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10 thoughts on “Don't Look (Pike, Wisconsin #1)

  1. Arena♡ Arena♡ says:

    Yay!! Just received an arc!! lets join the party bloodbath!!!

  2. booksnpenguins booksnpenguins says:

    can't wait to start this!

    ARC requested and approved by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Katie Utterly Unashamed Katie Utterly Unashamed says:

    4 mysterious stars.

    This is not normally a book style I would read (in the fact that it was very light romance), but it caught my eye because it is based in a small town in Wisconsin and I'm from a small town in Wisconsin. So I was so excited to get the ARC and I really enjoy the entire process from start to finish. Maybe it was because it reminded me of home (minus the serial killer).

    Like I said, this is not my normal style read that I'm drawn too. I love alphas, and some serious romance in my books. Though lately my book funk has had me all over the place, and drawn to more mysteries/thrillers (but still with a strong romance side to it). And in this end while this book was not much of a romance this book worked well for my mood.

    First let me start off by saying... I am a smut junkie, as long as it is trashy it doesn't have to actually be good for me to love, it just has to entertain me - which basically means most of my reviews are pure garbage and definitely mood driven.

    Anyway, back to this book. This was a good mystery book, with a trace amount of romance (actually I should say trace sexy time, cuz there was lovey-dovey in it).

    Also this was a clean book in the sense that there is not one single swear word in it.

    NOT A SINGLE CUSS WORD WAS IN THIS BOOK!! It was also clean in the aspect that the one love scene was not explicit at all (which again is normally not my style).

    At this point you are probably wondering how I ended up giving this a 4 star rating.

    I started this book yesterday late afternoon and could only get to 55% before I went to bed (knowing there was no way I was finishing so I would not stay up until 4 am and not finish the damn book). I didn't even realize how enthralled I was with this book until I woke up. Why you ask? BECAUSE I DREAMED ABOUT THIS BOOK ALL NIGHT!! Not just a quick dream, I woke up at least 5 times after dreaming about the first half, trying to figure out who the damn killer was. To top it off, I thought I knew who the killer was..... GUYS!!!

    Now part of that could be the constant interruptions from my damn kids. But I didn't catch the few teasers in there, until it was revealed. That never happens. I always figure it out, well unless they throw in some damn random person who wasn't even in the f'ing book.

    In all this was a solid mystery read, with good hero and heroine. There was good chemistry and build between then. The writing was solid and there weren't any real gaps. If you are looking for something light in the sexy time and cussing, or just a good mystery book to give you something to figure out I would definitely recommend this book.

    ARC kindly provided by NetGallery and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review.

    #DontLook #Netgallery

  4. Anita Anita says:

    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Don’t Look is the first book in the Pike, Wisconsin series. Actually first book that I’ve read by Alexandra Ivy. The mystery was good and it did have me guessing until the end. A few parts were a little slow, but it picks up and you won’t put it down until your done.

    *ARC provided by NetGalley for and honest review.

  6. Stephanie Rivera Stephanie Rivera says:

    Kir Jansen comes back to Pike, Wisconsin for the funeral of his father Rudolf who was the former sheriff and disabled in the line of duty. He wasn’t a very good son and hadn’t come to visit his father much since he left for college in Boston since his father fell into the bottle after he couldn’t be sheriff anymore. Lynne Gale is the local vet whose father was really good friends with Kir’s dad before he moved to Florida to retire. Kirs dad Rudolf has been getting letters for years that he thought were from a serial killer even though there hadn’t been any murders in town but with him being a drunk nobody took him seriously. Kir didn’t believe that the letters were legit and he still doesn’t until after his dad’s funeral where he receives an envelope that was left for him with Pastor Ron who presided over the funeral. It contains one of the letters his dad received as well as a list of initials for the victims which wasn’t in his dads handwriting. The next day they find the body of Sherry Higgins who owned the local trailer park and wasn’t very well liked and her initials correspond with the first set of initials on the victims list so they let the sheriff know and kind of start investigating for themselves since it looks like Lynne might be the last target. So the rest of the book is Kir and Lynne falling in love while trying to figure out who the killer and keep Lynne safe as well.

    So this was a pretty interesting mystery and while I had my suspicions on who the killer was by the middle of the book it was still an interesting read. The build up to who the killer was and how they figured it out and how it all came full circle connecting to Kirs dad was still interesting even though I suspected the right person as the killer.

    Thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the complimentary copy of this book in e-book form. All opinions in this review are my own.

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    Don't Look
    4 Stars

    ***An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

    Kir Jansen returns home to Pike, Wisconsin for his father's funeral. Son of the town's former sheriff, Kir always ignored his father's drunken ramblings about a serial killer sending him letters until the body count starts to rise. The local police are out of their depths, so Kir and local vet, Lynne Gale, join forces to unmask a murderer.

