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The Sheriff Of Horseshoe Texas ❮Epub❯ ➛ The Sheriff Of Horseshoe Texas Author Linda Warren – His friendly peaceful Texas hometown is the ideal place for Wyatt Carson to raise his young daughter Until Peyton Ross zooms through Horseshoe and turns his uiet world upside downWyatt may think Peyto His friendly peaceful Texas hometown is the ideal Of Horseshoe PDF/EPUB ã place for Wyatt Carson to raise his young daughter Until Peyton Ross zooms through Horseshoe and turns his uiet world upside downWyatt may think Peyton's just another fun loving party girl but she intends to show the straitlaced sheriff The Sheriff PDF/EPUB or what she's really made of And while she's at it put some fun back into the widowed lawman's lifeWith Peyton around there's never a dull moment Even Wyatt's eight year old is falling under the spell of the irrepressible blonde But what happens once Peyton leaves his jurisdiction Sheriff Of Horseshoe PDF/EPUB å Is she going to leave his heart in one piece.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Sheriff Of Horseshoe Texas
  • Linda Warren
  • English
  • 15 July 2014
  • 9780373752539

About the Author: Linda Warren

Linda Warren loves happy endings The Rita® nominated Of Horseshoe PDF/EPUB ã and award winning author has written books for Harleuin including SuperRomance American and Everlasting Love Drawing upon her years of growing up on a farmranch in Texas she writes about sexy heroes feisty heroines and broken families with The Sheriff PDF/EPUB or an emotional punch all set against the backdrop of Texas She lives in College Station with her.

7 thoughts on “The Sheriff Of Horseshoe Texas

  1. Christina Christina says:

    I sat here and read this whole ass western romance in 25 hours and I had so much fun doing it

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    One Sunday Wyatt Carson the sheriff of Horseshoe Texas is about to pickup his daughter Jody up to go fishing Instead he sees a car speeding through town nearly hitting an elderly woman When Wyatt tries to pull her over the car keeps going Peyton Ross is having a bad day Her mom was getting married again after five years of being a widow Peyton is not happy about it She is supposed to be at the wedding but instead runs away She was heading to see her sorority sisters when she gets pulled over Remembering how a friend said she got out of a ticket Peyton tries to bribe Wyatt with a hundred dollar bill Instead of letting her go however Wyatt handcuffs her and takes her to jail Bail is set and a hearing is scheduled for a few days later Later that night Zeke another prisoner breaks out of jail and forces Peyton to go with him Luckily Wyatt decides to make one last visit to the jail before going to bed He finds them missing and starts searching By the time he finds them Peyton has managed to get away from Zeke and Wyatt has to track her down She is afraid to go back to the jail with Zeke there so Wyatt brings her to his house for the night She can’t find anyone to make her bail so she ends ups staying thought the hearing This is the first time Peyton has ever had to face the conseuences for her actions Her family has always been there for her when she got in trouble but now she’s on her own because her brother couldn’t get there until the hearing and her mom was on her honeymoon She realizes she has to take responsibility for her actions Her brother shows up at the hearing to get the charges dropped but she doesn’t let him Instead she pleads guilty and is sentenced to300 hours of community service So she has to stay with Wyatt longer because no one in town wants her to stay with themWyatt’s wife died six years ago They had been living in Austin at the time and he decided to move to Horseshoe for Jody’s sake and to look after his mom who has had trouble for years with dealing with her first child‘s death He has no intention of getting serious with a woman again but finds himself falling for Peyton I really liked this book Initially Peyton seems like a selfish woman who doesn’t care about anyone else but you get to see that she really does care and why she acted the way she had for so long I liked how she and Wyatt got to know each other and realized just how much they had in common

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    One of 16 ebooks you can download for free from used to devour 2 3 Harleuins in a day a few years ago so I couldn't resist downloading these

  4. Melody Cox Melody Cox says:

    I love this story and read it for the second time todayAfter the death of his wife Wyatt Carson moved back to Horseshoe Texas to raise his young daughter His life is basically a shrine to his dead wife and he continues to use her memory to keep their love alive and it also protects him from having feelings for any other woman In his mind he is taken still married going to an extreme He had known her his whole life and they loved each other deeply He felt it was wrong to move on but living the way they did was unhealthy for him his daughter and his mother Visiting her grave every Sunday was tortuous for them and I thought it seemed uite odd that none of them ever talked about heralmost as if she didn't existAnd then we have Peyton who comes speeding through town threatening the sheriff and trying to bribe her way out of trouble She is extremely distraught because she was so close to her father with her mother being gone on business often while growing up and for long periods of time Her father was diagnosed with cancer and has passed away and on the day she sped through town because her mother was marrying another man She felt betrayed and felt like her mother was betraying her father She skips out on the wedding choosing instead to go party with her old sorority sistersbut she doesn't make it since she's in jailShe begins to recognize her shortcomings and begins to take charge and change her life and the sheriff sees what could be if he would let himself love her But as a typical man he pushes her away They're from two different worldsSuch a great read and one I will read again I enjoy all the books from Horseshoe Texas I highly recommend this

  5. Phylisha Stone Phylisha Stone says:

    A uick sweet HEA read Two people from the opposite side of the tracks Have their HEA

  6. Debra Holt Debra Holt says:

    A favorite on my bookshelfI fell in love with the characters and the storyline Me Warren writes Texas heroes and heroines with a pure paintbrush bringing them alive on the pages and finishing it all up with that perfect happy ever after feeling I plan to revisit HorseshoeTexas over a few times I highly recommend it

  7. Iona Iona says:

    I love all of Linda Warren's books I think i read about ten of them at least They're all American romances they're all about cowboys and Texas Yet not one story is the same or shows similarities to the other They all have their uniue characters and story lines and they're all great

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