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  • Paperback
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  • The Hunger Games
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Spanish
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9788498675399

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    I have got to stop poking fun at this series with memes Someone take them away from me Nah, I didn t love this book I know I m in the minority, and part of me is glad about that I mean it when I say this book deserves recognition, and honestly, I d rather people were reading this and following a heroine as independent as Katniss, rather than a simp like Bella or Bethany The Hunger Games is high quality YA, intelligently written, and despite its flaws it s worthy of success Here s where I become one of those lone rangers on a forum uttering the forbidden words Battle Royale Stop Put down the pitchforks Let me make my point, okay At the risk of sounding like Hipster Mermaid, I read BR and watched the movie long before I discovered THG So the second I read the synopsis, the first thought that popped into my head was, Sounds a lot like Battle Royale It reads a lot like BR, too I m sorry, THG fans but you can literally pair up characters from this book and fit them snugly into the moulds of those from BR Katniss is Nanahara, Peeta is Noriko, Cato is Kazuo Kiriyama he even volunteered, just like the Careers , President Snow is the guy played by Beat Takeshi, Effie is the bouncy girl from the training video, Clove is Mitsukothe list goes on.I know, people I know Suzanne Collins said she hasn t read BR I find this hard to believe, given the similarities, but to each her own The above is simply something that real...

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    LMAAAOOOO Thats Peeta folks xD Hahahahaha, Totally xDHAHAHAHAHA Laughed my ass off on this XDOMFG HUNGER GAMES CINEMA O.O IT.WAS.FREAKING.AMAZING Am Iam I still alive o.O pinches myself ouch Yes, I can stay alive for the next movie.And I was crying before the movie even started Damn cinema, showing The Titanic 3D movie trailer OMG, there were sooo many moments where I was crying And God, I love my Pakistani people, they were so much fun to watch with 3Go and watch The Hunger Games movie NOW When is the next movie coming D 3I just died OH YES I DID becaaaussseee Hunger Games Clip Peeta Mellark s Interview With Caesar OMG PEETA LOOKS SO HOT OMG OMG OMG 3 And how he says, well, shes here with me Dhttp mockingjay.net 2012 03 12 hungThe Hunger Games ET Behind The Scenes Extended Version Yes people, in this video you can watch Peeta escaping for his life, throwing breads and hugging Katniss EEEE _ Five Days and 21 hours till the Red carpet premiereOMFG OMFG OMFG O_O Anyway guys, KATNISS AND CINNA FULL 4 MIN SCENE SONG released Its so creppy and weird LOVE IT xDArcade Fire Abraham s Daughterhttp www.youtube.com watch v 1N9qiDOMG ONE OF THE HUNGER GAMES SCE...

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    I was forced into watching Mockingjay Part II this weekend To clarify, I watched the second part of the last Hunger Games movie without having read any of the books, without having watched any of the movies.Needless to say, I was confused as fuck.So many questions and thoughts ran through my mind as I watched the movie Why is Peeta so thin Did that huge ass bruise really disappear from her neck the next day Is Katniss supposed to look like she s about to burst into tears at any given moment, or is that just Jennifer Lawrence Woody Harrelson is in this movie Hey, it s Margaery from Game of Thrones Who s President Snow What s a Mockingjay Lesser Hemsworth is pretty hot.Well, you get the point I know how the book ended and I still have no idea who anyone is, and neither do I know their names, with the exception of Peeta, Gale, President Snow, that Coin woman, and Katniss Of course, knowing how the book ended means I probably should read the first book, so here I am, the last person on earth to read The Hunger Games.And it was good It was really good My sister was right she usually is.What else can I say that hasn t already been...

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    My Epic Book Recipe Checklist for The Hunger Games 1 A sharp and intelligent heroine with just the right amount of emotion who gives in to absolutely nothing and no one 2 A sweet and sensitive hero who loves and supports the heroine unconditionally 3 An original setting with a unique and thrilling plot 4 A couple of earth shattering ...

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    Happy Hunger Games And may the odds be ever in your favor Every year, Panem post apacolyptic North America hosts a Hunger Games involving one female and one male representative from each of its twelve districts to fight to the death All of the Districts of Panem must watch the Games as a form of yearly entertainment when in actuality, it s a power play put on by the Capitol the wealthiest of the districts For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first. The Capitol uses the Games as a way to demonstrate the sheer helplessness of the other Districts and to keep the population cowed and in fear.When Katniss s sister twelve year old Prim is chosen as this year s competitor, Katniss volunteers to take her place Peeta, a boy from the richer side of District 12 is chosen as the male representative I m than just a piece in their Games. Soon, she and Peeta are whisked away to the Capitol a place of incredible wealth and heartbreaking cruelity And while Katniss has sworn to come back to her sister, she really has to wonder, what will be left of her if she returns Here s some advice Stay alive Honestly, this was the best apocalyptic YA teen novel I ve read this year.To be fair, this was one of the very first YA series I read, so every time I re read it, I am just ov...