    An exciting mystery and a solid romance although the chemistry between the leads is rather lackluster.

    While Kir and Lynne are appealing as individuals, and their reasons for becoming involved in the investigation are believable considering the circumstances, their relationship is lacking. Readers are presented with the facts of their attraction, but the reality of it isn't sufficiently tangible.

    The serial killer plot is much more compelling. The details of the victims and their murders are well-written without any unnecessarily gruesome detail, and the letters written from the killer's POV add to the tension. It is possible to follow the clues to sort through the numerous red-herrings, and figuring out the villain's identity and motivation is all part of the fun.

    Small towns are quite common settings in this type of book, but Pike is somewhat different. Rather than being quaint with quirky locals, the atmosphere is more sad and depressing,. The residents are trying to cope with the realities of a failing economy and the disappointments in their lives, which contributes to the believability.

    Overall, a well-written and entertaining read recommended for lovers of a good romance with their mystery.

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Rating: 5

    Genre: Romantic Suspense

    Pub Date:Dec 1 , 2020

    Would I recommend it? Yes, in fact I've already started telling people about.

    Would I read more of this series: Yes

    Would I read more by this author? Yes

    First off I want to think Zebra- Kensington Books as well the author herself and NetGalley for letting me read and review it because with out them I would have never found a new series that I'm excited about like I am about this one. And I have to say that it was the cover that caught my eye when I saw it on NetGalley and then as soon as I saw who the author was I know right then and there that I was going to read it right right way and I'm so glad that I did because even though this is the second book I've read by the lovely Alexandra Ivy, the first one was You Will Suffer ( The Agency Series #3) I knew right then and there after reading just a few pages that I had found a go to author that would make me get lost in her books and I was so right about that which is what I needed right now. Just like You will Suffer i got lost in the story as well as felling for the characters themselves, other thing I loved was how you get to see though the eyes of the unknown killer himself or herself.As for the characters you can't help feeling for Lynne because she's smart, independent, witty and doesn't back away from none and of course her love for animals won me over as well, as for Kir has a possession of a great personality and comes off as someone who known's he made mistakes in the past and isn't afraid to admit it, as for the story its self its fast past and will have you hooked from the very every first page.

  9. Franzi ☾ Franzi ☾ says:

    Rating: 3 stars.

    This was a pretty solid thriller. The setting was a small town, it had a serial killer and some romance on the side. It felt like a lot of other books I've read, but it didn't necessarily stick out.
    I liked the setting and the atmosphere, and the main characters were all likable. To me, the romance was a little too much a focus and took away from the mystery sometimes. I also found that storyline a little repetitive and quite predictable, although it wasn't the main focus of the book.
    The mystery itself was pretty solid, I liked the ending and how it turned out as well as the killer reveal. I also liked the letters and how the serial killer operated, as well as the little details which added to the murders. I didn't manage to guess who the killer was, my theory was proven completely wrong which was definitely good.
    The author definitely managed to create suspense and the writing style was really easy and it was a quick read. I think without the big romance storyline, I would have enjoyed reading this a lot more.

  10. Dawn Dawn says:

    I love these thrillers with love stories woven in to them. When Kir comes back to bury his father he has no idea what's in store for him or that he might just fall for the local vet.

    But when a women is killed and the scene is set to the last words in the letters his father was receiving in the mail he knows that he has to finish what was started with his father.

    Read this to find out who has been sending the letters and why. You'll guess everyone until each is killed and you move on to the next suspect.

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Don't Look (Pike, Wisconsin #1) [Ebook] ➧ Don't Look (Pike, Wisconsin #1) By Alexandra Ivy – IF YOU'RE ON HIS LIST
A woman's naked body is discovered, cold and pale as the surrounding snowexcept for the crimson scarf around her neck The weeks that follow bring more victims and evidence of IF YOU'RE ON HIS LISTA woman's naked body is discovered, cold and pale as the surrounding snowexcept for the crimson scarf around her neck The weeks that follow bring victims and evidence of a terrifying pattern The killer has a list And every woman on it will get what she deserves YOU'RE AS GOODDr Lynne Gale followed in her father's footsteps to become a vet in Pike, Wisconsin For years, she's had little contact with Kir Jansen, son of the town's late sheriff Suddenly he's back, insisting that Lynne's in danger She can't believe anyone would target her, but someone is hunting the women of Pike, savoring every last momentAS DEADKir hoped that his father's frantic calls about a serial killer were just an old man's delusions But the body count doesn't lie In this quiet town, a monster stalks and kills And soon, Lynne's will be the last name on his list.