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The Noncyclist's Guide to the Century and Other Road Races Get Off Your Butt, Get Into Some Spandex And Get Back On Your Butt Again Dawn Dais, Author Of The Nonrunner S Marathon Guide For Women, Is Back And Ready To Take New Cyclists From The Bike Store Floor To The Finish Line Dawn Covers Everything That Newbie Racers Need To Know Selecting The Race That S Best For You, Choosing A Bike That Offers Both Performance And Comfort, Creating A Training Schedule And Sticking To It , Getting To Know The Cycling Community And Actually Participating In The Big Event, Plus Information On Planning Cycling Vacations And With Hilarious, True Life Accounts Of Cross Training And Crotch Rashes, The Noncyclist S Guide To The Century And Other Road Races Is A Fun And Informative Guide That S Perfect For Both Athletes And Non Athletes Interested In Getting Their Butts Into Gear.

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    Butt Butter.

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    Let me sum up this book for you The author hates everything about cycling except going downhill, and spends the entire book complaining about it Nearly every page includes some parenthetical comment about how she d rather be eating watching TV being sedentary than doing any sort of exertion It s the same joke over and over The phrase butt soreness appears than any other word s aside perhaps from our friend the Motivated yet The advice is about as superficial as reading the titles of a Google search result, and the only chuckles come from the journal entries that detail her misadventures and are great examples of what NOT to do when you ride a race The fact that she doesn t actually complete either of the centuries she starts she ends up riding a 100 mile route of her own creation should be reason enough to dismiss this as a guide In fact, in chronicling her personal experiences, Ms Dais does...

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    If you were a first time cyclist or just getting into the sport hobby I think this book would be a fun and helpful read Since I ve been reading many books on the subject as well as riding for than a year it wasn t as helpful as some other books that I should be reading like the cycling book by Friel But the author has a very down to earth, sarcastic sense of humor that makes her approachable to those who would rather be lounging on the couch Som...

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    Her book about marathon training was funny, but the wit felt overdone this time Like a comedian who stays on stage too long I don t know, maybe I ve matured as an athlete and just ready for serious information.

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    Pretty good introduction to cycling and how to prepare for a century ride Lots of humor, but not a lot of information that was new to me Good for novice cyclists and those thinking of buying a bike.

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    Funny book about a non cyclist training for a century and all the info for newbies.

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    Funny, but a bit repetitive Some good info for new riders, and enough laughs to help you remember The second half of the book could ve been drastically edited down, though.

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    No where NEAR as funny as her marathon book

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