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ReMix [Download] ➵ ReMix By Catherine G. Latterell – With a mix of humor and analysis a collection of fresh readings lively assignments and an enticing design ReMix is not your ordinary textbook It asks students to re examine everyday concepts such as i With a mix of humor and analysis a collection of fresh readings lively assignments and an enticing design ReMix is not your ordinary textbook It asks students to re examine everyday concepts such as identity entertainment and technology; to uestion assumptions about everyday life and culture; and to respond critically and creatively to some of the most imaginative projects you’ll find in a composition readerBuilt on the idea that students live in a do it yourself world in which they are the writers designers and inventors ReMix invites students to bring their own creativity into the composition classroom It inspires them to ask Why do I think the way I do What is my relationship to the culture around me Am I truly as one advertisement claims my playlist This uestion posing approach allows students to write about culture and identity in a meaningful way.

  • Paperback
  • 736 pages
  • ReMix
  • Catherine G. Latterell
  • English
  • 22 December 2014
  • 9780312476687

4 thoughts on “ReMix

  1. Nicole Pramik Nicole Pramik says:

    I assigned this text to a freshman Composition class as a little something different from the usual college level English fare To note this isn't so much a Composition text as it is a primer on how to examine and analyze aspects of culture and see how these apply to your life Two of the basic tools ReMix teaches are investigating cultural assumptions and employing critical thinking to everyday events and objects Thus the focus is on rhetorical analysis but it approaches the subject from a non technical and entertaining wayThe chapters each cover seven topics Identity Community Competition Romance Entertainment Nature and Technology I really liked the organization and format here as the book moves from the most personal Identity to the most removed Technology Likewise each chapter starts out tackling three cultural assumptions that students are challenged to address both on their own through writingpresentation exercises and readings which are contained in the text so no separate reader is needed By way of example The three cultural assumptions the text states regarding entertainment are Entertainment is just for fun Entertainment is merely a reflection of culture and Entertainment is a personal choice The chapter proceeds to break these assumptions down and explore their validity as well as their erroneous assertions Afterwards students are encouraged to evaluate their own entertainment choices and views about pop culture through writing assignments and other exercises Lastly the chapter's back half contains articles and small pieces that further explore the chapter's concepts Thus this is the blueprint for the rest of the chaptersOverall ReMix is a fun engaging book that allows students to personalize some of the basic things they encounter on a daily basis whether that is how they view themselves to how they interact in various groups to even how they relate to and utilize technology While this isn't intended to be a by the letter writing textbook it could serve as a supplemental text or would make a great choice for an introductory level Rhetoric course In the end I was glad I found this book at random mind you and assigned it as it proved enjoyable for my students And if a book can get your students excited to willingly work on assignments and read voluntarily then it's a keeper

  2. Sara Sara says:

    This is the reader for the EWRT100B class I'm teaching so I'm rereading parts of it all the time The students seemed to like our first reading a short newspaper style story about a young soldier who lost his walled and got it sent back to him in the mail 45 years later

  3. Emilie Frechie Emilie Frechie says:

    I teach this book; it's used in my Senior Nonfiction course The kids really seems to like most of it because it's timely relevant and spurns great discussions in class I love the spectrum of writers included in this book

  4. Jessika Griffin Jessika Griffin says:

    I am using this book to teach English W130 The essays are light and fun and my students enjoy the book so far It even has an essay by David Sedaris Awesome

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