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  1. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    I can’t stop thinking about this seriesIt’s so addictive I’m truly scared I’m not going to be able to ever forget it and I have this feeling that it’s ruining the ‘espionage’ YA genre for me because I don’t think I’ll ever find a bookseries of that genre as good as this oneBut you know what? I don’t care any I love this series and I’m going to love it with all my heart I can say this even though this is only the second book since this is a reread for me The Gallagher Girls is in my top 10 favourite series of all timeThe narration let me tell you is one of the things you’ll like most We’re told that the characters are super intelligent and incredible spies but honestly we don’t even have to be told that; we can see it through their actions ways of thinking and processing information and their passionThey want to save the world and they’re willing to sacrifice so much for humanity So reader are you ready for action intricate romance peculiarly developed mystery and fun? Come on let me hear you say it HELL YEAH BD | Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  2. may ❀ may ❀ says:

    Who would have thought a seuel could be better than the first book??? Okay not SUBSTAINTAILLY better but noticeably betterI finished this book in less than 2 hours and im just grateful these books are short otherwise I would be encouraged to do other things laundry than read this bookThat’s how bad they can get – im not even exaggerating But book #2 was better and I think going in with 000 expectations made me enjoy it than I thought it would Yes there’s still TALK of being a badas spy who is fluent in 17 languages than ACTUALLY being a badas spy Its of a rom com ft some spy related ish so keep that in mindBut hey I was actually ENGAGED in this book even if it was for 55 seconds but that’s a step up from the first book which was a complete and utter tragedy Still lots of tropes like the beautifully uirky and hilarious MC that thinks shes so plain and boring which spoiler she is and yet she somehow dazzles all the boys ??? oh and hot boys tooTheres still the cringe that is the humour Like its not the worst I’ve seen but its pretty close Its just v much trying too hard Also I really have to resist gagging after the girls refer to their teacher on multiple occasions as ‘sexy’ bc no plz noBut the ending was actually slightly thrilling even tho it was VERY predictable but definitely an improvementIm praying the next books also improve so I can stick around just a bit longer2 stars

  3. Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral says:

    Review posted on Mundie Moms on August 20 2011 I love discovering a series that has a number of books out already But the problem? Well I seem to be devouring them in one sitting I tried to slow down my reading of Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy but I couldn’t seem to stop turning pages For starters I wanted to know what Cammie’s mother was hiding and what was that new construction in the school all about? Then in a countersurveillance exercise with the always fun to read Mr Solomon I smiled when a new character was introduced as he walked into an elevator with Cammie during that very exercise page 71 72 The elevator seemed to move slower and slower as the clock in my head ticked louder and louder and I thought about how Mr Solomon might make us walk back to Roseville if no one achieved our mission objectives “You in a hurry or something?” the boy asked “Actually I’m supposed to meet my teacher at the ruby slipper exhibit I’ve only got twenty minutes and if I’m late he’ll kill me” Not a lie but maybe an exaggeration—I hoped “How do you know?” “Because he said ‘Meet me at the ruby slipper exhibit’” “No” The boy was smiling shaking his head “How do you know you only have twenty minutes? You’re not wearing a watch” “My friend just told me” The lie was smooth and easy and I was a little bit proud of it happy that I didn’t have to think about how in forty five seconds this boy had noticed something that Josh hadn’t seen in four months “You fidget a lot” he said Make that two things Josh hadn’t even seen “I’m sorry” I said but I wasn’t “I have low blood sugar” Lie number three “I need to eat something” Which wasn’t really a lie sincewellI was hungry And then the stranger boy totally knocked me for a loop because he handed me a bag of MMs “Here I ate most of them already”And in that second I forgot all about Josh I’m not going to spoil this for you Mundie Moms; I will say this – get the series Get all of them Trust me when I say you will love the way Zach that’s the boy in the uote says the word “Spy” His snarky attitude and ability to best Cammie made for the best kind of reading The kind where there’s a smile plastered on your face Just for the record page 235 contained one of my favorite last lines ever If you haven’t picked this series up yet please do As for me I’m moving on to the third book Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover and yes I’m still grinning

  4. Sue (Hollywood News Source) Sue (Hollywood News Source) says:

    REREAD July 26 2015It will never be the same I'm bumping up the rating to 4 starsInitial read January 21 2015Rating 38 starsOne thing you should know about me is I have a short attention span I can't never get anything done without chirping a couple of nonsensical chores between my reading I was pleasantly surprised to find myself finishing Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy in one day Its genuinely short but still my effort deserved to be applaudedVerdict I'm not in love with this series yet but so far its promising

