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The Warlock Enraged ❮Reading❯ ➳ The Warlock Enraged ➬ Author Christopher Stasheff – A family crisis weakens the Gallowglass family's collective psychic abilities The power of warlock Rod Gallowglass comes from a mind link with the evil Lord Kern Rod's other self in an alternate unive A family crisis weakens the Gallowglass family's collective psychic abilities The power of warlock Rod Gallowglass comes from a mind link with the evil Lord Kern Rod's other self in an alternate universe And before they can take on Alfar's wizards the Gallowglass family has to find a way to stop the madman who wants to possess Rod's soul from within.

10 thoughts on “The Warlock Enraged

  1. Stuart Schneider Stuart Schneider says:

    I liked this book but I felt it fell just a bit as compared to the last couple of novels in the series The problem I felt was that when Rod was on the road playing Owen the peasant the book moved way too slowly and that it did not need all of that fluff in the middle I suspected that one of his traveling mates was the actual bad guy caught by the anagram in the name at first but the author obviously wanted the reader to get comfortable with the extra traveling companion I did very much like that Rod was finally able to pull back the curtain to see the wizard behind the schemings in this installment and actually counterattack Should make for an interesting follow up novel Thus onwards

  2. Nathan Nathan says:

    It was vert frustrating that Rod kept losing his temper but made sense and furthered the story

  3. Colin Colin says:

    Another in the Warlock series I picked up at a used book store for 025 apiece The premise is a representative of a galactic democratic government ends up stationed on a planet settled by romantic SCA types who wanted to recreate a medieval environment and ended up self selecting for the genetic traits for psi powers thus creating a medieval world where magic witches and warlocks are real The world is threatened by time travelling enemies of galactic democracy but democracy relies on communication and the telepaths of this world are seen as the future key to galactic communication and thus democracy Even though it is a feudal medieval world Huh Anyway the protagonist has technology magic unknown to most in the world and is so called the High Warlock I liked this one a little less than the others in the series Most of it had to do with the High Warlock learning to deal with his anger issues trying to avoid becoming a domestic abuser while at the same time dealing with a warlock's revolt seemingly backed by one of the shadowy enemies of galactic democracy Meh

  4. Al "Tank" Al "Tank" says:

    Stasheff's engaging tale of Rod Gallowglass the Lord High Warlock continuesThis episode was long on family which is kinda nice but suffered from a barely believable problem of sudden rages that Rod supposedly got from his alternate self previous book in the series The Warlock Unlocked For this reason I could only give it 4 starsStill a good read and worth the price but not Stasheff's best

  5. John Thomas Alvord John Thomas Alvord says:

    This is not the exact copy that I read I picked this up at a Good Will store for 198 The book actually has three books in one The first is 'The Warlock something The second is The Warlock Enlarged' and the third is The Warlock Enraged It's an interesting combination of science fiction and sword and sorcery I'll tell later

  6. Rich Rich says:

    Warlock Omnibus #3 5 King Kobold RevivedThe Warlock UnlockedThe Warlock Enraged

  7. MarsianMan MarsianMan says:

    The story was ok but it had some interesting insights into anger management

  8. Jim Razinha Jim Razinha says:

    I forgot that King Kobold Revived came before this book there was a reference so that will be next I suppose So far my older self is still liking these books

  9. Richard Richard says:

    Great book in which Rod battles with his uncontrollable rage that was unlocked with his powers while trying to stop a uprising warlock who wishes to control everyone with hypnosis

  10. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    With this 4th book in the Warlock Series Rod

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