this was very well done It showed that the rooms in the heart never overflow or fill up The heart has endless capacity for love and there are many different kinds of love It wasn't a conflict of interest for Vanessa to have loved her first husband so much because it was clear how different her love was for Elliot I think having Hedley in her life allowed her to heal and melt the ice around Elliot's heart Vanessa is a very good example of the adage about inner beauty She is the plainest person in her family and no one lets her forget it But her good good heart shines through and gives her the truest kind of beauty from the inside out She's one of those people that you can't help but love And soon Elliot falls for the genuine loving person she is I liked how he showed her in many ways how much she meant to him although it took some initial shifting in his paradigmsElliot was a hard sell initially He seemed like a full on snob and I have a very low tolerance for snobs But I came to see that the recent trials in his life had hardened him hiding a man with a broken heart not from a woman who did him wrong but from his father's betrayal of his family with his long standing adultery and other family And then the betrayal of his best friend and cousin Con in taking advantage of his younger brother Jon the heir to the earldom of Merton who was mentally disabled really shattered his ability to trust others Elliot's plate was seemingly full to the brim his shoulders heavily burdened with the cares of taking care of his family Luckily Vanessa's light opens the rooms of his heart and brings the spring and sunshine back into his life putting everything into perspective and teaching him to enjoy the moments of happiness in every dayThis truly was a lovely story Mary Balogh has proven herself to be a wonderful writer She has a way with words in her books giving the reader a resplendent romance but also a rich story that shows the spectrum of human emotions and interactions I must admit I wasn't terribly eager to read this series although I intended to do so at some point Thanks to my Goodreads friend who picked this off my shelf for me to read I ended up with a reading experience that I truly enjoyed I'm looking forward to reading the next books in this series

  3. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 stars – HistoricalRegency RomanceI’d lowered my expectations for this after hearing from several friends that the Huxtable series isn’t among Balogh’s best work and I mainly read First Comes Marriage in order to have the background for Then Comes Seduction that I checked out from the library since I so love a good rake story I’m happy to report that after a somewhat slow beginning in which I almost abandoned it as a DNF I ended up really liking this book especially the cheerful find joy in the everyday things and moments in life heroine Unfortunately I also as eually and emphatically disliked the stuffy snobby callous condescending and unappreciative hero nor did I ever truly warm up to him even after his fairly hasty and rather late in coming love realization and declaration Still I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it despite that the hero might not have deserved such a whimsical happy optimistic and loyal wife so I’m rating it solid 4 stars And I’m looking forward to reading Then Comes Seduction and of Balogh’s better books

  4. Daniella Daniella says:

    First Comes Marriage was of a philosophical exploration of love and life than a romance novel It was devastatingly poignant and ruthlessly human in its portrayal of the characters It really hurt to read thisElliot was arrogant and selfish at first He was cruelly honest with his opinions about Vanessa remarking that she was plain that no one would ever find her attractive etc etc Vanessa was a strong woman battling with her insecurities She was determined to be happy despite of the pains that life seemed to throw at her I'll be honest with you it was so hard to like them I almost gave up on Elliot really because he was so mean But damn they turned out so beautifully Even Elliot was able to redeem himself in the endI don't really know what to say because this was such a complex read for me It's a very beautiful story but it was painful in its beauty I don't think I would read this again in the future Real life is real enough for me I don't need fiction to complicate things further

  5. Beth Beth says:

    This book is PERFECT if you are doing a romance novel drinking game Every time a character mentioned how un pretty Vanessa was I wanted to take a swig of something It seemed that it was mentioned every few pages Okay I get it She's not the most attractive thing to ever walk the earth but come on must you keep reminding me It got very tedious and distracted from what little of the story there was Also it felt like the author got trunky in the end as mostly everything was nicely wound up in just a few chapters However she left a big gaping hole in why one of the major characters acted the way he did but I guess that leaves it open for some seuels doesn't it All in all not to my tastes I doubt I'll read another one of this author A coworker of mine told me that the third in the series was pretty much the same with the repetition except it was always mentioned how old the main character was Is this the way the author writes If so blech

