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Raven Speak ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Raven Speak Author Diane Lee Wilson – Thomashillier.co.uk Asa is the daughter of a Viking chief whose clan is struggling to survive a never ending winter All the able bodied men head to sea in search of food leaving behind the children the elderly the sick Asa is the daughter of a Viking chief whose clan is struggling to survive a never ending winter All the able bodied men head to sea in search of food leaving behind the children the elderly the sick—and Jorgen the skald the wise man who will stop at nothing to take over the clan When Asa learns the skald wants to kill and eat her beloved horse she runs away But then she meets a strange woman who talks to her two pet ravens and who warns Asa she’ll have to make a great sacrifice to save her clan Now Asa must face the biggest challenge of her life in this eerie absorbing adventure tale.

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  1. Kristie Kristie says:

    It seemed like the author was trying way too hard and it made the writing sound strained Every noun was attached to a flowery sounding adjective and she was just trying to make the writing too pretty and descriptive and it really distracted me from the story The story in itself wasn't that great either and was kind of slow Overall it was okay but I wasn't very impressed

  2. Stacey Lucky Stacey Lucky says:

    The cover is beautiful Thought this book would be so good because its about vikingsbut when you read the story you wouldnt really know thatthe author described everything way to much It could have been alot better

  3. Pebbles Brooke Pebbles Brooke says:

    If you are looking for a book that is fantasy and is filled with adventure Raven Speak by Diane Lee Wilson might be the book for you The book is centered around sacrifices a good leader is willing to take “I traded something that I hold dearly than life itself” page 220 The Viking Chief’s Daughter Asa Coppermane struggles to help fend her clan and sick mother from the never ending winter and the skald Jordan who is thirsty for power over the clan When Jordan takes action to kill and eat the horses Asa runs away with her horse and comes upon a strange woman with a past who talks with her ravens Until she realizes that she needs to go back and fight she gets caught on the cliffs Will she make it in time?A uote significant to the text is from the strange women that ask Asa “Tell me something you would do to rescue them?” I think it helps identify the story because it takes so much to save a clan from hunger and coldThe story is uite easy to follow for me because there wasn’t any difficult words and the author made sure that the reader followed along smoothly Another book that is in a series called Wolves of the Beyond has the closest theme that I can think of to fit the design of both books Raven Speak is a for sure recommend to anyone who is into adventure horses mystery and detailed descriptions of action and thinkingI really enjoyed this book because of the different point of views of the character’s thoughts Also there were so many details that I winced when a character felt pain The story was so sick and twisting with the antagonist’s thinking made me wonder if that really how people think and it's just so overwhelming that it’s good However one thing that didn’t really connect with me was the title and story and the why the author named the book as it is because I think that there isn’t a significant relationship between the two

  4. Ashlee Willis Ashlee Willis says:

    Overall a good and intriguing story although I found myelf skimming over paragraphs of too detailed description Wish I could have seen of Asa's internal struggle over a couple of the great losses she experienced It was in the Juvenile section of my local library although I think it is better suited to YA personally The heroine herself does and experiences things that it is difficult to imagine a 14 year old girl doing Still a good read and told well despite the excess wordiness

  5. Jackalion Jackalion says:

    Wilson writes in beautiful often poetic prose Though the story is mostly told through Asa the reader also gets snippet told through the antagonist Jorgensen and through Asa’s new friendmentor Wenda These different points of view are portrayed in believable ways that really puts the reader in the mindspirit of each character At times the novel seems a bit formulaiceasy to anticipate but it’s tops in such a great way that the journey of reading is worth it

  6. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    This almost ended up on my DNF list and i really try to not have things on there I didn't care enough about Asa to need to keep reading to find out what happened

