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    Well im a little bit disappointed First of with the whole Dante bird thing and also with the action in the end I had this feeling that Keany run out of ideas In a trilogy like this one, you are expecting the action package in the end but here it all happened to fast The only time i was disappointed was in the last book of Harry Potter.From my review it seems like this is a bad book, not at all, it could be something great and that s the reason im a little bit tough with my rating.

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    This book was MIND BLOWING I asked the author my questions about the book and he helped me understand what really happened and cleared up all of my confusion, so now I am pretty satisfied with it The creativity of this storyline was just amazing and I absolutely loved it Now that I understand what happened in the end, I am at so much peacethanks to Brian Keany for writing this wonderful trilogy Here was my review from before August 10, 2012 This book was MIND BLOWING But all I can say is what the heck just happened This ending let me down so bad I was and AM STILL super confused about everything that happenedthere were so many unanswered questions and I just don t know what to make of the ending I wasn t expecting it at all if it is what I think it is but then I don t really know what it is so I have absolutely no resolution I can t believe I stayed up to finish this book just to be confused having read it than having NOT read it before But nevertheless, the whole concept of the book was intriguing and I found it so different than anything I ve ever read beforeI really liked it for that reason and though I am completely boggled by the ending, I just can t give it less than a 4 star because of how fascinating I found it And I think I m just going to pretend that Brian Keaney left it up to my imagination to answer some of these questions, because that would make me feel better

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    Right so I ll be honest right now I had read the first two books in this series about 2 to 3 years ago so when I started reading this book I was completely confused mainly because I could hardly remember what had happened in the past two books I remember enjoying them and thinking they had a different feel to them and always had me interested so that s why I wanted to continue reading this series.About half way into this book things from the past books were coming back to me but I am convinced I will have to at this point go back and re read them so that I can remember clearly so the book started making sense This book also had the same strange hold over me that I recalled from the past books the world that Keaney has created is so interesting that I cannot grasp it all, and at the same time I am so fascinated by it, so I had trouble putting this book down at many points.Style wise because I don t recall how the other two books were I will only speak of the problems I had with this book Mainly I felt that there was an issue with switching points of view We would be mid way into a chapter that was third person but from Bea s POV I don t know how else to phrase that then we d switch to Nyro s point of view with no break in the page or any indication of this happening besides suddenly being aware of the things only Nyro would be aware of there was one part where it did this and first since Nyro didn t know Bea he referred to her as the girl which was appropriate But then he switch and called her Bea which annoyed me since he didn t know who Bea was It seemed like Keaney didn t know how to transition from one POV to another Sometimes he d have a nice break in the page and some to show this, sometimes there was just a break in the page, and sometimes there was absolutely no indication of this at all which confused me greatly at times.Character wise I love the characters in this book, I love Bea for being a strong female character, and I especially love Dante Though in this book I had issues with him being stuck in a bird s Kidu s body for the entire book I was hoping that when the dog, Moon, came into the picture and Bea mentioned she felt that Moon had a big part in everything that maybe Dante would transfer to Moon s body I kinda wanted him to be transferring to different bodies just to try to communicate better with Bea Not that I hated Kidu I just got tired of his ramblings about how he wanted Dante out and Dante just kept saying sorry Can t say I liked Nyro and Osman I had trouble identifying what their purpose was in the story and in the end we really don t know what happened to them do we When Bea was standing the Resurrection Fields at the end I ll rant about the ending in a bit I had a feeling that the man and boy she saw could have been Nyro and Osman, but that wouldn t make much sense in my mind since they had been at the other end of the bridge when we last saw them I will say they helped the reader in gathering information about the events taking place but at the same time I felt other characters such as Bea or Dante could have done this as well.Though I can t remember Set much from the previous books I will say I liked his small parts in this book, he truly was an interesting antagonist I liked his riddle of the Feather s filling the sky and the moon in a basket but really Was that the only role the dog Moon played in that whole book Was to sleep in a basket That doesn t seem as important as Bea made his role sound and wouldn t she want the dog gone then If he was only going to cause trouble for her with Set It really made little sense to me.As for the ending of the book I just stared at the book dumbfounded after I finished All that could race through my head is there has to be a sequel But there isn t is there I searched and it seems there isn t I am truly confused as to what took place Dante was I assume among the birds killing the soldiers Nyro and Osman were where What happened to them Set and his brother were just standing there And then Bea rings the bell that awakens the Odyll and supposedly that would end the world and destroy the Resurrection Fields, according to Set But instead somehow Bea ends up in the Resurrection Fields then starts forgetting then appears sitting in a tree reading She sees Dante and he asks what she is reading and she s reading The Promises of Dr Sigmundus Now I am going to have to go back and read the previous books obviously because I vaguely recall this was how they met But at the same time WHAT JUST HAPPENED Did the world reset itself to the moment they met Was Bea reading the book I just finished reading I am so confused And there was so much that just never got resolved There was no final fight between Dante and Orobas I m pretty sure his mom told him he d be able to defeat Orobas eventually , Dante never got his body back, we don t know what happened to the bridge, we don t know if Set was correct in the world ending we really don t know much I have to say this book s ending let me down greatly If there was a sequel maybe I wouldn t be as harsh but there were too many unanswered questions Ones that I felt needed answering.

