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  • 320 pages
  • Hopeless Romantic (When in Rome #2)
  • Marina Adair
  • English
  • 13 October 2015
  • 9781496727671

10 thoughts on “Hopeless Romantic (When in Rome #2)

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    I received a arc copy through NetGalley for a honest read Hopeless Romantic was my first read by Marina Adair It has me laughing out loud I highly recommend this 4 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ read Happy Reading Lisa

  2. Gigi Gigi says:

    Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Publishing for proving me with this ARCI didn't realize this was the second book in a series I found the story heartwarming and sweet I really enjoyed the banter from the beginning and found that Beckett and Levi had a lot of chemistry; I especially enjoyed how they worked well to be honest and to hold each other accountable However I really wish I had read Book 1 first I think it would've given me better insight into the characters and their history This book gave us just enough of a recap but I still wish I read Book 1Nonetheless I enjoyed seeing Beckett handle her family dynamic I found her feelings very relatable as someone who also has a family that reuires extra care Her insistent that everything is fine having to drop everything to make pick up another family issue You really sympathized with her greatly Levi was also great His thought process was nice to read I loved his relationship with his family members and how the author realistically portrayed him dealing with his grief I have a little issue with the pace of the story though Most of the beginning of the book felt really slow and dragged not much going on besides highlighting the many family obligations that both Beckett and Levi have to deal with and how they are both so very overwhelmed with it all The second half picks up but everything starts going too fast I think a neater finish was needed to entice us to read the next book Overall it was a good read It had humor and romance I appreciated how the author brought awareness to autism spectrum disorder

  3. Wendy Wendy says:

    375 starsThank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a gifted copy of this ARC All opinions are my own I absolutely adored Romeantically Challenged so when I received a copy of this ARC I dropped everything to return to Rome RI This was a slooowwww burn The first half of the book felt really slow with not much going on besides highlighting the family obligations both Beckett and Levi have and how they are both completely overwhelmed Then things moved really uickly and I thought the book ended with a lot of loose ends I literally got to 99% of the book and I was worried my ARC was messed up because there were still so many open uestions Perhaps this is just me but I wanted to see how Annie and Emmitt's wedding went if Levi went on his trip who Paisley's crush was etc I am hoping we will find out in book 3??? Overall I still enjoyed it One of the highlights of the book is the chicken Beckett was training She reminded me of Penelope from The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare I also liked that Adair brought awareness to autism spectrum disorder

  4. Janae Janae says:

    I loved traveling back to Rome Rhode Island Following this trip of dads is such a highlightIn this installment we follow the Uncle Dad Levi and watch him slowly realize his life partner had been in the same town all alongWe come to really fall for Beckett and how chaotic her life is Watching her find a balance for her self and her family was at times really difficult Adair really helps the reader understand how taxing and yet wonderful living with special needs family members can beMy only criticism is that this was so slow for a uite a while whilst the plot built and then it rushed downhill I feel like I missed out on uite a bit I still have many uestionsI hope we soon get Grays story and can have a bit of closure for this oneThank you Kensington and Netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

  5. Addie Yoder Addie Yoder says:

    I just love Rome Rhode Island and this group of dads finding their way through parenting life and love Levi and Beckett's story of letting others in and letting them help and recognizing life for what it was is so relatable and real Their slow burn was worth the wait but the end felt so hurried that I think I still have uestion I can't wait for Grey's book to get a little of each character and to finally find his love

  6. Nicole Pinto Nicole Pinto says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was charming and well written It is part of a series and I feel like I would have connected with the characters If I had read the others I also had some issues with pacing Overall I give it 35 stars Thank you to netgalley for the arc

