Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir Epub Ø The

  • Paperback
  • 104 pages
  • Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir
  • Denis M. Garrison
  • English
  • 15 November 2016
  • 9780615194462

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  1. A~lotus A~lotus says:

    Fire Blossoms The Birth of Haiku Noir by Denis M Garrison dengary on Twitter is a haunting book of haiku noir with the dark side brevity and conciseness as its primary identifying characteristics according to Garrison's Preface Since I have been interested in haiku noir for uite some time now I haven't gotten the chance to sit down study and read all about the haiku noir Fortunately in reading this book I have found that opportunity to be introduced to haiku noir which I hope to experiment in the near future The Preface written by Garrison gives a succinct summary of what a haiku noir is in the following1 Subject matter is different from the classicaltraditional haiku eg tragedy loss anger macabre humor science fiction fantasy madness terror passion crime anti heroism etc2 Haiku noir is considered of a Western tercet 3 line poem with the 1 to 5 syllables in first and third lines and 1 to 7 syllables in the second line total syllable count is 17 or less3 Unlike the traditionalclassical haiku there are no rules to capitalization punctuation fragments phrases use of complete sentences etc but should avoid excessive use of marks eg and % etc4 Unlike the traditionalclassical haiku hair noir can include similes rhymes metaphors etc5 The purpose of the haiku noir is to create an emotional response in the reader which falls at the darker end of the spectrum of human experienceIn this book Garrison demonstrates many examples of haiku noir with his own selection of poetry which I will discuss here in this reviewthis caveman rhythmour common pulse needfulthan water or saltThis poem is written in 17 syllables yet each line carries so much weight with its words What could be as ancient as caveman rhythm and is one of the most basic necessities of life worth than water or salt? The Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid comes to mind and of course even air isn't the answer to the riddle The caveman rhythm makes me think of eros one of the most primitive emotional and physical needs in love of the human experiencecaught in the wind carved iceon this distant nameless peakan empty Coke canThis poem is written in the syllable count of 675 but it is important to note that syllable counting in haiku noir isn't the major focus What is important is how each word is carefully selected as Garrison demonstrates superbly in this haiku noir His use of punctuation the colon is refreshing and fitting as it reveals what is trapped in the wind carved ice of a nameless peak I love the picturesue feel in this poem and how there is subtle yet sad irony of the merging between mankind and nature in the form of pollution littering which hits the guilty nerve in all of us There is a uality of the classicaltraditional haiku in this poem as well as represented through the winter kigo iceFor those who love a bit of crime fiction Garrison has that haiku noir set in the followingyellow police tapecrackles in the cold wind patch of red iceI guess this haiku noir literally has a macabre sense of humor For me the power charged words in this poem are crackles and red Look at the way they are used crackles to describe the sound of the yellow tape in the cold wind and the red to describe the patch of ice Each of these words are placed strategically for a greater emotional impact on the reader Dare I say very creepy and disturbing indeedFor me this haiku noir below is similar to an urban haiku which Michael Dylan Welch once explained as haiku in the urban setting see Urban Haiku at Graceguts What do you all think? Sometimes urban haiku can blur between haiku noir and senryu Of course there are distinctions between each but sometimes I see some examples that blur But anyway here is Garrison's poemzoo mothersclutch their babiesboth sides of barsThe third line of this clever poem really throws the reader off What a powerful visual in the reader's mind Monkey see monkey do right? We're all primates after allGarrison also touches on World War II in all its ghastly horrors yet the first poem gives a sense of peacehope somehowmillions of coffinssend up green shoots waiting to see the fruitwar talk those who do not knowimagine gloryLiving in the Gulf Coast area I still remember to this day how Hurricane Katrina was one of those worse natural disasters in history and how my city sheltered so many of the hurricane victims for months and months Hurricane Rita came shortly afterwards and my family took in two families my relatives I think the aftermath of the hurricanes was even worse than the disaster itself because of the politics involved Garrison captures it in painful plain truth here with a sense of ironythe greatest world leaders they look so tinyin the eye of the stormOnce again I am always partial when it comes to poetry related to the medical and health care world How fragile human life really is as depicted in this onecardiac care unit the blinking of lights of livesWorking with cancer patients this past semester in nursing school has made me appreciate my life and even greater the lives of those whom I had the pleasure to cross paths with even with those I've never met in real life The recent deaths of several of my fellow haijin friends in particular makes me sad yet my heart beats with such sincerity in that I know they have found eternal peace blessings and love Their spirits blink somewhere in the stars too I can imagineI can go on and discuss at length so many wonderful examples of haiku noir Garrison has written in this book but I shall stop here What I have selected are the most memorable to me which I hope to inspire you to read learn and experiment with haiku noir According to Garrison he had used the term haiku noir loosely since 2001 and although it seems relatively new I am sure this form will continue to grow and incorporate diverse topics and writing styles in the future yearsNotes I have a different cover The top and bottom frames title and author indicated of the cover are black instead of yellow like in this one The flower in the center frame is the same

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    48 stars

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Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir By Denis M. Garrison ➝ – Light a candle while you read FIRE BLOSSOMS The Birth of Haiku Noir; it is a courageous piece of writing one that is not for the faint of heart Carl Jung cautioned how important it is to embrace the d Light a candle while you read The Birth PDF/EPUB ç FIRE BLOSSOMS The Birth of Haiku Noir; it is a courageous Fire Blossoms: Kindle - piece of writing one that is not for the faint of heart Carl Jung cautioned how important it Blossoms: The Birth PDF/EPUB ê is to embrace the dark side of life Garrison has walked into the shadows of war and chaos Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku PDF/EPUB or with eyes open wide not afraid to confront the ghosts and the cadavers that most of us sweep under the carpet Alexis Rotella award winning poet and author of Ouch Senryu that Bite.