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My Trip Abroad A Steak And Kidney Pie, Influenza And A Cablegram There Is The Triple Alliance That Is Responsible Fo The Whole Thing These Are The First Lines Of Charlie Chaplin S Personal Memoir Of His Visit To Europe Discover How This Triple Alliance Helps Him Decide To Play Hookey After Seven Years In Hollywood And Travel With Him To Great Britian, Germany And France.After Reading This Insightful Memoir, You Ll Be Grateful That Mr Chaplin Was Devoted To A Daily Journal And That He Was Blessed With Such A Keen Memory And Observation Skills.There Are 15 Chapters In This Personal Memoir No Illustrations Are Included In This Kindle Version.Chapters I Decide To Play Hookey Off To Europe Days On Shipboard Hello England I Arrive In London The Haunts Of My Childhood A Joke And Still On The Go A Memorable Night In London I Meet The Immortals I Meet Thomas Burke And H.G Wells Off To France My Visit To Germany I Fly From Paris To London Fairwells To Paris And London Bon VoyageThis Book Was Also Published Under The Name, My Wonderful Visit.

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    When Charlie Chaplin left England as a young member of a touring comedy troupe, he probably never imagined the hysterical welcome he would receive nearly ten years later when he returned as one of the most famous men of his day In 1921 he felt the need for what he called an emotional holiday , a little breathing room in his life, a break from who he was So he arranged a trip to England, with quick side jaunts to France and Germany to boot.And did Chaplin get the rest he wanted and needed Not exactly Here is a clip showing his arrival at his London hotel Trust me, he s there in the crowd, and was lucky to get inside with only a few bits of clothing missing seems you can return to a place, but you cannot go back in time He tried to walk the streets and kept getting recognized He was sometimes distraught about this because he desperately wanted to be alone, to be just a regular unknown guy in the streets of London, but other times he loved the attention Throughout this entire book, which is a diary of the journey, you get a sense of how conflicted he was with himself as a person and his role in life When he went to Germany he and I thought he would be happy because none of his movies had been seen there during the War years, so the people did not have any idea who he was But of course when they went into a supper club and did not have a very nice table, he had to remind himself that this was the way a regular guy would have been treated And he didn t like it Reading this boo...

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    Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un beau voyageCe livre est le compte rendu du c l bre acteur comique Hollywoodien du XXe si cle, Charlie Chaplin, alors qu il entame un tour du monde au d but des ann es 30, alors que la crise conomique, le ch mage et la mis re frappent le monde de plein fouet Il se rend d abord en Angleterre, pays de son enfance, o il a v cu une enfance pas tr s heureuse, et connu des d buts difficile, avant d migrer en Am rique et de conna tre une r ussite fulgurante Ses d placement provoquent de v ritables meutes de sympathie dont il go te tout l enthousiasme, mais auquel il doit pourtant se soustraire en se pr cipitant dans un taxi Il ne fr quente plus que des nobles, des politiques, des gens c l bres qui s arrachent sa pr sence Il rencontre Churchill, et lors d un diner o l on demande chacun ce qu il ferait s il tait Mussolini pour redresser le pays, il est le premier s exprimer, et semble ne pas manquer d opinion politiques Il rencontre enfin Gandhi qui l tonne avec sa volont de se d faire des machines pour que son pays acqui re sa libert.En Allemagne, il admire la ...

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    The story of Chaplin describing his trip to Europe is very eye opening because it shows just what his thought process is really like Many individuals would claim that a comedian sees the world for what it is, but most don t realize that in order to be funny, they must see the world for what is really is, in order to make fun of it.Charlie Chaplin s introspection was a lot deeper than expected in this book I originally took him as a man who took life for what it is and enjoyed it He did that and so much with his feelings and thinking s Charlie introspected almost every experience he encountered When he would see the faces of beggers in places where he once was, he did not just see them for what they were but where they came from and where they were going He would foresee their actions at the end of their days walking home to nothing than a cardboard box in the back alleys no than a couple of feet away.In one touching moment, Charlie was over looking the homes of London near dusk and he watches as the lights in different homes are turned on, wishing he could peer behind each window and see what each family was like He had this true reflection in his writing that showed he thought not onl...