  6. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    A lovely story that will play with your emotions yet keep you smiling First Comes Marriage is the premiere novel in Mary Balogh's new series about three sisters and their younger brother who are lifted from obscurity when he is elevated to the title of Earl of Merton The first to find love is the middle widowed sister VanessaVanessa is the 'plain Jane' of the Huxtable family She's heard it all her life and can see in the mirror for herself as well But she's also the happiest and most joyful finding pleasure in each day When the terribly correct and arrogant Viscount Lyngate comes to inform the family of her younger brother's surprising inheritance Vanessa is just as excited and fearful as the rest of her small family But when it appears this same Viscount will propose a dutiful marriage to her older sister Vanessa knows that just won't do Her older sister deserves to have a chance at love so Vanessa proposes to the Viscount herselfElliott isn't sure which part of his duty is most onerous Having to locate and guide the new Earl of Merton or having to sacrifice himself on the altar of marriage for his own title It doesn't take him long to realize that what's really most irritating is the widowed sister of the new Earl She doesn't stand in awe of him she talks back to him and now for some reason he seems to be attracted to her But he must marry and heaven knows one chit is really as good as another so he might as well lighten his burden by marrying the oldest Huxtable daughter Wellhe wouldif that irritating woman hadn't just proposed to himI found laughter and tears in this story; I also couldn't seem to stop reading once I started Both of those are signs of an irresistible book for me From the first page Balogh sets up the premise of this entire new series and draws the reader in with a bit of mystery While you are reading the story of Elliott and Vanessa you also get bits of pieces of the mystery tossed in The relationship between the main characters is complex and engrossing while the deepening of their feelings proceeds at a reasonable and smooth pace I find myself anxious for the next book Then Comes Seduction which is the story of the youngest daughter It should hit the shelves April and I'll look forward to reading about the Huxtable family the Earl of Merton and the mystery of Constantine

  7. Vintage Vintage says:

    Completely lost the plot for me after the prologue view spoiler when the man that loved and mourned his mentally handicapped little brother becomes the amoral villain of the piece He not only tried to humiliate the hero and inadvertently the h but it's disclosed he duped his beloved little brother He was still interesting than the hero Come on what the heck hide spoiler

  8. Juliana Philippa Juliana Philippa says:

    A good start to Balogh's new series not as strong as the Bedwyn kick off but enjoyable 35 starsI am an almost always faithful Balogh fan and I was not disappointed in Book 1 of the Huxtable uintet First Comes Marriage Though I had some complaints which I have detailed below on the whole I found the book very enjoyable and worth a uick rush to the bookstore forgive me com and the postponing of my schoolworkHUXTABLE FAMILYThe Huxtable family is made up of four siblings; both of their parents are deceased for 8 years Margaret Huxtable is the eldest at 25 years old and her story is in Book 3 At Last Comes Love Vanessa is the second eldest at 24 and she's featured in this book; she is technically no longer a Huxtable as she married Hedley Dew and is now Mrs Dew a widow for details about her marriage scroll down Katherine is 20 years old and is the heroine of the next book Then Comes Seduction And finally there is Stephen the youngest and the only boy; he's 17 years old and is the hero of the final book in the Huxtable uintet Seducing an AngelMAIN CHARACTERS Vanessa and ElliottMrs Vanessa Dew 24 has been a widow for over 15 years when we meet her She's considered the plain one in the family her siblings are all very good looking At first I found her difficult to get a handle on which is not usually the case with Balogh characters In the end I found her very likable however I do tend to be drawn to the unusual or uiet heroines and the plain Jane aspect definitely delivers that Vanessa is wonderfully forthright though and I greatly appreciated that when a problem or misunderstanding arose between her and Elliott she addressed it and talked to him about it instead of letting the issue festerBalogh writes her as a very happy cheerful woman who finds joy in making others smile and laugh and is almost always doing one of those herself She also spars sometimes with Elliott and from the beginning will not let his airs effect her and makes him know it This combative side of her seemed to me to sometimes clash with her character of cheerfulness personified which is at times a little much and I think that some of these inconsistencies are what made it difficult for me to get attached to her right away I'm not sure whether the disparity lessens as one reads on or I just stopped paying as much attention but either way in the end I did like and enjoy her as a heroineElliott Wallace Viscount Lyngate and heir to a dukedom 29 is not a very likable hero at the beginning of the book He comes of as a condescending and uite pompous a though Vanessa uite wonderfully keeps him in line at times and in such an innocent and forthright manner so that it doesn't even seem like that's what she's trying to do but rather she's just being honest and speaking her mind great setdown speech on p73 He's serious and isn't very light hearted; he used to be so but in the last few years various shocks and realities of life have changed him into a pretty dour and unsmiling manBalogh repeats certain scenarios and characters and in the hero and heroine of First Comes Marriage one sees similarities to her past creations For those of you have read and LOVED of course because how could one not Slightly Dangerous the last book in the Bedwyn series you will recognize Christine Derrick in Vanessa You will also see traces of Bewcastle and Aidan Bedwyn the hero of the first Bedwyn book Slightly Married also SO great in Elliot I liked all three of those characters but Balogh would either have to write Vanessa and Elliott just as vividly or she would have to write them differently enough to not make comparison inevitable and she did neitherCOMMENTS Several laugh out loud moments; good chemistry between the hero and heroine and I did think they were well matched Not Balogh's best characters or pair but still very strong and resulting in a good read The secondary characters were well written and I am much looking forward to the other Huxtable siblings' love stories I liked Lady Lyngate Elliott's mother and Vanessa's ex parents in law were very sweet The marriage of convenience premise between Elliott and Vanessa is very very weak what propels them into marriage is not really reason enough to do so however such a marriage is necessary for the plot and one feels like that's of the grounds for having it than anything else Basically just don't examine it too closely but rather suspend belief and enjoy the scene where it's decided upon since it's highly enjoyable and laughable I DO like heroines who are not drop dead gorgeous or gorgeous at all but it definitely was repeated far too often and by far too many people that Vanessa was plain not pretty not beautiful etc The exchanges between her and Elliott on the subject were sweet once he stopped continuously expressing amazement in his thoughts that he was attracted to her and not de trop but the 20 billion other mentions by almost every character in the book VANESSA'S PREVIOUS MARRIAGEI'm ashamed to admit it and I know that it is so unlike real life which is why I'm reading these books lol but I don't like there to have been a strong previous claim on the hero or heroine's affectionsheart so for those of you who are wondering about Vanessa's first marriage they were married for a year; he was sickly the whole time they knew he had consumption before they married; though Vanessa did love Hedley it was not a passionate romantic type of love

