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Oath of Fealty Paladins Legacy #1 ➱ Oath of Fealty Paladins Legacy #1 Read ➹ Author Elizabeth Moon – Thomashillier.co.uk Elizabeth Moon’s bestselling science fiction novels featuring Kylara Vatta have earned her rave reviews and comparison to such giants as Robert Heinlein and Lois McMaster Bujold But as Moon’s devo Elizabeth Moon’s bestselling science fiction novels Fealty Paladins ePUB ☆ featuring Kylara Vatta have earned her Oath of PDF/EPUB or rave reviews and comparison to such giants as Robert Heinlein and Lois McMaster of Fealty Paladins Kindle Ø Bujold But as Moon’s devoted fans know she started her career as a fantasy writer The superb trilogy known as The Deed of Paksenarrion is widely judged to be one of the great post Tolkien fantasies a masterpiece of sustained world building and realistic military action Now Moon returns to this thrilling realm for the first time in nearly twenty years The result another classic in the makingThanks to Paks’s courage and sacrifice the long vanished heir to the half elven kingdom of Lyonya has been revealed as Kieri Phelan a formidable mercenary captain who earned a title and enemies in the neighboring kingdom of Tsaia Now as Kieri ascends a throne he never sought he must come to terms with his own half elven heritage while protecting his new kingdom from his old enemies and those he has not yet discoveredMeanwhile in Tsaia Prince Mikeli prepares for his own coronation But when an assassination attempt nearly succeeds Mikeli suddenly faces the threat of a coup Acting swiftly Mikeli strikes at the powerful family behind the attack the Verrakaien magelords possessing ancient sorcery steeped in death and evil Mikeli’s survival and that of Tsaia depend on the only Verrakai whose magery is not tainted with innocent blood   Two kings stand at a pivotal point in the history of their worlds For dark forces are gathering against them knit in a secret conspiracy sinister and far ancient than they can imagine And even Paks may find her gods given magic and peerless fighting skills stretched to the limit and beyond .

  • Hardcover
  • 471 pages
  • Oath of Fealty Paladins Legacy #1
  • Elizabeth Moon
  • English
  • 05 June 2015
  • 9780345508744

About the Author: Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon was born March Fealty Paladins ePUB ☆ and grew up in McAllen Oath of PDF/EPUB or Texas graduating from McAllen High School in She has a BA in of Fealty Paladins Kindle Ø History from Rice University and another in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin with graduate work in Biology at the University of Texas San AntonioShe served in the USMC from to first at MCB uantico and then at HMC She marrie.

10 thoughts on “Oath of Fealty Paladins Legacy #1

  1. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    OkayI was going to go 4 stars on this because it's not as good or absorbing as the Paksenarrion Trilogy On the other hand it's better than many books I've given 4 stars limited options here Again with half star wish Oh well I'll compromise For now I won't put it among my favorites But it is an excellent readThe book is billed as being in the Paksenarrion universe and it is Paks herself is in the background of the story showing up as a sort of bit player Or possibly than that but without playing a large part at least here In this volume we pick up almost at the moment of the closing of Oath of Gold and go on with the stories of the Duke Kieri Phelanaka King Dorrin and others I read one reviewer who said that this would be a good place to start if you hadn't read the trilogy as it starts coherently This is true but if you haven't read the trilogy don't miss it As good as this volume is and it's excellent the trilogy that sets it up The Deed of Paksenarrion is superb and even betterI was prepared when I started here to be disappointed as I've not been enthralled by Moon's space operas and as anyone who's read my reviews and comments knows I loved the Paks books The idea that I wasn't continuing the story of Paks herself was a bit of a put off for me I'm glad to say that I was wrong While I don't like this these as I'm halfway through Kings of the North nearly as well as the trilogy I do find them well done and satisfyingDo they have a drawback? I'd say that the plot construction is a bit weak as it's so decentralized However that may be taken care of when all three of these books are published The first book ends or less at a sort of pause in the action and the next book Kings of the North as mentioned above picks up as this book is ending Literally This book ends and Kings of the North opens on that sceneSo while in my opinion not uite as good as the Paks trilogy still an excellent read Speaking for myself I enjoyed it immensely Update Originally reviewed May 2012Just a noteI now know this isn't a trilogy as I finished the third book and it ends in a cliff hanger type endingsigh Well I'll have to call it a series not a trilogy I guess They're still good though UpdateUpon thinking it over I came back and upped the rating to 5 stars It's a limited rating system and while I can't say I like these as well as I do the Paksenarrion trilogy there are a lot of books I don't like that well that I rate 5 starsso 5 stars and recommended