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    I loves the book, I couldn t put it down The end ruined the whole book

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    I just cannot get into this trilogy I read all three books but none of them did anything for me I don t know what exactly is missing because they are written well enough, I just found myself bored very quickly.

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    I was so disappointed in this book The series began with The Hollow People, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but with the second and third book the series tanked.Part of the appeal for me with the first book was the archaic dystopian society The asylum setting of the first book was eerie and fascinating, but once the characters escaped from the controlling society the book took a weird turn that spoiled the whole series While the second book was bearable, this one was a hot mess and a chore to finish.The Odylic force that became a prominent focus in the books seemed like a weird mix of science fiction and magic that was poorly thought out and used The authors explanation of the force was very wishy washy and confusing It is treated like this amazing holy grail of science magic and only the lost son of the famous scientist that discovered it can save everyone Think Luke Skywalker and the Force, but badly done I found myself skipping over parts when characters talk about meditating to enter the Odylic field.The most annoying part of the book was when Dante s soul is transferred to that of a bird and they have conversations The bird speaks broken English with annoying made up words referring to people and random mythology that is injected into the third book on that later These conversations are extremely frustrating to read with the made up bird language and the dumbed down speech of the bird Kidu I found these parts cheesy, but the worst was when all the birds of the world gathered to discuss if Kidu was still a zimbar because he had a giddim inside of him Did I mention this counsel was lead by three old buzzards And when proving he isn t evil, Dante almost forgets himself to be one with the flock of birds Just stupid.Then there is the random mythology that was never mentioned in any of the other books, things about bells and sleeping giants, that makes no sense I can t begin to critique it because I can t understand what it had to do with the story But Bea runs to the top of a tower with little bell, when she rings it the story starts over with her and Dante meeting in a world without Ichor The ending, oh the ending I have no problem with authors leaving an ending open for the reader to interpret but that doesn t mean you can write an ending that is incohesive and call it interpretive.This series had so much promise an interesting concept, characters that could have been really interesting, dark and twisting plot I would not recommend the first book, which I did like, because the rest of the series does not deliver and honestly ruins everything the first book had going for it.

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    Note that this was written a couple of years after I actually read the book,so some things might be off.Perfect example of a trilogy slowly deteriorating.I really enjoyed Hollow People and slightly less but still quite a lot The Cracked Mirror.But I honestly can t say the same for this one.The events were badly connected everything seemed to happen too coincidentally.And the character development died in the second book I guess.I must admit I was rather disappointed,sine Hollow People seemed so promising and still has a special in my heart.Don t get me wrong,the books was fairly decent.It was bad compared to the first two one and a half actually books.But yeah.

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    It s totally different from the previous books I liked it, but the end was a bit confusing view spoiler Bea rang the bell and then what She dies or everything is erased and the whole story starts over It s food for thought, imagine what happens, they stay alive or the start new lives in the after death place No mattering the end it was a very good book and I undoubtedly read it again, when I find the chance and the time hide spoiler

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    Not at all what I was imagining Based on the first book, I was figuring fairly straightforward dystopia Actually, this is much complex and fascinating and brings together a number of realms of existence Occasionally a bit confusing, but very intriguing, and with a beautiful ending.

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    I enjoyed this series a lot, as I ve stated in my previous reviews for the first two books However, the ending like literally the end I did not like I would have liked something different, was not expecting what happened but in a bad way.

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The Resurrection Fields Keaney S Concoction Of Sci Fi, Horror, And Fantasy Is Remarkably Effective Sigmundus Is A Villain Who Will Haunt ReadersThe Bulletin Beginning Where Book , The Cracked Mirror, Left Off, This Finale To The Promises Of Dr Sigmundus Trilogy Takes Readers Into Bizarre Realms With Fanciful Creatures, Continuing Its Signature Exploration Of The Price Of Freedom And Self Determination Focusing On The Ongoing Struggles Of Its Teenaged Protagonists, Dante And Bea, It Is A Journey At Once Thrilling And Thoughtful, With Plenty To Offer For Pure Reading Enjoyment And Book Discussion This Trilogy Is Satisfying For Fantasy Fans But Also Accessible To The Less Than Hardcore Genre Enthusiast