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Young Miles [BOOKS] ✬ Young Miles ✶ Lois McMaster Bujold – The Warrior s Apprentice 1The Mountains of Mourning 373The Vor Game 465Author s Afterword 829IT ISN T EASY, BEING VORBeing a Vor lord on the war torn planet Barrayar wasn t easy Being an officer in Ba The Warrior s Apprentice The Mountains of Mourning The Vor Game Author s Afterword IT ISN T EASY, BEING VORBeing a Vor lord on the war torn planet Barrayar wasn t easy Being an officer in Barrayar s military wasn t easy And being the leader of a force of spaceborne mercenaries while maintaining a secret identity wasn t easy in fact it should have been impossible, to say nothing of being a capital offense on Barrayar Not that impossibility or great danger would slow down Young Miles Vorkosigan muchThe Warrior s Apprentice Discharged from the Barrarayan academy after flunking the physical, a discouraged Miles takes possession of a jumpship and becomes the leader of a mercenary force that expands to a fleet of treasonous proportionsThe Mountains of Mourning Miles is sent to a small mountain village to investigate the murder of an infant, killed because she had a physical defect Miles must deal with deep seated prejudice against mutants and uncover the real killer in this novella that won both the Hugo Award and Nebula AwardThe Vor Game Miles s faces enormous challenges in this Hugo Award winning novel as he leads a mutiny against his military commander s criminal orders, rejoins his Dendarii mercenaries, and attempts to rescue Emperor Gregor after Barrayar s royal scion has run off straight into trouble.

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  1. Megan Baxter Megan Baxter says:

    Do you know that moment when you realize you re in the hands of a master storyteller It s relaxing, in a way, because all the tension about whether this will be a good book or not just drains out of you, and you can marinate in what s happening, confident that whatever comes will be worth the trip Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

  2. Conor Conor says:

    After having previously read 2 novels and a novella in this series convoluted reading order packaged together in Cordelia s Honour I felt the series finally hit it s stride here as Miles Vorkosigan, the son of the previous novel s protagonists, took center stage This collection had hints of a Bildungsroman as Mile s came of age as a young man and struggled with what he wanted to do with his life, and this struggle was greatly complicated by the fact that he is a crippled mutant in a militaristic society and by the shadow cast by his father, an immensely powerful military and political figure As with the previous collection I was underwhelmed by Bujold s shallow world building but engaged by the fast paced, exciting plot and extremely impressed by her ability to craw complex and sympathetic characters The Warriors Apprentice 5 stars Mountains of Mourning 4 stars The Vor Game 4 stars full review to come

  3. Mike Mike says:

    Full Review at my blog.If I m not mistaken Bujold ties Heinlein for the number of Hugo s she has won She is a diverse writer dabbling in both fantasy and science fiction and managing to invest each genre with its own unique style She is probably most well known Vorkosigan series featuring the energetic, and frequently trouble making Miles Vorkosigan.While the series properly begins in Cordelia s Honor, Young Miles is the first book or couple of books since it is rightly a collection to feature the series most well known and titular hero Born a mutant overly prone to fragility and sickness as a result of an attempt on his parent s life Miles must make his way through the harsh militaristic society of Barrayar A society that typically dealt with mutated children by killing them at birth.Cursed with a fast metabolism Miles is an energetic character whose mind suffers none of deformations that his body does In fact it is his mind, and frequently his mouth, that gets him into trouble and it s usually both that manage to extricate him from the same.

  4. Tasha Turner Tasha Turner says:

    I m doing a reread of this series Partly as a treat in between Hugo reads this year and as a treat due to personal yuck going on People following my reading will notice I m also rereading Georgette Heyer Their writing styles and topics as well as sense of humor comfort me I believe my husband may have introduced me to both back in the early days before we were married So now you should have a good idea of all the biases I m bringing to this review.I love having a disabled protagonist who is frequently thwarted from plans by either his body or his mind and his privledged background making him incapable of behaving appropriately subordinate This may be because I easily see myself in him It includes a wide variety of well built characters The world building is complex but at the same time I can picture it and even taste the smells Young Miles touches on some really difficult topics but it also makes made me laugh It has battle scenes, love, betrayal, friendship, loyalty, cruelty, violence, adventure, growing up, letting go, and so much It was a fairly quick easy read I highly recommend the book and the author for both science fiction fans and regency romance readers not that the books necessarily contain romance.

  5. erforscherin erforscherin says:

    I m very late to the party, but I m so glad I ve finally discovered this series Similar to the Liaden Universe books by Lee and Miller, the Vorkosigan Saga has been running for quite a while, with a good dozen plus books to its name by now and also like the Liaden series, it tends to focus on interpersonal relationships and political intrigue over endless space battles, which suits me just fine.The first novel in this set is a pretty good taste for what you re getting into, being almost a heist novel in reverse it s the story of how Miles accidentally ended up commanding his own mercenary force, and the rapid snowballing of lies and half truths and bluster into real consequences is manic and joyous and, as it turns out, also a really nice remedy for anyone struggling with imposter syndrome at work hello, friend The middle novella is interesting, and the third one s a bit less coherent plot wise, but overall I really like the ideas that Bujold is playing with, and I have a feeling the characters are going interesting places in the novels to come I m definitely on board for the next volume.

