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  • Paperback
  • 261 pages
  • The Green Beach File
  • K.A. Perry
  • 09 August 2016
  • 9781682619070

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  1. Larry H Larry H says:

    KA Perry's The Green Beach File is a mystery that makes you think—gotta love itJenn is an environmental attorney who is comfortable with nature than socializing with others But as she’s headed to meet a blind date she finds a rare form of moss in a bookstore parking lot And upon looking closer at the moss she stumbles upon a dead body stashed in a coolerIt turns out the body is that of a noted amphibian expert who has been employed by Jenn’s law firm to render an opinion about whether a proposed development on acres of beachfront should move forward Shortly after this murder another occurs—this time it’s a well respected community leader who was against the developmentTwo murders in this small town so close together leave everyone shaken While some townspeople believe the murders are totally unrelated to the development project Jenn isn’t so sure And even though she knows she’s not an investigator she can’t help but start looking into the murders and keeps blundering into things It turns out there was a lot of behind the scenes manipulation going on but was that enough to provoke murderI really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting I loved Perry’s imagery and how much joy Jenn derived from the nature around her It also was a very thought provoking look at the debate between expansion and preserving and protecting natureWhile I had my suspicions about how the book would resolve itself I still enjoyed the way Perry tied everything together I’d love to see Jenn and these characters maybe not her sister in law lol againI was pleased to be part of the blog tour for The Green Beach File Kate Rock Book Tours and KA Perry provided me a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks so much for making it availableCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

  2. Athena (OneReadingNurse) Athena (OneReadingNurse) says:

    Thank you so much to Kate Rock Book Tours and KA Perry for having me on the Instagram tour for The Green Beach FileThe book is smarter than your average cozy mystery so I guess it’s just a mystery The protagonist Jenn is a lawyer with a love for the outdoors and multiple beverages at once She is uirky and feels like a real person to me There are concerns regarding the competency and professionalism of the local detectivepolice force so Jenn uses her environmental and legal expertise to help reason out the case Her sister community members other lawyers and one handsome policeman are also on the cozier side of the case I liked the characters a lot I could relate to a lot of Jenn’s issues as a 30 something year old workaholic who likes her “pet trees” than most people I can’t count how many people have tried to set me up with their friends or someone they know so I feel Jenn’s painThe mystery itself was interesting because there were so many potential suspects Most locals don’t want the stretch of beach in uestion to be developed and there are so many people with a stake in the profits and action There is one kind of obvious red herring then at least 4 or 5 other suspects who totally could have committed the murders with eually as many motives floating around It wasn’t busy though and I could easily keep track of the people and plot lines I made a good guess but it wasn’t the right person or motiveI definitely recommend for fans of mysteries that are looking for a good summer read beach book or mystery to cozy up with next to at a winter fire The book is funny and on the lighter side but definitely also interesting with real life issues and a small twist of romantic interest Oh gosh I also love how awkward Jenn is with Matt likening his eyes to potting soil That’s something I would blurt out too

  3. Shannon Shannon says:

    In The Green Beach File two murders have occurred in the peaceful shoreline town of Mayfield Connecticut When local attorney Jenn stumbles upon the first dead body she finds herself drawn to the case and begins an investigation of her own Are the murders related to each other and are they somehow tied to the planned development of expensive homes on the pristine beachfront land in Mayfield With tensions high in the town and most people strongly in favor of preserving the land for public use Jenn sets out to find who feels strongly enough to killThe Green Beach File was a uick read with short bite sized chapters After reading a number of longer books in a row this light book was exactly what I needed The Green Beach File is one of a few legal thrillers I have read this year and I’m finding that I really enjoy them This particular novel was uniue in that it focused on environmental law and specifically land preservation This is an area I don’t know much about so I found the details of the storyline to be very interesting I really enjoyed Jenn the main character who is uirky often awkward and largely in over her head Given the shortness of the novel the story wrapped up a bit uickly for me so I’m hoping we’ll get to see of Jenn and her lawyerly exploits in the future If you’re a nature lover definitely give this one a tryThank you to Kate Rock Book Tours and author K A Perry for including me on the tour for this uniue debut novelFollow me on Instagram at

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    Fun and suspenseful beach read I couldn’t put it down the plot kept me guessing until the end The characters are so real and relatable that I wanted to know about them and hope there are seuels