  7. Patti Lucas Patti Lucas says:

    I am a member of Marina Adair's A DAIRING Reader group and received a free ARC of Hopeless RomeAntic from NetGalley for an honest review I can truly say that I absolutely loved Hopeless RomeAntic the second book in the When in Rome series by Marina Adair Hopeless RomeAntic is one of the best romantic comedies that I have read recently Marina Adair has shown that she is a master storyteller and I love her romantic comedies I love the characters and the setting of Rome Rhode Island in Hopeless RomeAntic I absolutely loved every page and could not put it down I love that Hopeless RomeAntic is narrated from the viewpoint of the main characters I really enjoy getting the perspective from those characters I love getting inside their minds and knowing their thoughts and how they really feel Hopeless RomeAntic is a love at first sight story even though it took the main characters several years to admit their feelings for one another It is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments I love the lighter moments where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud It is also filled with bittersweet moments that cause me to sigh say aww to myself with tears filling my eyes Hopeless RomeAntic is filled with such moments with so much emotion and so much including laughter It is filled with all those things that we have come to love and expect in romantic comedy especially the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner and the surprise plot twists Hopeless RomeAntic is the story of Beckett Hayes a caregiver for her father Jeffrey and brother Thomas both on the autism spectrum and the owner of her own small business Consider it Done a personal concierge service and Levi Rhodes who runs his family's bar Crow's Nest and marina Both Beckett and Levi have always put their family's wants and needs ahead of their own Beckett is training a chicken to be a emotional support animal for a local girl and heads into the Crow's Nest to pick up a to go order even though the Crow's Nest does not offer take out Things change that night for her and Levi The start a relationship knowing there is a definite end date Levi is planning on a sailing adventure sixteen years in the making one he had planned on taking with his late father before his death He put his life on hold following the death of his father and then the unplanned pregnancy of his older sister Michelle with Paisley I love Levi's relationship with Paisley and her other two Dads Gray and Emmitt I love that Beckett has changed Levi and therefore changes his relationship with Paisley I love the set of rules that they establish for their relationship Levi is one of the first men who takes time with Thomas and that warms Beckett's heart Levi admits that he has had feelings for Beckett from the first time he saw her several years ago My heart broke when Levi got so angry at Beckett for putting her family first when he was celebrating Emmitt's bachelor party on his boat I love how the plot twist gets resolved and how Beckett and Levi get the happily ever after that they deserve Both Beckett and Levi change each other's lives because of their love My favorite part of the story when both Levi and Beckett change their rules it was truly a poignant moment when both of the walls that they built around their hearts tumbled down It was an incredible love story with amazing characters Once again Hopeless RomeAntic is filled with all the things that I have come to love and expect in a Marina Adair romantic comedy and she truly did not disappoint me with Hopeless RomeAntic Looking forward to reading the next book in the When in Rome series Highly recommend this incredible page turner

  8. Jennie Jennie says:

    Hopeless Romantic When In Rome #2Marina AdairContemporary Small Town Romance45 starsI received a copy of this ebook ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I was so elated to receive an ARC as I have read many Marina Adair books including the first in this series RomeAntically Challenged – if you haven’t read it yet put it on your TBR list🌷 I really love Marina Adair’s books and have come to count on them as a go to for feel good heartwarming romantic comedies Hopeless Romantic did not disappoint it was sweet and full of heart; it was also a uick read and exactly the feels I've been looking for these days 😊 For those that enjoy a slow burn romance – this book has you covered Once again the series returned to the small town of Rome RI This book focused on the stories of MCs Levi and Beckett both of whom made appearances in book 1 I really loved both of the leads and felt they were fleshed out so well in this story and both managed to feel very relatable I loved how independent Beckett was that she was fiercely loyal and the fact that she was trying to keep it all together Levi was of course a family guy a charmer and a sweetheart – definite contender for book boyfriend💖 This was a feel good slow burn romance and even offered a little steam for those who like that😉 The love story progress felt realistic and satisfying and I just loved these two together they just complimented each other so well I was very happy they were able to find one another and that they were set on a path to have love happiness and balance Another point in their favor the obstacles they had to navigate and overcome felt realistic and relatable in that they are ones many of us have to work through in relationships This and the fact that the last hurdle did not feel contrived extra appreciation from me No spoilers but I could understand and appreciate where each character was coming from and the reactions felt authenticOne thing I enjoyed about this book was the reflection on different family dynamics and how not every family is the ‘perfect’ made for tv one Once again Adair showed an ability to look at families and know not all families are made up the same or have the same roles – but that they still are important to represent It was great to see how the characters learned about boundaries setting them respecting them and how important they areFinally last but not least I really appreciated the fact that both of these leads were in their early thirties and still figuring things out a bit Yes they had jobs social lives etc – but they didn’t have it all together which is always nice to see I can’t wait to return to Rome again – so I really hope there is a third book coming Maybe for Grey?😊