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This is an omnibus edition that contains full novels The Warrior s Apprentice and The Vor Game and the short story The Mountains of Mourning From the previous book to the beginning of Warrior s Apprentice, Miles Vorkosigan has grown up well he s 18 and usurps the literary center stage from his parents.Miles is one of those characters it is hard not to be fascinated by He is less than 4 ft tall and deformed with delicate bones that break at the slightest strain He makes up for this physical deficiency by an enormous personality He s smart, quick thinking, creative and cheeky He s the type of character I love to read about but who would make me feel small and stupid if I ever encountered his likeness in real life And of course he s the type of character that finds himself in the middle and often in charge of fantastic adventures In The Warrior s Apprentice, Miles has just failed the physical portion of his entrance exam into Barrayar s Military Academy As poor consolation, he is sent on a journey to his mother s home planet of Beta colony Miles heightened sensitivity to his weaknesses and how they isolate him leads him to try and redeem a couple of misfits he meets shortly after landing on Beta Colony Through a convoluted set of circumstances, his attempts wind up putting him in charge of a fleet of mercenaries It is fun watching Miles scheme his way through an increasingly desperate set of circumstances The Vor Game begins with Miles anxiously awaiting his first assignment as an Ensign in the Barrayar military According to the military brass, Miles biggest weakness is not his physical issues but his tendency towards insubordination So he winds up as the weather officer in Barrayars most outposty of outposts and of course ends up joining a mutiny against the harsh commander of the station After a period of boring desk job punishment he is sent off world as a spy with part of his mission being to re connect with his troop of mercenaries He does to spectacular effect So much happens in this story that I found myself running across references to earlier happenings and wondering if that really happened in this part of the book and not in Warrior s Apprentice.I can t say I liked one of the novels included in this omnibus better than the other Both had their slower boring bits The best things about the books is Miles who is such a richly drawn character you can almost feel his anxiety, feel what it is like to be him My one complaint might be that the books live a little too much in Miles head Miles is so often playing a role, and while we the reader see the real him, the characters around him don t and it keeps Miles and therefore the reader at a distance from the other characters Even the characters he is meant to be very close to, we don t really get to know There are some lovely moments like Miles love interest and childhood friend Elena turning Miles proposal down because there is too much of him and he would subsume her And the fact that we see Miles , who takes charge because he can t help himself and he s brilliant at it, but who spends the whole time wishing he were somewhere else and developing stress ulcers It brings him back down to earth Overall really great fast, fun read with some weight.

  7. Alyssa Nelson Alyssa Nelson says:

    This is easily one of my favorite books ever Honestly, I didn t think it would be My college roommate hyped it up like crazy, so when I finally got to reading it, I was expecting disappointment because it didn t seem like it was going to be as good as she promised.But it was.This particular edition consists of two novels and a short story that all revolve around a young man named Miles Vorkosigan who has a birth defect not congenital, he frequently assures others and because of that is fragile His bones break under the smallest pressure and he s less than five feet tall The problem is that he was born on a militant planet to a very important family When he washes out of the military academy, he has to find his own path to greatness and find it he certainly does.What impressed me the most about this book and the rest of the series is the level of characterization Firstly, I love Miles He is practically a cripple, but he doesn t let that stop him, because while his body is weak, he is a genius I appreciate that Bujold has created a character that doesn t go into situations and use his strength or extreme fighting prowess to save the day instead, he thinks about solutions and launches schemes to achieve his goals.Secondly, all the characters are written in shades of grey she shows the softer sides of rampaging killers and the darker sides of sheltered researchers This is achieved through ingenious storytelling With adventure, mystery, suspense, and plot twists that give you whiplash, I kept turning the pages and the characters kept evolving and growing All this, combined with in depth universe not world building and fascinating cultures, this book made me want and and .And don t think it s all just running around and doing brave deeds though there is a lot of that Bujold adds a lot of humor to these books and I found myself laughing aloud quite often.I really can t recommend this book strongly enough It s SO good And I don t think it s just for science fiction fans there is plenty of material for all kinds of readers to find something they like.Also posted on Going on to the Next.

  8. Michael Michael says:

    Review from BadelyngeFor someone who likes Science Fiction it might seem strange that I m only recently acquainted with the irrepressible Miles Vorkosigan Better late than never though I ve just burned my way through the first three books featuring the little guy Maybe it is for the best though, because if I d read them as they were being published then I wouldn t have been able to read them in chronological order, as some of the books filled in the gaps between previously published books I m a linear sort of bloke really The first book is a roller coaster of a ride, that really gets going after Miles tells his first little untruth to resolve a situation The fun starts when the little fib snowballs into a web of lies and half truths with Miles at the centre of an expanding net I know, I shouldn t really try to get away with such an awful mixed metaphor.The second story, which is of a novella than a book, ditches the space opera format in favour of a thoughtful look at the roots of Barrayan society with Miles investigating a Murder in a back woods village It won the Nebula award Seeing Miles in such a different setting gives the author an opportunity to show Miles in a different light It is well handled and the shorter format seems to have focused the author s storytelling and exploration of themes into a cogent whole.The third book won a Hugo Different again The initial setting of the ice base was one that I was really enjoying Just as you are getting used to the cold, Bujold pulls the rug out from under you again and we are off into the space opera driven rush of spiraling events, the eventual reunion with the Dendarii mercenaries and all those previously laid lies introduced in the first book Very enjoyable, with no sense ever that the story is being padded, which is something that often happens to long running series At the heart of it all though is the character of Miles He s just a wonderful character You can t really help but like him If you could bottle his energy in liquid form I wouldn t drink anything else.

  9. Ron Ron says:

    3.5 Good stories, fun to read No great insights or science.The weird part is that I m sure I ve read part of the third story, perhaps in an anthology.

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