  7. Heather Heather says:

    I really liked this book at the beginning but as it went on I got frustrated with most of the characters although I did like Asa and Wenda most of the time I didn't like the last few chapters of this book If Wenda knew what was happening why didn't she make some effort to send help? That really really bothered me For that matter why didn't the clan go looking for Asa? What happened was disturbing to read I couldn't have done what Asa did even if it meant saving my clan Also why when these people lived on an island did they do so little to explore it in search of food and resources especially when they were starving to death at the end of winter? Why hadn't they explored it thoroughly in times of good weather? It seemed they only knew the part of the island they lived on They just sat around expecting their clan leader to somehow provide food And it doesn't appear that much effort was made on his part He did leave in his boat during a dangerous storm to head to another island in search for food That decision proved to be unwise They all could have been exploring their own island for something to eat Okay so the fish are nowhere to be found off of your little shore Go have a look around and try out another shore on the island or prepare a little better in the future Wenda had plenty of food and she was old She had prepared well They knew the deer had gone up into the mountainous areas in search of food so why weren't they out hunting them? Dangerous? Yes Impossible? NoI think that Vikings would have been resourceful than they seemed to be in this story Asa's father didnt' want the three horses killed for food because he thought they were the clan's future A good part of the clan had already starved to death and some had died from illness and the rest are getting close to it What kind of future will the clan have if they aren't around to see it? Yes it would be hard to kill and eat the horses but I would think that as the leader you'd have to put the physical needs of your clan first and make the decision that the horses are needed for food whether you wanted that to happen or not I don't think he was a strong leader The author told us he was but I disagree I like reading a survival story where the characters are smart resourceful and do all they can to make things happen even in the bleakest of situations If that had been the case I would have loved this book Island of the Blue Dolphins is a much better survival story

  8. Ethan Cox Ethan Cox says:

    While I was reading “Raven Speak” I was reminded that I like or tend to read books based on mystery and suspense “Raven Speak” is absolutely filled with both of these elements giving the reader lots of uestions to be solved later in the reading This book teaches you lessons of trust and kindness to others it’s a good book for anyone who wants to read it My favorite uote from this novel is “You didn’t cry you didn’t shiver and you didn’t even blink” This uote is told to them main character “Asa” who is as described It reveals the theme of the book as to never give up just like “Asa” It is a huge factor in the story because it shows the harsh environment people and culture that Asa has to live with and learn to eventually lead This relates to my life a little like when I have to keep my family up and moving when they feel the need to stay sad or upset I can turn that around and I won't give up until I do The main character Asa has to survive through an extremely long winter along with her clan While her father is away she must help her sick mother keep the peace There is tension between Asa and the storyteller of the clan On top of this she must not corruption take over the clan and her loved ones I really liked this book because of the way a view of the ocean or a cold night was described I wouldn’t have changed anything about this book in my opinion it’s already as good as it can get

  9. Mimi Mimi says:

    This novel was pretty intense Taking place during Viking time in the frozen north the whole novel has the side story of sacrifice leadership starvation and death Life as a teenager in that village was definitely less frivolous than life nowI was really impressed by the fortitude and strength that Asa showed She could have run away gone south to find warmer land and food but she stuck around continually trying to help her peopleI appreciated the distinction the author made in regards to leadership about what makes a good leaderThe author was very descriptive So descriptive that I even wanted to skip parts just to keep moving through the story but I forced myself to slow down and read everything However that may be indicative of a reader flaw of my own than a flaw of the authorIt is always interesting to read books like this and wonder what I would do in similar do or die situations I have no idea but I hope I could be as brave as AsaDon't read this book if you need something cheerful at the time Because it deals with many sad issues

  10. Kayla Kayla says:

    Kayla DundonMrs CalliesEnglish 9B4 4 June 2013Choice Book Review Raven Speak by Diane Lee Wilson is about a girl named Asa Coppermane and her horse Rune Her father and other men left the clan to go find food because the winter looked really long and they were running low on food After Asa`s father leaves another person from the clan Jorgen tried to take over the clan Jorgen also eats most of the food that is left so Asa plans to go out and find food When Asa leaves she meets this crazy lady named Wenda who has two ravens that she talks to The author uses some dialogue but it is mostly written from Asa`s point of view The pacing of the book is slow because it happens over a few days so that also effects the character development because there isn’t much time for her to change The book is very descriptive though because when I read how they explain Asa it matched the person on the cover of the book they also explained Rune very well The end of the book is good and worth waiting for I would recommend this book to people who like action and mystery

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