  9. K.T. Egan K.T. Egan says:

    A solid romance with a zany heroine a too hot to handle hero and a strong supporting castRating 355Hopeless Romantic is the second book in the When in Rome series and does what every good stand alone series installment should do it draws you in While there are illusions to the first book throughout Levi and Beck's story is extremely engaging and does an excellent job at being its own work From watching Beck bring Gregory in to the bar to cringing your way through some of Levi's hairbrained moments Adair's characters are unapologetically sincere and a delight to readHowever there were certain plot points in the story that could have been thought out I wish we could have seen of Levi engaging with Thomas before 'Tommy' becomes the norm that whole relationship felt a little rushed and I really really had hoped to see of Paisley throughout As such a big part of Levi's life the teenager felt like the least baked character in the whole book and she truly deserved better I'm all here for the three dads plot line though and really enjoyed watching Gray Emmit and Levi navigate the whims waning and wiles of a their teenage star Maybe Paisley deserves her own book? I'd so buy thatAlso the pacing of the book fell flat at times Lots of slow burn leading up to the big boom but very little resolution on the other side Jeffrey and Beck wouldn't have resolved their issues as fast as they seem to at the end of the book and Thomas' last big adventure was a little jarring Overall I am definitely satisfied with Hopeless Romantic for all that it is A solid plot engaging characters and some seriously tender moments all make the book a fantastic read I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Kennsington All of the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

  10. Missy Missy says:

    Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for the ARC of Hopeless RomeAntic by Marina Adair Since I hadn't read the first book in the series RomeAntically Challenged I decided to start with that book Honestly I didn't love that one and wasn't looking forward to reading this one but I was pleasantly surprised and liked this one much better I think it helps that I was familiar with the characters and the relationship between Emmitt Levi Grey and Paisley as well as Annie and Beckett so not as much background was needed in this book as the first one I loved Levi and Beckett as a couple Their banter was amazing and had me laughing out loud He had such patience and was sympathetic to Beckett's needs and obligations but he also recognized her need to take time for herself The interesting thing was it also helped him realize that he also needed to take the same time for himself it reminds us all that while we are all so busy taking care of our families its important that we are taking care of ourselves as well This book also did a wonderful job showing how families of people with autism live their everyday lives It shows how people struggle starting their own business and also running their own business It brings to light the worklife balance and also the guilt parents often put on their children even if they aren't meaning to The book just felt like real life at times I mean the emotional support chicken was HILARIOUS but definitely not real life There were a few loose ends I would have like to have tied up but they didn't take away from the story overall Hoping there is a third book in the series so that Grey can have another chance at love#MarinaAdair #RomeRhodeIsland #Autism #Family #Obligations #Love #Friends #WorkLifeBalance #AdultFiction #BeachRead

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Hopeless Romantic (When in Rome #2)[PDF / Epub] ☉ Hopeless Romantic (When in Rome #2) ❤ Marina Adair – Thomashillier.co.uk Set against the breezy backdrop of coastal Rhode Island the latest novel from bestselling author Marina Adair asks whether two of a small town's biggest hearts can learn to put themselves first in the Set against the breezy backdrop of coastal Rhode Island the latest novel from bestselling author Marina Adair asks whether two of a small town's biggest hearts can learn to put themselves first in the name of loveAs caregiver for her autistic brother Beckett Hayes knows how meaningful a little extra help can be when life happens Which is why she runs Consider It Done a personal concierge service in her small town Her job also gives her the flexibility to follow her passion being Rome Rhode Island's unofficial special needs advocate training emotional support companions in her spare time There's not much of that though and certainly not enough for serious dating It's always been family first for Beck But one unuestionably gorgeous good natured man is suddenly a temptation that's getting tougher to resistSixteen years ago Levi Rhodes was ready to sail off into the sunset literally But then his father's death and his sister's unexpected pregnancy postponed his sailing scholarship and the adventures he had planned Running the family marina and bar was the least he could do for his grieving mother Plus his niece needed a father figure But now that she's in high school and has her bio dad in her life Levi's wondering if it's time to get his sea legs under him againuntil curvy caring Beck showed up in his bar and then in his dreams.

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