  2. Allison Allison says:

    I really enjoyed every moment of reading this book It had a cozy feeling of homecoming to it that I didn't want to rush through I enjoyed the multiple viewpoints and was disappointed every time the viewpoint switched but then got sucked into the new one very uickly I can't think of a time that I was bored It's very much a 'setting the stage' novel but I felt no impatience I just really enjoyed the experience of following the characters as they figured out their new roles and set things to rights wherever they could I love that all the main characters are honorable and deserving even though they still have a lot to learn and plenty of growing to do Some readers may think they're too good but I find it so refreshing in these days of grim and morally gray fantasy These are characters that I can like and root for

  3. Hanne Hanne says:

    I like adore what Elizabeth Moon did here Twenty years after completing The Deed of Paksenarrion she went back for a visit to Paks' world This book picks up straight after the trilogy ends so there is no time jump in the story but the writing style definitely made a gigantic leap right into the 21st century Gone is that dated feel from the story and a lot of the modern styles are applied including multiple point of views and much subtle foreshadowing To be clear I don’t have anything against 80s fantasy uite the contrary but the surprises of then have been used so often they became tropes and therefore many of the stories are highly predictable for the freuent fantasy reader And that’s exactly what changed with this book Where the plot of Oath of Gold was utterly unsurprising ‘Oath of Fealty’ has twists and turns that I did not see coming and it kept me wondering where things were headed throughout I became enthralled mid way and just had to finish the book I didn’t even stop reading to apply sunscreen this very sunny afternoon which is why my nose now resembles a red herring – but that’s beside the pointI know people will ask whether they have to read The Deed of Paksenarrion before this book In my opinion it isn’t reuired; the book has been written in a way that will give you all the information you really need but having finished the trilogy will make it pleasant as you are familiar with most of the characters and you will care so much If you go straight to this series you will cheer a lot less for people's rise or downfall nor will you care as much when my favourite sergeant goes down simply because you won't know him The general world building and especially the Gods will make sense if you finish the previous book In this one the names Gird Falk Liart are thrown around as if common knowledge but I'm not sure that it really would hurt the reading experience Still while the previous trilogy is no reuired reading I think it’s better to read it first

  4. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    Years ago yet another book obviously inspired by Tolkien appeared but instead of some young guy carrying a magic dingus somewhere in order to become king the point of view was a sheepfarmer's daughter who wanted to be an ordinary foot soldier We trudged with Paks through drill and training and first fight and gradually learned about wider matters including magic until the gripping end of the trilogyThis new seuence picks up where the last Paks book leaves off Paks is in this one so glad to see her again but central are Kieri now a king and Dorrin whose backstory gets revealed and nearly takes over the book and Arcolin who is trying to fill Kieri's shoes as leader of his mercenary troop It picks up right after the events of the last Paks book; within a few pages we get the action launchedThe pacing can be slow at times as Moon describes everything down to the horses' tack and feed which I love and because people have a tendency to repeat action that we've already seen but instead of She reported what happened we get the entire story in dialogue which can make me want to skim but that is a minor thing The story absorbed me from beginning to end making me want to pick right up with the next one Kings of the North

  5. Kathryn Ford Kathryn Ford says:

    There is a twenty year gap between the last Paks book and this one I am amazed by the consistency of the writing and the characters True we do not follow Paks herself but she does appear every now and again I loved this book It was super fascinating finding out about the other characters that we knew from the original Paks books The magic elements are pronounced in this book which I enjoyed And bloody hell does Elizabeth Moon have a talent for describing horrors and coming up with disturbing magical practices Typical Elizabeth Moon this book had tons of detail in it of every day living how to run an army a Kingdom a Dukedom It is a slow build up with a sprint to the end then a screeching stop and damnit I need the next book because this story is definitely not finished at all If I had to wait for the next books this may have annoyed me but luckily I don't Plus it is the way Moon writes and it is her style I just really love this world and all the characters magic gods detail etc etc etc

  6. Kate Kate says:

    This is definitely Elizabeth Moon at her very best The difference between her writing now and when she wrote the original Paks trilogy is huge and Oath of Fealty is far multi layered and less Dungeons and Dragons y than the first three Paks booksOath sees a change of focus from Paks onto other people in the novels bringing into focus Kieri the new King of Lyonya and Dorrin originally one of Kieri's captains but now promoted to Lord Verrakai as all her relatives are placed under attainder because of their use of magery for evil in the previous book Oath of Gold The development of Dorrin's character and storyline is especially gripping and I found myself reading far too late into the night as I just wanted to know what happens next It's nice to see a new visit to a beloved fantasy world All too often a return like this can seem forced or stale but Elizabeth Moon has brought new multilayered life to Paksworld and it's all the better for itUpdated May 2014 Rereading and still as gripping as the first time around I have been up far too late into the night with this Moon's writing is just too good and I'm devouring it much too fast Love the Stammel storyline what a horrible thing to happen to one of the best characters from the original series

