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Lady Mary Contrary (Regency Ever After #2) Lady Mary Doesn T Trust Her HeartMary Is Tired Of Pining For The Unobtainable Blake Gunther, So She Recruits Her Brother S Help To Match Her With Someone Suitable The Handsome Lord Templeton Falls Right Into Her Hands And Is Eager To Pursue Her, Only Her Heart Is Refusing To Comply Further Complicating Matters, Blake Is Treated Like Family And Is There Every Time Mary Turns AroundAfter A Few False Rumors, Blake Is Cut Off Financially Until He Marries With No Money To Leave His Parent S Estate, His Only Options Are To Marry Someone In The Neighborhood Or Let His Mother Drive Him Mad As The Younger Sister To His Best Friend, Mary Is Not On His ListWhen They Re Unexpectedly Thrown Together To Help Mary S Family Through A Crisis, Blake S Heart Beats For Someone Else For The First Time In His Life He Wants Mary, But He Has To Convince Her He Can Be Trusted First He Usually Charms His Way Out Of Everything, But Mary Will Not Be CharmedMary Only Wants To Be Loved

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    This was a cute little novella I enjoyed it The light harted romance was fun to read about Lady Mary is feisty and knows what she wants I am glad she stands her ground I was a little worried Gunther was not going to grow up till it was too late but it all worked out in the end.

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    This was a fun little read I really enjoyed the characters I look forward to reading Anton s story I was given a complimentary copy of this ebook from the author, but was not required to write a review The thoughts and comments are my own.

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    I enjoyed this novella about a Regency miss who is trying to rid her heart of affection for her childhood friend, who seems disinclined to marry and unaware that they are well matched Mary s relatives, especially her brothers, were pleasant side characters Being of short length, it s refreshing that the main characters don t have time to have TOO dramatic of misunderstandings This would make a pleasant comfort read for anyone who enjoys light Regency fiction.Thanks to the author, who provided an advance review copy

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    I love when a couple has a history in a novella Mary and Blake have a sweet friends to lovers storyline in this fun and lighthearted regency romance I especially loved Mary s spunk and fiery personality that kept Blake on his toes.

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    Lady Mary Contrary was a fun, quick novella The writing is well done and I enjoyed the glimpses of characters from author Anneka Walker s first novella in this series Her Three Suitors I always love when novels that connect let us see where previous main characters are going, so having Terrance make an appearance was great, along with Anton, who s story I most definitely can t wait to read.I didn t love Mary as a character all that much because she was so back and forth, but I also understand that was the point in her character being based on the Mary Contrary nursery rhyme It works because this is a novella, but I m not sure I would have loved her if the story was longer, unless a longer novel showed major personal growth in her character Blake was right to be confused by Mary s actions towards him so the two as a whole worked as a couple in this story While I was invested in the two of them getting together, in the end it felt like they still had a lot of conflict they suddenly were just getting past along with acceptance by their families As a novella, the story works and is a fun read that I would recommend Just be prepared to be frustrated with the behavior of the main characters I did love how great Mary and Blake worked together to entertain the children and probably enjoyed those glimpses of them as a couple the most.

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    This is a quick and mostly lighthearted read Mary Contrary is based on the nursery rhyme and Lady Mary is truly contrary, especially with Blake He may be deserving of it but I found Mary to sound petulant and whiny much of the time Thus the contrary nickname I really couldn t tell how old she was since much of the time she sounded like she was 13 I didn t know what to make of Blake Had this been a full length novel I would have wished for depth in his growth process but in a story this short there just isn t time He does grow into himself over the course of the story The story is clean and a quick easy read that might lend itself to a quiet evening when you just want pure entertainment and nothing to interrupt the show Sex some innuendo in rumors proven false Language noViolence no I received a complimentary ARC of this book and chose to review it voluntarily.

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    Lady Mary Contrary is a great little story with a lot to offer Mary is contrary indeed but only to Blake He doesn t have a clue to how she feels and has unknowingly caused much heartache and chaos in her heart.Blake is, of course, handsome and a flirt, but also kind and so good at heart He has to start thinking about marriage, but it doesn t occur to him that Mary is the love he is looking for until it s almost too late.A few suspenseful situations, another would be suitor, and several tears later, it all works out with a satisfying end.I love this author s work She created some really good characters, a great story line, and sweet clean romance, and wrapped it all up in a nice little novella.I received an ARC copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own.I highly recommend this book for a light and entertaining read

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    There are are few basic qualifications a book or novella needs to meet in order for it to be my type This one met them all with flying colors The plot was engaging, the pacing was great, the author used meaningful conflict to lead to a climax that was then resolved in a satisfying manner, the main characters each had a distinct voice and were believable, the minor characters enriched the story, and the story brought images to my mind that I hadn t seen before That s the nuts and bolts of it oh, and it s clean that s a MUST , but even importantly, reading this novella reminded me of the potential life has to bring happiness When I finished, my heart felt open to joy, laughter, light and possibilities I needed that Yes, it made me giggle, and yes, I felt like hugging someone with a giddy smile I m a definite fan Keep them coming Thank you

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    Mary Blake have grown up together and Mary has loved him for as long as she can remember However, Blake loves to flirt and thus gets into trouble with gossip and false rumors In the meantime, each are pressured to marry Can she learn to trust him Can he learn to express his true feelings and clear his name My favorite character is Blake He was trying to clear his name and show that he truly did love Mary On the flip side, I found Mary to be petulant and spiteful She repeatedly tested Blake s feelings to the point that I felt sorry for him and wished he d find someone who appreciated him It was if he was trying to defend himself against everyone, including his own mother Romance PG kissingLanguage cleanMy rating 3 stars

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    A light hearted endearing take on the Nursery Rhyme Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary I could picture myself just as frustrated with Mr Blake Gunther as Lady Mary is Nor does it seem a stretch of the imagination for Mr Gunther to be confused, and slow change his mindset from that of a familial practically older brother to realizing the depth of his love for Lady Mary I also truly enjoyed the character development of Blake s parents and how the author ends the book, by the discussion put to rest by a seemingly unlikely source Which is just a reminder to never underestimate a person.

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