  5. Eri Eri says:

    re read on 11815You can also read this review and others on my blogReading this brought back all of the memories of why I love this series so much Why despite having read this for the first time five years ago I still push it up to the top of my favorite books list all the time This book is my comfort food and without fail it always make me smile and swoon and laugh and a tad sad at times Cammie is one of my favorite girls ever perhaps because of her endearing awkwardness something I relate to uite well and her honestly entertaining commentary and thoughts She's natural despite her impressive skills as a spy in training and a normal teenage girl suffering from the lingering effects of The Subject to prevent spoilers She has her own loyal crew of her friends the charmer Bex genius Liz and versed in real world Macey who is one of my favorites surprisingly Plus introduce us to Preston soon pleaseFriendships are a strong part of Ally Carter's books and I love that about her books From Bex with her kick butt attitude and fierce loyalty to Liz with her sweet and optimistic outlook that never fails to make me smile to Macey and her much needed boy translations and her grounded cool they're the best friends a girl could ask for I started to protest to hang back and buy a few seonds but Macey grasped my shoulders and spun me around to see Bex And Liz Both of them were smiling And we can never forget the romance aka the first meeting between Cammie and my true love Zach the kind of boy that makes you lose your cool and looks good doing it I'm infinitely biased in saying this but despite his smirky ness I ABSOLUTELY love this guy But then again I may have been slightly irritated and frustrated by him at first when I read it before He's charming handsome and for Cammie the girl who is still figuring out the mystery of boys confusing He's not without his moments though and I loved seeing the different faces he seems to have You're the Gallagher Girl You figure it out One of the shining points in this series for me is the touch of serious heartfelt moments that dot the pages of the books While they can be a bit fluffy at times and charming and cutesy than you'd expect from a spy book the moments when a character drops their guardwhich rarely happens when you're a spy in training and you see them Or maybe crying is like everything else we do—it's best if you don't get caught If you've never read this series I highly recommend it for the wonderful experience that is sure to follow and you'll be wishing you were a Gallagher Girl along with the rest of us

  6. Leanna Leanna says:

    I read Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy's preuel— I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You—last July at my mother's recommendation I enjoyed but didn’t love the book and it clearly made very little impression on me I honestly couldn’t remember a majority of what took place in I’d Tell You including most of the characters This forgetfulness is either the fault of an aged brain entirely possible or a not so thrilling storyline also possibleMaybe it’s because of my amnesia or since reading I’ve overdosed on young adult novels but I much prefer the seuel The hijinks of high school sopho Cammie Morgan and her best friends at an all girl spy school are delightfully fun And I also enjoyed the romance or was it just a cover between Cammie and another teen spy ZachThis is not to say the book is perfect For someone trained to be a spy from birth for someone who supposedly developed spy gear at age seven and for someone who speaks fourteen languages fluently Carter repeats this fact about a thousand times in the book Cammie sure does some stupid things Can she really be angsting at the same time she’s scoping out how many bald males in a crowd are wearing watches?The book is entirely fantastic—and some descriptions of the CIA sponsored school and gadgets are just too much to handle—but one aspect of the book was just too unreal to believeSPOILER ALERT Fifteen male students from an all boy boarding school move into the all girl boarding school Talk about a recipe for disaster What could be worse—hormonally speaking—than throwing together teenagers who have been deprived of the opposite sex most of their lives? Yet the book makes no mention of the complications inherent in the situation—surely to maintain its G rated tone—but I was reminded of my uncle who invited a male foreign exchange student to live with him and his five daughters Was he really surprised when one ended up pregnant?Overall the book is entertaining and contains nothing offensive for a 12 year old girl or a 58 year old grandmother

  7. Rachael Rachael says:

    Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy is the second book in Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl series It is just as cute and well written as the first bookIt's a new semester at Cammie's spy school But getting through the next part of her Covert Operations class isn't her only challenge; the school is also keeping a secret from its students a secret called Blackthorne Soon it's up to Cammie and her genius friends to save the schoolIn my opinion some parts of this story are predictable but the storyline is cute so I read it anyway In fact this is one of the few series that I collect I was disappointed that the seuel to I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You wasn't longer because I really enjoyed reading about a spy in training's love life The good news is Gallagher Girls is not going to be limited to a two book seriesThis is a uick and light read I recommend this book for fans of action and romance novelsreposted from

  8. Jillian Jillian says:

    book #6 completed for booktubeathon 2018the epilogue THE EPILOGUE boooiiii let me tell you i am loving this series so far the characters are great the spy school setting is great I JUSTYES MORE PLS THX

  9. Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms) Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms) says:

    Before I start I have to start by saying something extremely vital to my review JOSH WHO?Agter reading this book I am infinitesimaly glad that Cammie isn't with Josh First of all I've never ever related to him I didn't like him as a character I've always found him to be just a distraction to Cammie I'm glad I didn't need to hear much from him hereAnyways this book was great even better than the first one I found myself passing the pages faster because I wanted to discover all the secrets that were being kept Cammie as usual has to deal with being a spy in training as well as just being a teenage girl Reading her inner turmoil made me realize that although she speaks fourteen different languages and can probably kill you with nothing but a stapler she is just a teenage girl It was fun seeing all the different new characters presented as well as new situations where the spy aspect of the story could be developed I love and the idea of a school for spies I'd just love to be part of it

  10. Siiri (Little Pieces of Imagination) Siiri (Little Pieces of Imagination) says:

    asdfghjkl; these books are so fun I can't stop grinning and while this didn't get any tears out of me I enjoyed it a lot especially the parts where a certain boy was involved ✿◠‿◠ I'm in such a reading groove with this series that I don't have that much time to update here while continuously laughing and turning the pages as soon as possible but I'm already almost halfway done with book 3 and it's really good too

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Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy ❮Download❯ ➾ Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy ➹ Author Ally Carter – Cammie Morgan is back and it's clear that her life hasn't calmed down since the events of I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You At first giddy anticipation is in the air Gallagher Acad Cammie Morgan Heart and PDF Æ is back and it's clear that her life hasn't calmed down since the events of I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You At first giddy anticipation is in the air Gallagher Academy Cammie's elite spy school Cross My eBook ✓ is hosting a visit from a covert training center for boys Soon after the boys' arrival though everything goes dangerously awry when a series of security breaches are discovered at the academy Worse yet teenage agent in training Cammie is being blamed for the penetration My Heart and ePUB ´ With the school's top secret status at risk the My Heart and Hope to eBook ✓ Gallagher Girls have to work uickly to save their beloved school.