  7. Eric Eric says:

    35 starsIt took me a long time to get through this book I had difficulty for some reason connecting to the story and the characters Oath of Fealty is written in the style of other classic epic fantasy stories by starting off slow building all the story pieces and characters in an orderly fashion The author states at the beginning of the book that this series can be read independently from a previous series I felt though I was missing some background For example what is the true significance of a Paladin? How did Paksenarrion Paks get to be a Paladin? This last uestion is sort of explained toward the end of the book Many of the characters have history prior to this story taking place I think this book was kind of a foundation book for the other books to come in the seriesToward the end of the book I did finally connect with the characters and story The story itself is well written and the story does finally click Just as I'm getting into the story it ends It looks like be reading the next installment

  8. Rindis Rindis says:

    The Paladin's Legacy series picks up surprisingly immediately after the end of the original Paksenarrion trilogy There are a number of things left unsettled by Duke Phelan's elevation to king of a different kingdom and that is pretty much the glue that holds what could be a disjointed book togetherOverall there's four different plot threads with limited mobility between them and Oath of Fealty swings through the set of them two or three times The opening concentrates on part of Phelan's mercenary company and Arcolin who finds out he is now the pro tem head of the company at the start of the novel This is the second biggest thread of the novel and is very well done with the internal workings of the company sliding into the particulars of a contract This is always a strong point for Moon and it's no different hereThe smallest arc deals with PhelanKieri himself and has some very interesting moments and I expect this will lead into much important doings in later books But at the moment it's mostly just there It does spin off the fourth arc of the book featuring Dorrin and the Verrakai family that has been a source of villains This gets a lot of attention in the middle and opens up some new cans of worms before merging with the second arc or the book Second in that it is the second one you encounter reading the book and deals with doings in the capital of Tsaia and provides some of the initial 'push' of the plotPaksenarrion is barely present in this book at all She does show up and helps out at some important points but this is really of a history of the area that Deed of Paksenarrion takes place in that is Tsaia Lyonya and parts of Aarenis than any sort of work focused on one person as the original trilogy effectively was Despite that it's tightly written enough to still work and comes to a satisfactory ending It has been just long enough since I read the original books that I needed a fair amount of mental prodding to remember many details and therefore I feel some confidence in saying you can pick up the books at this point though I definitely recommend reading Deed first

  9. Ellis Knox Ellis Knox says:

    I gave up at a little over the halfway mark I've read books in which nothing much happens Heck I made it all the way through The Magic Mountain I've read The Glass Bead Game So I'm no stranger to slow pacingThat's not what this is This book is filled with details that seem pointless because the author failed to make me understand why they were important After a while I became like watching slides of someone else's vacation pictures In fact I got a distinct impression that this world has had other novels and that we were supposed to be interested because the interest was carried over from those previous books Not for me I'm afraidWe get a character who unexpectedly becomes king and immediately faces no immediate threat There's an assassination attempt before he's even king but after that we get endless details about exciting things like taxation policy Worse we follow two other characters who likewise are faced with a laundry list of mundane business War is looming but not from a clear direction When we get to Kieri's coronation and he has to do a ceremonial walk around the town and we have to go with him well I gave it up The characters are all obviously competent enough to handle any challenge brought to them All will turn out right Nothing's at riskI'm off to re read Jules Verne

  10. Gwendolyn Gwendolyn says:

    Turn back the hands of time to 1991 That was the year that I discovered a book titled The Sheepfarmer's Daughter It was not at all what I had expected it to be I found myself enthralled no only with the characters but also the world that had been created by the author Elizabeth Moon I wound up searching a number of second hand bookshops to find Divided Allegiance and finally Oath of Gold the second and third books about the life and deeds of Paksenarrion Dorthansdottor In 2005 during a visit to a bookshop in Florida I found wrapped in plastic and misfiled a brand new copy of the Omnibus Edition of The Deed of Paksenarrion I sat down and re read the stories and fell in love againNow twelve years after the publication of Sheepfarmer's Daughter comes the Oath of Fealty a return to that world I found myself once again ensorcelled by the stories of the lives of so many of who I have come to think of as familiar old friends I was entranced and delighted and I hope you will be as wellThe stories continue in March of 2011 with Kings Of The North from Del Ray Books

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