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  1. Bev Walkling Bev Walkling says:

    I was lucky enough to get a copy of this book through inter library loan having read the first book in the series a little less than a month ago As with the first book A Family Apart the story begins when modern day children in Missouri visit with their grandmother who helps them take a look at the past through the Journal of their great great great grandmotherThis book set in 1856 tells the story of 12 year old Michael Kelly whose actions as a copper stealer led to all the children in the family being sent out West to find better lives than their mother could currently provide for them Michael was sent with permission of the court with a stern warning that if he returned to New York he would uickly find himself in the infamous Tombs prisonIn A Family Apart all the children traveled by train to Missouri and were placed out with different families Although Michael had acuitted himself well en route his reputation had preceded him and he was the last of the Kelly siblings to be chosen for adoption by the German immigrant farm family The Friedrichs Mr Friedrich is a stern disciplinarian who believes that sparing the rod leads to spoiling the child He is a man of faith who believes in hell and damnation and thinks it is his duty to teach Michael the error of his ways His wife is a rather timid woman but is genuinely kind to Michael Their son Gunter on the other hand is out to do whatever he can to make Michael's life difficult and perhaps even get him sent back to New YorkEarly on in the book Michael overhears the family discussing the mysterious Ulrich who is apparently dead Michael is worried that perhaps Mr Friedrich had killed him at some point The mystery of who he was and what happened to him is a theme that runs throughout the story Although some orphan train children were adopted and treated as members of the family many others were treated as little than hired hands Michael fell somewhere in the middle He was expected to learn how to do the farm work and was taught by the hired hand Reuben who was known for his love of books Michael slept in the family house and ate with the family but unlike their son Gunter he was not allowed to attend school Gunter would freuently set him up for trouble and punishment included severe whippings on occasion Michael determined to do whatever he could not to annoy his new foster father Mike continues to overhear things about the mysterious Ulrich and worries that his own life may be in danger as well as the lives of several other members of the help He determines to do what he can to find the truthThe action moves fairly uickly throughout the book and I read it pretty much in one sitting It gave uite a vivid picture of what life was like for the early pioneers of the area and also showed how some people felt such devotion to their state and the choice Missouri made about the freedom to have slaves that they were willing to go to war over it This is the kind of story of ancestors that I would have loved to have been told about my own ancestors when I was younger It does leave the story with a bit of a cliff hanger as Michael apparently has experiences to be told as do some of the other Kelly children Hopefully inter library loan will be able to work its magic for me again

  2. Tracy Tracy says:

    Next on my list of rereads from childhood is the second book in the Orphan Train Saga focusing on Mike the oldest brother in the Kelly family Unlike his siblings Mike is placed in a less than desirable home with the Fredericks Historically Mike's story in this book he is adopted merely as a hired hand is probably the most accurate outcome for children placed through the Orphan Train The story is a page turner Mike's adopted brother tries to get him in trouble and sent back to New York City where prison awaits murder mystery et al It reads like the dime novels of the time that Mike is so fond of What is also interesting is that Mike acts like how a 12 year old boy would He jumps to conclusions about his adopted family based on conversations overheard he's impulsive and out of all the Kelly children so far the most complex Caught in the Act is miles better than the previous installment even though it ends with convenient happily ever after ending Mike is adopted by a new family and cleared of all charges I look forward to rereading Mike's next book A Dangerous Promise

  3. Duane Duane says:

    Mike finds himself living with a German immigrant family after being chose from the Orphan Train His harsh treatment only makes Mike determined to go west and become the man he so wishes to be He soon finds though that the family he lives with is hiding a dark secret Can he discover the secret before he comes to danger? Are they even meaner than he imagines? The author does a good job of keeping the reader entertained and in the dark until the very last moment A great read

  4. Annie Annie says:

    this book is so amazingthe parents or i should say the dad is really freaky he beats mikemike is the main personi probably shouldnt even say any or else ill spoil it

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    This one was good too There were some honest lessons without being preachy and hard situations portrayed in an age appropriate way There was even a hired hand who introduced Mike to classic poetry something I appreciated now but didn't register when I read as a kid

  6. Christin Christin says:

    Mike one of the Kelly children has been adopted by a family that has some secrets His past has followed him to this new family and he has many challenges to face What secrets are being hidden? How will Mike make a new life in the West?

  7. Laurie D& Laurie D& says:

    Well written and engaging One almost swear word no sex or innuendo Might be frightening for younger children

  8. Melanie Melanie says:

    Not as good as the first book in the series but still a great read I didn't care much for the weaving in of poetry

  9. Angie Angie says:

    A re read if a childhood favorite I remembered the plot of this one pretty well and really enjoyed it Mike did irk me a little as a narrator but his story was still really good

  10. Mallory Mallory says:

    The book Caught in the Act by Joan Lowery Nixon was fun exciting and mysterious I think this is a good read for 5th 7th graders because it isn’t too hard of a read and for any older readers it might be a little too easy Anyone who likes a good read with suspense danger and a surprise or not knowing what happens until the end would love this book I choose this book for a series study and I am reading the first three books because my mom recommended them and she read the series in 5th grade The book was a great read and I can’t wait to read of the series I loved this book because I always had uestions like will he discover the secret? Or will he be in danger because his adopted family is meaner than expected? I would recommend this book because the author has a great way of keeping you entertained and on your toes the whole book It was a great read and I highly recommend it

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