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    Suzanne Collins has balls ovaries of steel to make us willingly cheer for a teenage girl to kill other children In a YA book Two reasons why this book rocks a It is not Twilight, and b I really hate reality shows Seriously, how long would it take for reality shows to evolve from Survivor to Hunger Games Yes, this book is full of imperfections It often requires a strenuous suspension of disbelief It can cause a painful amount of eye rolling and shaking fist at the book pages Its style is choppy and the first person present tense gets annoying The story is simple, and the message is heavy handed But is does set a better example for young impressionable pre teens than gushing stories about sparkly co dependency And here is an obligatory taken out of contest Twilight bashing quote But just the fact that he was sparkling leads me to doubt everything that happened So why did I add it to my to read list for my future hypothetical daughter Because Katniss is cool and a badass She is fierce, independent, resourceful, intelligent, and skilled She is loyal to her friends and family She is a survivor She will never allow a guy to carry her around as though she...

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    A lot of things are troubling me about The Hunger Games A lot of things which I and perceive and which are not solely connected with this book but with the metaphor behind the words People attach themselves to fictional freedom without seeing what really something is and which unfortunately is here to stay because you can t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep You can t make a shift on a deeper level, if the only thing that attracts you to this book is a vision of fight, retaliation and the outcome of freedom Freedom of flesh In comparison to the freedom of and from your mind which is nowhere to be found And this is why I detest this book, although detest is such a strong from the ego word Because the whole purpose of this story is to show how people shouldn t sacrifice their children for the better of their communities and with the positive outcomes realise that we are so much stronger and yada yada THE WHOLE PURPOSE of this book should be that there shouldn t even be in the first place a need to sacrifice members of our society for some other people to be amused And where after the battle o...

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    If I were a teenager or recommending this to a teen, I might give it 3 as an adult, I give it 2.PLOTIt s a potentially exciting but gruesome story, but most of the characters were rather flat, much of the plot was predictable it s not hugely original in particular, it is VERY similar to the Japanese Battle Royale , and there were too many flaws in the plot I fail to understand its very high ratings.Post apocalyptic America Panem is divided into a wealthy and technologically advanced Capitol and twelve subsidiary districts of oppressed people who exist in dire poverty, with inadequate food, housing, and health care and hardly any technology To reinforce the power of the Capitol by instilling fear in the population, once a year, two children from each region are selected by lots to fight to the death in a reality show If that were not bad enough, the whole thing is utterly corrupt in multiple ways, plus the public bet on the outcome, and sponsors can sway the results Did I mention these are children Some are as young as 12, though the narrat...

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    A 83% Very Good Notes The literal corruption of youth by reality television Forced into murder, thievery, treachery, and kissing to stay alive.

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    For a long time now, I ve wanted to rewrite my review of The Hunger Games so that I could tell you why I don t just love this series, but why I also think it s important It is beautiful for the unflinching way it shows you, as a reader, your own willingness to disregard people who are different from you how you are the Capitol audience But, it is important as a story about girls I had not initially thought about articulating that point because it seemed so obvious to me, and I am bad at recognizing my own assumptions Lately, though, I have seen so many people, both men and women, acting as though this remarkable book is a piece of fluff that I realized maybe what I love most about The Hunger Games is not as obvious as it seems To me, this series is important because it is a landmark departure from the traditional story about girls.Too often, stories objectify women But the word objectify, I ve realized, has almost no meaning for someone who has either not experienced objectification or who hasn t really recognized it in her own life, so I m going to be descriptive here When I say stories objectify girls, I mean they talk about girls as though the...

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The Hunger GamesGanar Significa Fama Y Fortuna Perder Significa Una Muerte Segura Los Juegos Del Hambre Han Comenzado Un Pasado De Guerras Ha Dejado Los 12 Distritos Que Dividen Panem Bajo El Poder Tir Nico Del Capitolio Sin Libertad Y En La Pobreza, Nadie Puede Salir De Los L Mites De Su Distrito S Lo Una Chica De 16 A Os, Katniss Everdeen, Osa Desafiar Las Normas Para Conseguir Comida Sus Principios Se Pondr N A Prueba Con Los Juegos Del Hambre , Espect Culo Televisado Que El Capitolio Organiza Para Humillar A La Poblaci N Cada A O, 2 Representantes De Cada Distrito Ser N Obligados A Subsistir En Un Medio Hostil Y Luchar A Muerte Entre Ellos Hasta Que Quede Un Solo Superviviente Cuando Su Hermana Peque A Es Elegida Para Participar, Katniss No Duda En Ocupar Su Lugar, Decidida A Demostrar Con Su Actitud Firme Y Decidida, Que A N En Las Situaciones M S Desesperadas Hay Lugar Para El Amor Y El Respeto.

About the Author: Suzanne Collins

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children s television She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo For preschool viewers, she penned multiple stories for the Emmy nominated Little B