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    Gabriele Caccini, Italian by birth and vampire by nature , is on the road with great many times over granddaughter and lover Lilly Pursued by a mysterious being with the ability to sap their strength from a distance, they search out another of their kind, Lucrezia Borgia, whose death in 1519 is revealed to have been the moment her brother, Caesare Borgia, turned her into a vampire Most of the book is then given over to an account of Lucrezia s seduction and rape by Caesare, and the consequences of his actions For the most part this is quite literally a bodice ripper, with rape than a Richard Laymon novel, though the last quarter takes a detour into wholly unexpected territory.Stone s vampires are very tough They are described as eternal, and, while not invulnerable, regenerate quickly enough to survive immolation They are pained by sunlight, but not destroyed, and have chameleon powers Visible in mirrors, they use their lungs to breathe air and blood flows through their bodies Their bites tend to produce inst...

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    Michele Lee s comment in group Literary Horror What are you Reading Nancy, you should know that negative reviews DO sell books, because sometimes the one thing you dislike is something someone else adores That s why I try to be so specific with why I dislike something in reviews, because there s a good chance someone else will actually like it.Also, I just finished Futile Flame by Sam Stone, which reminded me very strongly of an Italian version of Ann Rice s The Vampire Lestat Next up on my list is Magic Bleeds, the latest in a post apocalyptic urban fantasy series, by Ilona Andrews I love this one bec...

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    Just finished this book this afternoon and I have to say I really enjoyed this one too.Where the first novel focuses on Gabrielle the second novel concentrates on Lucrezia yes Borgia and her story I have to say Sam Stone doesn t shy away from tough storylines and the second chapter might be rather tough for some readers.The pace of the novel is quick and I ve had to do a few things one handed the last couple of days ...

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    Another cracking horror read from Sam Stone Whilst Killing Kiss 1 was a modern urban horror, Futile Flame 2 fleshed out of the background plus it had fantasy elements to it Demon Dance 3 is next

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    This one was shortlisted in the British Fantasy Awards 2010 for Best Novel so I m not the only one to have enjoyed it.

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    Reviewed for www.BookChickCity.com 7 out of 10 on the blog Just like the first book in this trilogy, Futile Flame is a dark, dark tale of obsession While the book begins and ends with Gabriele and Lilly our main characters from the first novel, this is Lucrezia s story.I found Lucrezia slightly aloof in the first book, but her tale is a bitter and terribly painful tale of survival and in the end I enjoyed it far for than Gabriele s There are lots of elements in this book that does at times make it uncomfortable reading With scenes of abuse, incest, rape, violence, murder and gore be warned it is not for the squeamish But despite the difficult elements explored in this book it was very readable and un put downable, even, in certain sections.Lucrezia s story opens in sixteenth century Rome, set in the Vatican The daughter of a corrupt Pope, she falls victim to her brother s macabre and brutal seduction Lucrezia is so terribly innocent that her journey from abused young girl to woman is a painful one This is a relationship that ends up defining her very existence, and one even in immortality she is unable to escape.The narrative is a turbulent ride, you cruise from watching Lucrezia the victim, to Lucrezia the stalker, vampire and murderess Perhaps one of the least savoury parts was Lucrezia s change from rape victim to rapist herself But the clever nature of the writing is that there is somethin...

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    I was given this book to review Remember back when vampires were definitely creatures of horror, bound to humanity, yet whole apart from it Welcome back to that time, with Sam Stone s Futile Flame, the second in her Vampire Gene trilogy In the first book readers met Gabi, a two hundred year old vampire, on the hunt for a perfect mate who instead ends up with Lilly, the last person he expected to survive his killing kiss In Futile Flame a monster stalking Lilly and Gabi pushes him to re explore his roots, now armed with the knowledge that Lilly was, in fact, his own mortal descendant Gabi hunts down his maker, Luci, once an infamous member of the Borgia family, terrorized by her own brother and finally turned in a vicious black ritual Surely Luci has some idea to the identity of the beast that now threatens her entire vampiric family and how it became what it is today With all the style and charisma of Ann Rice, but less indulgence and crazy, Futile Flame is a sensual, deadly tale of immortals, sins and the unknown wrapped up in a vivid take on the past Stone s characters capture the same studied, immersive style, a sense of being in love with every detail of the world ar...

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Futile Flame (Vampire Gene, #2) Gabriele And Lilly Have Been Attacked By Something That Feels Like An Ber Vampire, But The Texture To The Evil Is Blacker Than Night And Thick Enough To Choke On And Leaves The Nearly Indestructible Vampires Physically Ill Gabriele Must Find His Maker, Lucrezia Borgia, To Learn About The Vampire Race And This Demon Like Entity That Is Stalking Them Unfortunately, Gabriele Has Told Lilly Everything About His Past Except About Lucrezia, And Now He S Left Wondering How To Explain His Vampire Mother.