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On Numbers and Games ❴Ebook❵ ➠ On Numbers and Games Author John H. Conway – Thomashillier.co.uk ONAG as the book is known is one of those rare publications that sprang to life in a moment of creative energy and has remained influential for over a uarter of a century Still in high demand it is be ONAG as the book is known is one of those rare publications that sprang to life in a moment of creative energy and has remained influential for over a uarter of a century Still in high demand it is being republished with some adjustments and corrections The original motivation for writing the book was an attempt to understand the relation between the theories of transfinite numbers and mathematical games By defining numbers as On Numbers PDF/EPUB or the strengths of positions in certain games the author arrives at a new class the surreal numbers so named by Donald Knuth that includes at the same time the real numbers and the ordinal numbersThis new edition ends with an epilogue that sets the stage for further research on surreal numbers The book is a must have for all readers with a serious interest in the mathematical foundations of game strategies.

8 thoughts on “On Numbers and Games

  1. Douglas Summers-Stay Douglas Summers-Stay says:

    I haven't just finished this book I read it in 2002 which breaks my usual rule for posting on this site but hearing of Conway's death I wanted to recommend this to anyone looking for a fun easy math related book with lots of interesting ideas Most of what I remember is the material about about surreal numbers

  2. Ronny Ronny says:

    I was really excited to read this book and I started off with the first section which presented surreal numbers I even broke out the pen and paper to follow along Unfortunately I was lost amid the imprecise descriptions and possible errorsFortunately the author had written earlier that the second part was readable without the first and since my interest was in the applicability of surreal numbers to games I tried thatUnfortunately that too did not work The author seemed to make mistakes in his dominoes example and at no point did I feel any relevance for surreal numbers to gamesI skimmed a bit before finally giving upIt's a shame I really wanted to like this book and the subject matter might be as good as others say but the presentation was just poor Perhaps a solid proofing and beefing up the anemic sections might make this worthwhileFor now it's a poor introduction to a tantalizing subject

  3. Miktro Miktro says:

    Absolutely brilliant And it has a chapter zeroBreathtaking volumes of ideas packed into such short paragraphs that deciphering one of them can take you a week

  4. Stuart Neil Stuart Neil says:

    It’s a kind of magic For the curious person with a bit of a maths background it’s a step by step derivation of a newly defined number system Let’s you see how a pro mathematician goes about getting something uite general and advanced from the simple easy to understand stuff I’ve yet to fully appreciate the games connections but loved working at the theory Hey some people waste time on computer games and “brain training puzzles”; better to pick up some mathematical weight training and run with it This book facilitates that

  5. George George says:

    Freakin' surreal numbers

  6. David Hildebrand David Hildebrand says:

    Conway's approach to foundations is frustratingly poorly ordered and I urge readers to look at the appendix to section 0 first After skimming the book once it becomes extremely lucid and insightful if not haphazard Truly a mathematical classic

  7. Dylan Dylan says:

    I was initially interested in this book for surreal numbers but I ended up reading a lot about games too It's a very exciting book full of new ideas The tone is a pretty informal and I think it could do with rigor and exercises but as a light introduction it does a great job

  8. Shayne Shayne says:

    Don't know as I can say that I fully understood this book but I am certainly done with it I can see how it has earned such a high position in the canon of game literature

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