  9. Starr (AKA Bam Bam) Rivers Starr (AKA Bam Bam) Rivers says:

    I enjoyed this book than I thought I would I don't know why I'd talked myself into thinking that this would be average MB which doesn't mean average in the usual sense but it was definitely above average MBLet me explain Lately I've been reading backwards MB's books from her most recent series to her earlier tried and trues The Huxtable series I liked a lot and this is not my first re read of them But I realize now that I like them even better than I did before precisely because I read MB's later works right beforehandPerhaps it's the author's age but her later novels are much less passionate much TAME As I said in a different review the love scene was so uick and over with I had to double check I haven't skipped pagesBut her earlier novels are filled with passion certainly not the same level as some of the other stuff I read but nevertheless there's passion and there's sexual connection Something lacking in her recent worksBack to the book at hand I really adore Vanessa the heroine For her alone I would give this 5 stars because I always have low expectations for the heroine All I want is to not be annoyed by her I read for the Hero But Vanessa is a h after my own heart She is plain but she's full of love and life and laughter She is an eternal optimist and so very giving She's no pushover and I love the way she takes her stand with Elliot as an eual I love that she grabs life by its horns and goes after what she wants She asked HIM to marry her She saw him and she wanted him and she got him Of course she might fool herself into thinking she was doing her sister a favor but no she really just wanted to jump his bones and she DID to her heart's contentLike I said a h after my own heart Elliot is a wonderful hero He's exactly my ideal physical description of a Hero which always helps He might look something like thisA little young looking perhaps but Elliot is dark haired tall fit with blue eyes So POr maybe this oneNot blue eyes but good lord those cheek bones And Elliot is half Greek with tanned skin the model's name is Alexis Papas he is Greek I MUST GO TO GREECE PAnyway fanning selfI love Elliot because he's austere loyal responsible principled He feels deeply but he holds it all inside But he's oh so passionate in bed or outdoors as the case may be it's one of my fav types of HeroesAlways the gentleman he had to refuse her offer of marriage and make his own to her instead on one knee WHAT A MAN Anyway read this Any fan of historical romance ought to read this series

  10. Summer Summer says:

    The rating here could be partially due to the fact that I was in a stressful mood when I gave this book a shot But mostly I just kept thinking the writing here felt stuffy I was 20 pages in and everything felt superficial and couldn't hold my interest Poor stuffy rich gentlemen has to marry on his 30th birthday Boo hoo Oh poor happy but financially burdened family and it's poor young and kind sister who has to marry the rich stuffy gentlemen BleeeehIn my opinion when everything is too idyllic even in the set up I just get turned off Like I said earlier it could also just be that I wasn't in the mood for a romance at the time Either way I just couldn't feel interested in the story no matter how many times I tried

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First Comes Marriage [Download] ➹ First Comes Marriage ➾ Mary Balogh – Against the scandal and seduction of Regency England New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh introduces an extraordinary family — the fiery sensual Huxtables Vanessa is the second daughter pro Against the scandal and seduction of Regency England New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh introduces an extraordinary family — the fiery sensual Huxtables Vanessa is the second daughter proud and daring a young widow who has her own reason for pursuing the most eligible bachelor in London One that has nothing to do with love Or does itThe arrival of Elliott Wallace the irresistibly eligible Viscount Lyngate has thrown the country village of Throckbridge into a tizzy Desperate to rescue her eldest sister from a loveless union Vanessa Huxtable Dew offers herself instead In First Comes PDF/EPUB or need of a wife Elliott takes the audacious widow up on her unconventional proposal while he pursues an urgent mission of his own But a strange thing happens on the way to the wedding night Two strangers with absolutely nothing in common can’t keep their hands off each other Now as intrigue swirls around a past secret — one with a stunning connection to the Huxtables — Elliott and Vanessa are uncovering the glorious pleasures of the marriage bedand discovering that when it comes to wedded bliss love can’t be far behind.