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Seeing Mary One Gaze Across The Ballroom Changed My Life Forever Lady Mary Ashburn Intends To End Her Season In London The Same Way She Has Ended Her Past Four Seasons As A Single Independent Woman If It Weren T For Her Determination To Help Her Friend Make A Match, She Wouldn T Be In London At All Spending The Rest Of Her Days As A Spinster Sounds Vastly Enjoyable Than Having Her Heart Ripped Out And Humiliated Like It Was During Her First Season Risking That Fate A Second Time Is Not Worth Opening Her Heart Up To Anyone At Least, That S How She Feels Before The Mysterious Earl, Lord Robert Hatley, Arrives In London And Fills Her Life With A Romance Like She S Never Known Before Torn Between Her Growing Feelings For Robert And Her Fear That His Intentions Might Not Be True, She Must Decide If She Is Willing To Risk Her Heart Again Her Choice Only Gets Difficult To Make When Her First Love Reappears With A Changed Heart And A Determination To Win Her Trust And Affection Again Finally Receiving Love From The Man She Could Never Quite Let Go Of Could Not Have Come At A Worse Time Mary Must Choose Between Three Different Paths, Each One At A Cost That She Fears Will Be Too Great

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    I loved this little story From the first words I was hooked I liked her other book To Con a Gentleman a lot too Lots of the same feels Yay a new author to love Robert is intense and knows what he wants but has that bit of mystery that just gets me This is a simple love story with two good characters that just had me falling in love with them This is a proper regency with an amazing kiss

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    Super cute novella Would have loved Robert s perspective Can t wait to read the next one

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    I was ridiculously happy when I found out Sarah Adams was writing Mary and Robert s story I loved both of them in To Con A Gentleman.Seeing Mary was a sweet story of seeing past the outer titles money and loving the person beneath all of that Robert is funny and sweet, and Mary made me laugh when she was sure she had Robert figured out in the beginning I loved her best friend and that she was actually a GOOD friend who looked out for Mary I was sad when I finished the book Now I really hope a lot of these characters make an appearance in future books

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    This was a fun, short read I wish it had been a full novel, rather than a novella, because there were many parts that didn t feel fleshed out enough, or parts where we were told certain things like, that the love interest is reserved with everyone he doesn t know well but weren t really shown.Overall, though, it was enjoyable to read and I m excited to try a full novel by this author.

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    So basically, Mary is the daughter of a duke who is extremely tired of men pursuing her for her money rather than herself She had her heart broken in the past and doesn t trust men But then she meets Robert who seems different He seems to see her rather than her money The story runs along the lines of her learning that there are some trustworthy men The hero is infinitely patient with her, and I m just glad this was a novella rather than a novel because, even with how short it was, her feet dragging became a little tiring The dialog has a modern feel, but it s a cute, fun, light little story.

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    Really enjoyed this sweet Regency tale with underlying themes of trust and self worth Although I read it in one evening, the story did not feel rushed and had a very satisfactory conclusion Looking forward to reading from this author

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    4.5 Stars I loved this novella The reason it is.5 stars below 5 is because I want it to be longer The beginning was so great I loved how Lord Hatley was so honest straight from the start So refreshing But I wanted the ending to be a little bit longer It wrapped up a little too quickly Can t wait to read the next book, To Con a Gentleman Quick, clean, sweet, regency romance Highly recommend.

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    I like this author I enjoyed this book, but i will say that the next one in the series is my favorite I really like this author, please write books

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    Lovely Short StoryEnjoyable first story by this author, which was well written and the cover was eye catching which makes a nice change from the usual Lady Mary a 25 year old woman who had her heart broken in her first season by a cad and endured further seasons because of her friend Vienna, but didn t hold her breath in finding someone she could truly love, then she met Robert Lord Hatley and Mary began to question her feelings, the cad turns up again, and he smugly feels he can win Mary s affections again, which made for a tense will she, won t she moment, but obviously in the 4 years since her heart break Mary had become quite astute and hardened and a happy ending was assured.I would thoroughly recommend this book, and I look forward to the continuing family saga.

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    Mary and Lord Hatley made me swoon so much.I really liked that they were so friendly towards each other and them teasing one another was so cute As for Andrew I could see his change was fake from miles away as well as him turning out to be a philanderer was no surprise.In my opinion if Andrew never returned,the story would have been better as it was obvious from the start with whom Mary would end up with.Andrew caused such unnecessary drama.I would so much preferred the chapters talking about Andrew had been about Lord Hatley.As for Vienna,I found her such a good friend and I loved her attitude.I wish we get a sequel about her.