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    This is a review for The Anabolic Diet by Dr DiPasuale This eating template is also known as The Anabolic Solution and the Metabolic DietAbout the AuthorDr Di Pasuale at one time held world records in 5 different weight classes Not only does he know what he is talking about academically but he practiced what he preached He holds an honors degree in biological science majoring in molecular biochemistry and genetics and a medical degree from University of Toronto He is certified as a Medical Review Officer by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council and as a Master of Fitness Sciences by the International Sports Sciences Association He's the only Canadian to ever total in the 3 main lifts 10 times his body weightSome Additional HistoryVince Gironda AKA Iron Guru was a bodybuilder from the 50s that championed this style of dieting From watching interviews of some of the old timers who used to train with the greats at golds gym; Arnold and his posse would pretty much eat like this high fat and protein with a cheat day on the weekends Not over his whole career Other notable past proponents of this type of diet are Charles Poliuin Chad Waterbury and Rob FaiginBasicsIt's a high fat diet with a weekly carb load Weekdays your carbs are under 30g You become fat adapted and function well on fats after a few weeks of eating this way Some have a hard time with the initiation phase however after they become fat adapted they tend to have energy in general and feel like they're running cleaner Guidelines Can vary some per the individual Weekday 60 65% Fat 30 35% Protein 30g of carbsWeekend Carb Load 12 48 hours 60% carbs 20% Protein 20% FatThis is not a ketogenic diet If you’re in ketosis you’re not fully fat adapted This comes straight from Dr Di Pasuale I can verify this with personal empirical data After 2 years on the diet I have used keto sticks multiple times and have never had high levels of ketones My History on the DietI've been on this diet for the most part since 2011 There have been some times when I went off for various reasons but for the vast majority of the time this is how I eat I see it as the way I eat not as a diet For me it has been the easiest diet to follow I’ve been on many other styles of dieting over my years lifting and none of them have yielded results as good as AD If I’m cutting I lose less muscle when on AD if I’m bulking I gain les fat The biggest complaint I hear on this diet is “what do I eat at corporate lunches if I can’t eat carbs?” The answer is easy steak fish chicken cob salad fajitas veggies etc It’s not hard I've bulked on this diet I've cut on this diet I've chased strength goals with this diet It does well in all regardsI want to note right of the bat that my blood work has always looked good on this style of eating and my testosterone levels via blood test have also remained high My first pass at this diet was at the end of 2011 My goal was to “recomp” I did not want to lose much weight but I wanted to lean up and get stronger in general I went from 192lbs to 180lbs over 4 months According to body fat calipers which I took bi weekly I lost 5% body fat During this time period my strength levels increased My calories during this time period also increased from 2150day to 2800day while losing body fat Needless to say I felt at the time like I hit “pay dirt” and I was right I’ve also used this diet to gain weight I will caution lifters that this is not for the faint of heart You will need to be eating 4 5k calories per day I got very strong and gained at a good rate eating on AD The weight I gained on AD was defiantly “cleaner” than when I bulked with the traditional higher carb diets in the past More recently I decided to go for another body “re composition” I went from 211lbs to 202lbs over 8 months while continually getting stronger in the gym My body fat % which was tested at the start and end with a DEXA scan dropped by 3% At the end of this “recomp” and at a lower bodyweight weight than before I hit a PR total Suat Bench Deadlift In regards to performance People freak out when they hear you’re going on a diet where you eat 30g of carbs a day I can attest that after one becomes “fat adapted” their performance will not suffer I complete my hardest workouts on Fridays before I carbup which is my most “depleted” day This includes not only weight training but also HIT cardio Rower Sprint Strongman etc You will be at your strongest however on Monday and Tuesday since you’re chalked full of glycogen from your carbup It must also be noted that there surly are some people who will not perform well on this diet for various genetic reasons I’d say this is a minority If I remember correctly Charles Poliuin once said that 70% of Americans would perform optimally on a low carb diet On the flip side there are people who are destined for it I recently had my DNA seuenced by FitnessGenes It turns out this diet is ideal for a genotype like my own On the PPARA Gene Fat Burning” I am a CG 23% Globally Having one of each allele indicates that I have the ability to efficiently switch between carbohydrate and fat burning Not as good as a GG but better than a CC I could only imagine this to be an advantage on this style of eating at least in the beginning while I’m becoming “fat adapted” or if I’m forced “off the rails” for one reason or another it should make it easier to transition back on With a combination of factors I tested as having a below average insulin efficiency which could lead to difficulties metabolizing glucose For people in this group it is particularly important to avoid excess sugar and starchy carbohydrates This is excellent validation of what I've found empirically I also have an RR on the ACTN3 Gene Speed This means that I am suited for speedpower type training opposed to endurance I have always been of the thinking that AD is better suited for a speedpower type athleteAlso some will argue that long term high fatlow carb diets will destroy one’s insulin sensitivity this may be accurate for a standard ketogenic diet however it does not hold true on AD Probably due to the weekly carb load I recently completed an oral glucose test to verify that my insulin sensitivity is still excellent My fasted glucose was 71mgdl 15min after a glucose drink my blood glucose was 120mgdl after 30min it was 173mgdl after 60min it was 111mgdl after 90min it was 93mgdl It should be noted that I completed this test at the end of the day since I don’t eat than 30g of carbs during the week Even at the end of the day my fasted blood glucose was in the “excellent” range Excellent fasted glucose is 70mgdl excellent insulin performance puts the time to hit peak glucose levels at 15 30min and time to get back to fasted glucose levels longer than 60 90minOne last note In this version “Anabolic Diet” 1995 the good doctor suggests not eating MCTs Medium Chain Triglycerides AKA coconut oil To my understanding he has since changed his opinion on the topicI wish everyone luck if they decide to give this a go

