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Southern Ladies & Gentlemen ❰Read❯ ➲ Southern Ladies & Gentlemen Author Florence King – Looking for guidance in understanding the ways and means of Southern culture? Look no further Florence King's celebrated field guide to the land below the MasonDixon Line is now blissfully back in pri Looking for guidance in understanding the ways and means of Southern culture? Look no further Florence King's celebrated field guide to the land below the MasonDixon Line is now blissfully back in print, just in time for the Clinton era The Failed Souther Lady's classic primer on Dixie manners captures such storied types as the Southern Woman frigid, Southern Ladies PDF or passionate, sweet, bitchy, and scatterbrainedall at the same time, the SelfRejuvenating Virgin, and the Good Ole Boy in all his coats and stripes The Clinton questionsis he a GOB or isn't he?Miss king covers in her hilarious new Afterword No one has ever made sharp, scathing, affectionate, real sense out of the land of the endless Civil War than Florence King in these razoredged pages.

10 thoughts on “Southern Ladies & Gentlemen

  1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    Sanity holds no charm in the South.


  2. Moonkiszt Moonkiszt says:

    Gotta admit that I skimmed the last half. Got tired of the boxes and the labels and the stereotypes and all their exploding parts and pieces, although at the end we are promised that these types are the true owners of honor and pride. Yikes.

    Dated. Embarrassing. . .I felt very, very, white reading it. For a wild hippy that spent more time than most sowing oats, this is a shreddable tome.

    These days that's never a good sign.

  3. Kev Kev says:

    Riot. So funny at times I could not read anymore. The Self-Rejuvenating Virgin is the only sex education any man or women needs! Listen, I was never upset at Bill Clinton's lying about Monica. Y'all just don't understand the Southern mind. It can rationalize anything. Of course it never happened. They didn't do anything in a bedroom ... after all. No gay guy can go without reading He's a Little Bit Funny, But He's Nice. Southern rules for gay men in the south. King is rapier sharp.

  4. Catherine Catherine says:

    I'm not really sure if this paperback version is the same as the old hardbcover edition my mother gave me years ago, but if it is, I loved the old one. It takes someone raised in the south by true southern women to appreciate and relate to this book. My, what memories I have!

  5. Janis Ian Janis Ian says:

    I am forever grateful to Beth Flood, who handed me this and Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady when I first moved to Nashville from LA and told me I'd learn more about my new culture and home from them than I'd learn in a hundred years by myself. These books have saved me from abject humiliation on more than one occasion, and been a light in the darkness on many others. I keep 5 copies on hand at all times, to hand out to other foreigners moving south.

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    I know there are good writers and funny writers and every once in a while you get someone who is a great writer who can make you laugh. Florence King is one of those people. (She's also a great Southern Lady who was Raised Right, even if she did go a little off the tracks later.)
    READ THIS. It's a fascinating look at how Southerners are and why they are that way.
    From Chapter 5 You Can Tell She's Got Good Blood. She's Delicate or: Pelvic Politics and Bad Nerves

    Gentlemen planters do not take sturdy women of the people to wife. And so, in additon to being frigid, wanton, bitchy, virtuous, pert, and stupid, the lady of the manor had to have trouble whelping. This was not hard to arrange. Her delicate parts had long been at the mercy of the whalebone corset, and when she was not sunk in languid inactivity in the drawing room, she was twisted like a corkscrew and listing to starboard on a sidesaddle.

    Victorian women did not know much about ovaries, tubes or cervixes, and they would never use the word vagina, but the Southern ones all knew about the womb. It was respected as the Peck's bad girl in the female system, an agony-control-central that lurked in every well-bred lady's belly like a bad-tempered octopus, capable of making illness strike any part of her body.

    The Southern woman is the world's foremost practitioner of pelvic politics. She has more power over men while she is sexually hors de combat than other women have in the middle of intercourse, for the Southern man's socioeconomic identity and masculine image are trapped in her bonny blue box. Being delicate means that she is both aristocratic and feminine - which means that he is both aristocratic and masculine. This pussy power in the most literal sense.

  7. Stephy Stephy says:

    This is the book that helped me understand my Mother, who was sometimes a Rock, other times a Dear Old Thing. I damned near fell out of my chair laughing as I recognized so many of my mother's traditional sayings and behaviors. I have since bought it for my siblings and many friends.I hope you like it as much as I do.

  8. Stacy Stacy says:

    I read this book in college at the suggestion of a creative writing professor. I loved the whit and insight of Ms King. It is most enjoyed by Southerners, but could be appreciated by all. I have gone back to certain chapters over and over when I needed a good laugh. I'll let you read for yourself and guess at what those are!

  9. Molly Molly says:

    Interesting but dated perspective on cultural habits in the south. funny from a historical perspective, and also as a debutante reading that old crap was funny. Found it in the Travel section at SF public library though ?!?!?

  10. Kieffala Kieffala says:

    This book is excellent. I love Florence King's unapologetic upfront writing. A definite must-read for anyone moving to the South from ANYWHERE else, but particularly from the North.

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