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    Oh thanks to my reading stars This great author didn t disappoint me It s not wow, I m over the moon reading but it s than okay At least it gave me so much fun and made me smile.Yes, it was funny, it was fast paced and enjoyable and finished soooo quickly Poor Annie Mercer is dumped by her fianc e who travels to Paris to find himself like young Amy March I prayed for Annie that he wouldn t find his own Laurie and engaged with him But this is just the beginning of her problems She is also sagged from her job The reason is sexual harassment Wow Annie, it seems like so many things won t end well for you And wait a minute Why your new neighbor Harper is black eyed and why a private investigator lurking around your apartment It s getting interesting at each page So let s jump in and read to learn about where Annie s new life direction is headed to This is witty, entertaining, sarcastic reading, captured my interest at the first email part written to the sooner runaway fianc e In addition to Annie s narration, there are journal parts and lots of emails help us catch Annie s new and complicated life story This is not only romance or love triangle story There are so many grifted relationships of Annie are told in this story including mom daughter, friendships, interaction with colleagues It s a great combination of tragedy, humor, realism, life choices You may not want to stop reading and keep smiling So this is one of quickest readings I loved the sarcastic, intelligent tone and I perfectly connected with heroine The thing I didn t like mostly is the romance parts of the book I couldn t find it believable and real I don t think they had any chemistry or intense feelings and I also had some troubles about ending and the choice Annie made So I cut my points to 3.5 stars but I still round them up to 4 stars because I loved the author s word choices and creative, original way of story telling So I m choosing to evaluate this as adult fiction novel, instead of romance Overall I had so much fun Special thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for sharing this book s ARC COPY made me smile a lot in exchange my honest review.

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    This ARC has been gently provided in exchange for an honest review This book has touched me deeply I m not good at words, but I ll try to give it the review it deserves Things aren t going well for Annie, lately She had been harassed for months by her boss One day, he tried to go further, and started groping her, so she shoved him away and he fell onto a lab table, causing the destruction of several expensive material She handed her resignation, because as she explained, she couldn t stand it any No one at the company supported her, over, her boss claimed that she assaulted him Due to the agreement she signed when accepting the job, she couldn t work as a chemist for, at lest, two years So, she decided to start a cleaning business Now, she has some neighbours as clients, although it doesn t keep her as busy as she would like As if this wasn t enough, her fianc tells her that he is at the airport waiting for his plane to go to Paris He explains her that he needs some time alone to get things clear, and he has always wanted to spend some time in Paris he s a French teacher So, he asks her, as well as his family, to not contact him for a month Annie has come to the conclusion that people cause pain, and she can t cope with that any, therefore, she decides to avoid people, especially new people Although, this is not as simple as she thinks at first A couple of new people appears in her life, and she can t help making an exception And here is when Annie starts to see the world in a different way I loved this book, because I liked Annie from the very beginning She is quite unique And when she opens up to people she learns to see things from a different perspective On the one hand, she realises that people aren t only the cause of pain, but they are also the cause of happiness On the other hand, avoiding her emotions isn t the best option either It s easier to deal with them when you are surrounded by the people who care for you And as her mother says to her, emotions can be messy, Annie, but that doesn t mean you should run from them Finally, I can only say that this book has touched me deeply, because I couldn t help feeling related to Annie s idea of avoiding people and trying to run away from her emotions I ve been there too, and it seems the perfect solution, but it turns out to be quite the contrary People can hurt, yes, but some people can make you feel good, and make your life better Moreover, running away from one s emotions is tiring, and then you realise that some people can help you cope with them.

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    I love Camille Pag nShe s a brilliant, pithy writer whose books are always quirky and deeply relatable Such is true for This Won t End Well Told from various diary entries, e mails, neighborhood newsletters which are hysterical , and an occasional newspaper article, this story is a quick, fun read Scientifically minded Annie is a beautifully fleshed out character I truly loved her spectrum like thinkingreminded me very much of my son But she s just one of many lovable characters in this novel Touching on topics such as PTSD, sexual harassment, depression, hoarding, and growing apartthis is ultimately a story about how sad endings can so often lead to happy beginnings I recommend Ms Pag n s books to one and all Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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    Camille Pagan is truly such a talented writer Her books are consistently pithy, funny, and written with impeccable pacing THIS WON T END WELL was no different I loved Annie, the protagonist, and willingly joined her on her journey to self discovery I highly recommend

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    Camille Pag n is a HUGELY TALENTED writer and she never disappoints Her fresh, unique, and funny style is as close to perfection as can be she makes it look like writing is really no big deal at all And again, she creates a set of well drawn characters you want to hold in a tight embrace A marvelous, smart, and quick read.Thanks for the opportunity to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I absolutely adored this book The format is fresh and unique, the characters are realistic and lovable yet charmingly flawed and the story is one that won t let you go Don t miss this one

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    An enjoyable lighter read This was witty and completely relatable It was fun to have a font seat ride as the character navigated her friendships and discovered herself I snorted with laughter a few times and shook my head at others actions a few times 3 Thank you to the publisher for the advance reader in exchange for my honest review.

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    Full review to come.

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    I m something of a geeky girl myself so stories featuring science driven women are my jam This Won t End Well explores what happens when hard headed thinking collides matters of the heart complicated ones I loved the multiplicity of relationships at play here the central romance s , the friendships, the mother daughter relationship, and the workplace woes Pagan handles all these threads like the seasoned pro she is, creating a memorable main character in Annie, keeping the pacing tight raced through this in two days , and, most importantly, balancing humor, tragedy, and compassion to deliver a deeply satisfying read Wonderful

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    Absolutely stunning novel I was excited to get an advanced copy of this book and wasn t sure what to expect I was pleasantly surprised with a touching, funny, and ultimately heartwarming story about a modern, millennial woman navigating through her career, relationships, friends, and Told in diary entries and emails, this story vividly comes to life with great details.

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This Won't End Well An Ingeniously Witty Novel About The Risks And Rewards Of Opening Your Life To New People By Charts Bestselling Author Camille Pag N No New People That S Annie Mercer S Vow It S Bad Enough That Her Boss Sabotaged Her Chemistry Career And Her Best Friend Tried To Cure Her With Crystals But After Her Fianc , Jon, Asks For Space While He S Gallivanting Around Paris, Annie Decides She Needs Space Too From EveryoneYet When Harper Moves In Next Door, Annie Can T Help But Train A Watchful Eye On The Glamorous But Fragile Young Woman And If Keeping Harper Safe Requires Teaming Up With Mo, A Maddeningly Optimistic Amateur Detective, Who Is She To Mind Her Own Business Soon Annie Has Let Not One But Two New People Into Her Life Then Jon Reappears And He Wants Her To Join Him In France She S Pretty Sure Letting Anyone Get Close Won T End Well So She Must Decide Is Another Shot At Happiness Worth The Risk