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Charlie Chaplin's Own Story Being The Faithful Recital Of A Romantic Career, Beginning With Early Recollections Of Boyhood In London And Closing With The Signing Of His Latest Motion Picture Contract There Are 33 Chapters In This Amazing Personal Memoir And It Was Published In 1916 No Illustrations Are Included In This Kindle Version Some Chapter Samples Are Listed Below CHAPTER I In Which I Relate My Experiences Up To The Age Of Five And Describe The Occasion Of My First Public Appearance On Any Stage CHAPTER III In Which I Join The Clog Dancers Fail To Get The Cream Tarts And Incur The Wrath Of Mr Hawkins.CHAPTER V In Which I Have An Adventure With A Cow Become A Lawless Filcher Of Brandysnaps And Confound An Honest Farmer.CHAPTER VII In Which I See My Father For The Last Time Learn That Real Tragedy Is Silent And Go Out Into The World To Make My Own Way.CHAPTER X In Which Sidney Comes Home To Find Father Dead, Mother Too Ill To Recognize Him And Me Half Starved And In Rags.CHAPTER XI In Which I Vainly Make The Rounds Of The Theatrical Agents Almost Go To Sea And At Last Get The Chance For Which I Have Long Been Yearning.CHAPTER XIII In Which I Encounter The Difficulties Of A Make Up Box Make My First Appearance In Drama And Learn The Emptiness Of Success With No One To Share It CHAPTER XIV In Which I Taste The Flavor Of Success Get Unexpected Word From My Mother And Face New Responsibilities.CHAPTER XV In Which I Understand Why Other People Fall Burn My Bridges Behind Me And Receive A Momentous Telegram CHAPTER XVI In Which I Journey To London Meet And Speak With A Wax Works Figure And Make My First Appearance In A Great Theater CHAPTER XVII In Which I Play With A Celebrated Actor Dare To Look At The Royal Box Pay A Penalty For My Awful Crime Gain Favor With The Public And Receive A Summons From Another Famous Star.CHAPTER XIX In Which My Fondest Hopes Are Shattered By Cold Reality I Learn The Part Played By Luck On The Strand And Receive An Unexpected Appeal For Help CHAPTER XX In Which I Try To Drown My Troubles In Liquor And Find Them Worse Than Before Try To Make A Living By Hard Work And Meet Small Success.CHAPTER XXI In Which I Encounter The Inexorable Rules Of A London Hospital, Causing Much Consternation Fight A Battle With Pride.CHAPTER XXII In Which I Attempt To Be Serious And Am Funny Instead Seize The Opportunity To Get A Raise In Pay And Again Consider Coming To America CHAPTER XXIII In Which I Startle A Promoter Dream A Great Triumph In The Land Of Skyscrapers And Buffalo And Wait Long For A Message From America CHAPTER XXIV In Which I Discover Many Strange Things In That Strange Land, America Visit San Francisco For The First Time And Meet An Astounding Reception In The Offices Of A Cinematograph Company.CHAPTER XXV In Which I Find That The Incredible Has Happened Burn My Bridges Behind Me And Penetrate For The First Time The Mysterious Regions Behind The Moving Picture Film CHAPTER XXVI In Which I See A Near Tragedy Which Is A Comedy On The Films Meet My Fellow Actors, The Red And Blue Rats And Prepare To Fall Through A Trap Door With A Pie CHAPTER XXVII In Which, Much Against My Will, I Eat Three Chery Pies See Myself For The First Time On A Moving Picture Screen And Discover That I Am A Hopeless Failure On The Films CHAPTER XXVIII In Which I Introduce An Innovation In Motion Picture Production Appropriate An Amusing Mustache And Wager Eighty Dollars On Three Hours Work.CHAPTER XXX In Which I See Myself As Others See Me Learn Many Surprising Things About Myself From Divers Sources And See A Bright Future Ahead CHAPTER XXXIII In Which I Realize My Wildest Dreams Of Fortune Ponder On The Comedy Tricks Of Life And Conclude Without Reaching Any Conclusion.

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    The Boy The Broadway Melody City Lights The Great Dictator My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen .

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    A lot of editing issues, decent read I grew up loving Charlie Chaplin I have always been fascinated with his life I was excited to dive into this book and get to know the real Charlie I would have given this book stars if it wasn t for the lack of editing Their was a lot of mispelled words, missing punctuation, and weird sentences However if you ignore these issues and read the content, ...

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    Charlie ChaplinThis Kindle bookwas a little hard to read because of the spelling of a lot of words It was like someone was plagiarizing it and in order not get sued had changed the spelling I have Chaplin s autobiography, so I will compare the two.

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    Fantastic book Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest performers to ever live Reading him tell his life story was a great pleasure I hope you decide to read it too.

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    I got this book on my kindle it is from 1916 and a memoir from Charlie Chaplin he takes this memoir from his childhood in England to coming to America to start up a career he was about 26 or 27 when he wrote this early memoir this was pretty interesting getting to read Charlie s voice and narration when he was a young man he talked about his poverty as a child his very ill mother who ended up in a hospital and never really recovered the death of his father I liked reading how he started out in the theater as a child actor how he acted to be confident and full of himself but scared on the inside his ups and downs as a child actor on stage eventually he did well enough to come by ship to America started out on stage and was quite successful he met mack sennett and was offered to do silent movies at a huge price of 200.00 a week at first he let the director tell him what to do but he did not do well at the beginning he came off as stiff and self conscious he talked mack Sennett into letting him create a character and do...

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