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    Free download available at

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    Dieses Buch kann man sich kostenlos und legal bei Project Gutenberg herunterladen.Gro artig Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich nicht besser h tte 5 Sterne vergeben sollen, aber 4 Sterne werden dem Buch auf jeden Fall gerecht G be es Project Gutenberg nicht, h tte ich wahrscheinlich nie herausgefunden, dass dieses Buch berhaupt existiert Und es ist wundervoll Ich wei nicht, wie viel in dem Chaplin in dem Buch besch nigt hat wie weit seine Selbstzensur geht, wie sehr er sich in einem bestimmten Lichte darstellen wollte , aber das ist auch nicht wichtig Es wird immer noch genug angedeutet und es ist faszinierend, wenigstens ein bisschen in die Gedanken Welt von Charlie Chaplin einzutauchen Nervt tende Journalisten, Fotografen, Sehnsucht, Humor, Melancholie, der Wunsch nach Publikum, der Wunsch nach Ruhe, ganz Allt gliches irgendwie ist alles dabei Im Prinzip ist es ein Tagebuch von Charlie Chaplin ber seinen E...

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    Uma hist ria de vida, em que podemos viver as emo es que Charlie Chaplin sentiu em algumas das suas viagens, as personalidades que conheceu e as hist rias vividas em locais emblem ticos volta do mundo Podemos reviver e conhecer locais novos e ver uma perspetiva diferente de uma personalidade.

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    A short book and a peep into Charlie Chaplin s life.

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    A minha viagem pela Europa refere se, como o pr prio t tulo indica, viagem realizada por Charlie Chaplin, em 1922, com o intuito de vir passar f rias Europa e visitar Londres, ap s sete anos de intenso trabalho em Hollywood Procurando passar despercebido e no anonimato, coisa que s poucas vezes consegue atingir com sucesso, Chaplin conta nos o que v , faz, com quem se encontra e que sente quando regressa cidade de Londres e ao local onde nasceu, fazendo o mesmo relativamente sua passagem por Paris e Berlim Nestas tr s cidades o autor consegue sempre identificar a presen a das consequ ncias da Primeira Guerra Mundial, quatro anos depois desta ter terminado e revela se extremamente observador da realidade, sobretudo no caso da Alemanha, onde sublinha algo, tamb m j destacado por Aquilino Ribeiro na Alemanha Ensanguentada , como seja a mis ria os pedintes , os soldados sem perna e de uniforme gasto do tempo e do uso, e a amargura irrita o quando o assunto o desfecho da Guerra para a Alemanha Por outro lado, e para al m destas refer ncias s cidades no p s Guerra, Chaplin oferece no...

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    O livro lindo.O Charlie Chaplin mostra se t o humano e expressa tantas emo es e pensamentos que quase poss vel esquecer a figura engra ada do homem conhecido pelo seu chap u, bigode, bengala e sapatos Interroga se sobre o que se passa sua volta e quem s o as pessoas que o rodeiam com uma ligeireza educada e sempre com o maior respeito e admira o, raramente as julgando Olha para os principais problemas da sociedade bastante actuais mesmo 100 anos mais tarde , reconhecendo os e admitindo que nunca far nada para os alterar at porque n o tem esse poder.Impressionou me mais quando nas ltimas paginas refere um jornal que fala do desarmamento e o deixa esperan oso que a human...

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    Somehow, in the last few weeks I saw this book recommended on the internet somewhere as a MUST READ.It was interesting enough butI didn t feel like I was robbed of great pleasure for having not read it previously.It sounds like it was dictated no pun intended, I swear straight out of his brain Something about the book reminded me of Chris Difford s blog postings I even read the book hearing Difford s voice in my head Difford is far clever and witty than Chaplain, but something about the style c...

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