  5. Amy Amy says:

    Murder mystery in a southern CT beach town mixes intrigue environmental law and small town politics The main character Jenn is real and believable as are the others They are people you’d meet in your own small town and are easy to connect with What separates this book from many other mysteries to me is the expert way the author weaves in really interesting environmental and historical information into the plot It isn’t your average and often predictable murder mystery full of violence Rather it’s a page turner because it is relatable especially if you’re from a small town well researched and engaging and full of twists and turns that keep you reading I loved it and highly recommend it

  6. Jen B Jen B says:

    This was such an enjoyable book It can easily be read in a day at the beach but I stretched it out because I did not want it to end I admit I am a little biased as a friend of mine wrote it So I actually read it twice to make sure my review was honest Which it is The characters are so real that it felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book I am already looking forward to the seuel

  7. Susan • BryantParkBooks Susan • BryantParkBooks says:

    One murder in a small town should be shocking but two murders Count me in Jenn is a local attorney in Mayfield CT where these two murders take place Jenn happens to be the lucky woman who finds one of the bodies; an amphibian expert in town to help decide a legal case of the development of a large construction and property case in town Jenn takes an interest in the case because she too loves nature than the average person She also takes an interest in Officer Matt who arrives on the scene when the bodies are discovered Jenn’s law firm is part of the development deal and she just can’t stop thinking about this case I really liked the nature part of this legal mystery I thought it was different than usual and added something I wouldn’t have thought about A silly personality uirk I also love the Jenn was very into having several beverages at once I love to have than one beverage at a time and I thought this was such a funny thing to come up a few times I liked the lighter tone to this book and tbr small romance between Jen and Matt I also enjoyed the coastal town location As someone who drives between NYC and Boston several times a year I really enjoyed this book since I know right where they were talking about I’m ready from from KA Perry

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    This debut mystery filled with uirky characters who cared a lot about the environment and their community was the enjoyable read I really needed to escape into I loved the descriptive writing and the fast pace I really liked Jenn the attorney who always needed several drinks at once and would love to see her in books but either way I’m looking forward to what Perry writes nextI received a gifted copy in exchange for my review

  9. Jen Jen says:

    I honestly devoured this book in one sitting I love the small town mystery setting and our main character Jenn who is beyond brilliant and passionate about solving the mystery surrounding the town and its reasons The rest of the characters are likable and I specifically love all the historical and ecological information The story is inimitable and kept me guessing till the end If you’re into engaging enlightening and tons of whodunit scenes look no further Grab this book

  10. Cassie-Traveling Sister- Cassie-Traveling Sister- says:

    This was a uick read for me Jenn is an attorney she doesn’t particularly love her job but she loves nature and that can be a distraction while she works When an amphibian expert is found dead in Mayfield Connecticut and then a second murder occurs people begin to get scared murder doesn’t happen in Mayfield It soon appears that the murders are connected to the development of a large parcel of beachfront between Boston and New York The people of Mayfield want the beach preserved and are not happy with the construction company or their ideas of expensive homes being built but is any of them capable of murderJen is determined to go any length to solve the mystery I enjoyed this book the small town and the characters who live there the main character Jenn was relatable and her family was dysfunctional but fun and lovable The book was different it mixed law and nature while I read I learned so much about salamanders and trees I give this four stars

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The Green Beach File[Ebook] ➡ The Green Beach File By K.A. Perry – A funny engaging legal mystery for all those who love and enjoy nature—and reading at the beachFirst an amphibian expert is found murdered in the fancy shoreline town of Mayfield Connecticut Then a A funny engaging legal mystery for all those who love and enjoy nature—and reading at the beachFirst an amphibian expert is found murdered in the fancy shoreline town of Mayfield Connecticut Then a second shocking murder of a well respected community The Green Kindle - leader occurs Why are there murders happening in a town as peaceful as Mayfield Jenn isn't the perfect clever attorney She doesn't love her job has no innate ability to solve mysteries no superpowers and no awesome legal skills But she does have her love and respect for nature—which tends to distract her from her legal work yet still somehow guides her Along with her entertaining and dysfunctional family Jenn weaves her way into the midst of a momentous fight over land preservation The murders appear to be tied to the development of the largest parcel of pristine beachfront land between Boston and New York Most folks in Mayfield want the uniue beachfront preserved for the public and object to the construction of expensive homes but are any of these folks extremist enough to murder for the environment and save coastal land And how much will Jenn stretch the law to solve the mystery The Green Beach File touches on the solace we as humans get from time spent outside in nature the social pressure of today's environmentalism and our culture's continued uest for meaning through overt consumption and the acuisition of wealth—all while remaining a light hearted summer read for those who love nature the outdoors and relaxing on the beach.