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The Wish List Like Any Married Couple, Allie And Tony Have Had Their Fair Share Of Heartache But When Tony S Actions Force Allie And Her Young Sons Out Of Their Home, Things Take A Desperate Turn For The Worse Without Her Husband Around, Allie Must Cope With Two Increasingly Inquisitive Children As Well As The Reappearance Of Her Estranged Father So When Her Eldest Son Mark Befriends A Mysterious Next Door Neighbour, Jeremy, Allie S Glad He S Found A Distraction The Only Trouble Is That Mark Believes Jeremy Is Santa Claus And That He Can Put The Family Back Together While Jeremy Becomes Increasingly Mortified At The Mix Up, A Little Magic Never Did Anyone Any Harm Did It

  • 374 pages
  • The Wish List
  • Martina Reilly
  • 04 February 2017
  • 9781847443083

About the Author: Martina Reilly

Hi It s Martina Reilly here, the artist formally known as Tina Reilly And before that, I was teen writer, Martina Murphy.

10 thoughts on “The Wish List

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    This was a very enjoyable read with what I saw had several stories running side by side For one, you had the struggles and challenges of a husband with a chemical addiction and his recovering By his side was his wife trying to support him and run a house, look after her children as well as protect them from where their dad was during his rehabilitation Then you had a young boy befriending a very saddened, lonely man which was his neighbour, who seemed to be living with ongoing grief who pretends he is Father Christmas in the hope of keeping the boy away from him Each of these characters had several curve balls thrown at them throughout the book and I felt that the story unfolded at a good rate allowing me to absorb and think about the power of ...

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    This novel drew me in with its characters and the story Allie and Tony are forced to sell their home and move, when Tony gets over his head in debt That is not the worst of it, as Tony has a drug habit Meanwhile Allie is left to care for the two boys in a new house.Next door to them lives a grumpy old man who has than a few family issues of his own as well as a long held grief over the death of his wife to deal with When mark, the eldest of Allie and Tony s two boys, sees the neighbour Jeremy Lyons, he is convinced he is Santa The man does nothing to disillusion him.The strength of this novel to me was the insight and heartbreak into the effects drug addiction brings to all around the person taking the drugs It also highlights how grief can adversely affect other family relationships Personally, I could have done without the blasphemy and language b...

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    The wish list is a story my story, is your story and is probably the story of everyone No, I am not saying you will relate it word to word, but you find yourself in the expectations, in disappointment, in the anger and even in the hopes of each character The Wish List tells a story of the fears and judgements we face as individuals in different phases of our life,and the strength and hope that our families bring in our lives In short Martina Reilly has captured human e...

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    This was an amazing book about a women dealing with her husband s drug addiction, and his recovery.The end was so true ,when she said There are no guarantees,with anyone Not ever, only hopes, prayers and wishes.

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    Great read well written story of family ups and downs

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    It s a nice story uncovering some aspects of life that some of us will not have, but yet sharing fair chance to encounter, in our lives We may not be a drug addict, but we might have met one and we certainly need to adjust some of our prejudices towards them, to see them humanely And everyone encounters death, so we see sometimes effortful works needed before we can fully accept the truth The story is so real and yet, interesting to be read I love the lines when Tony said he couldn t promise or guarantee anything, when All...

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    This book had me hooked from start to finish ironically.A lovely combo of interwoven relationships of all ages and ones we can all relate to Some situations, that whether we understand on a personal level or not, we can clearly imagine nonetheless.Tender moments, fused with some harrowing content but segued perfectly, particularly the relationship between Tony and Ali and the friendship of Mark and Jer...

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    Another one I never finished Yes, I have a habit of doing that The blurb cover lies I was expecting some sweet bit of romance, but instead I get Irish druggies in rehab, obese kids and asshole dads.

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    there are so many obstacles on this life journey, family and friends are so important the bond of love besides making every obstacles bearable, it makes us into a better person it would be significant if that love is based on God s love.

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    the book takes off nicely just to land in a hasteread three fourth and you may predict the rest even after that it sketches quite a difficult life for the lead I frankly liked it it shows how a family can overcome impossible tasks by just having understanding for each other.

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