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    Short and informative though not saying much new 30 grams of carbs per day and you switch to fat burning Atkins said that 50 years ago and the first book that claims it is from 18th century They claim it because it worksWhat is different in the book is that it is bodybuilding focused then the rest suggesting 5 000 to 10 000 calorie per day periods when bulking plus the supplements like zinc etc that help the hormonal balanceWhat I don't agree with the author is that we should be taking canola and corn oils to balance the saturated fats that we get from all those animal foods

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    This is the best simplest most fun way to eat Many recent books are complicated or trendy but this has it all Simple and 20 years ahead of its time

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    It's a decent book to start but it's definitely outdated and it felt like I was reading a bro's Facebook post rather than a book written by a doctor

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    Good book that in simple terms explains the common misconception many people has towards dietary fat as a macronutrient

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The Anabolic Diet Build Muscle and Lose Fat [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Anabolic Diet Build Muscle and Lose Fat By Mauro DiPasquale – Unlike the high carb diet that can work against the body s system of growth producing hormones the Anabolic Diet maximizes the production and utilization of the Big 3 growth producers testosterone gro Unlike Diet Build Muscle and ePUB ½ the high Diet Build Epub Ý carb diet that can work against the body s system of growth producing hormones the Anabolic Diet maximizes the production and utilization of the Big growth producers testosterone growth hormone and insulin and does it naturally It also shifts the body's metabolism from that of a sugar burning fat producing machine to that of a fat burning machine With the body packing The Anabolic MOBI :↠ on extra muscle and simultaneously Anabolic Diet Build Muscle and PDF \ burning both dietary and stored body fat the bodybuilder finds himself twice blessed The Anabolic Diet stresses a high fathigh proteinlow carbohydrate approach to nutrition INTRODUCTION Many in the general public will dismiss it out of hand citing the popular beliefs that fat is a prime component in heart disease cancer and obesity Likewise many bodybuilders have come to assume that Anabolic Diet Build PDF/EPUB ê dietary fat smooths the bodybuilder out and blurs definition But they couldn't be wrong Dietary fat when utilized properly as in the Anabolic Diet can be the key to growth and success And while some will see the Anabolic Diet as a new revolutionary even dangerous approach to nutrition its basics actually originated with the dawning of mankind.