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Devoted From Dean Koontz, The International Bestselling Master Of Suspense, Comes An Epic Thriller About A Terrifying Threat To Humanity And The Singular Compassion It Will Take To Defeat It Woody Bookman Hasn T Spoken A Word In His Eleven Years Of Life Not When His Father Died In A Freak Accident Not When His Mother, Megan, Tells Him She Loves Him For Megan, Keeping Her Boy Safe And Happy Is What Matters But Woody Believes A Monstrous Evil Was Behind His Father S Death And Now Threatens Him And His Mother And He S Not Alone In His Thoughts An Ally Unknown To Him Is ListeningA Uniquely Gifted Dog With A Heart As Golden As His Breed, Kipp Is Devoted Beyond Reason To People When He Hears The Boy Who Communicates Like He Does, Without Speaking, Kipp Knows He Needs To Find Him Before It S Too LateWoody S Fearful Suspicions Are Taking Shape A Man Driven By A Malicious Evil Has Set A Depraved Plan Into Motion And He S Coming After Woody And His Mother The Reasons Are Primal His Powers Are Growing And He S Not Alone Only A Force Greater Than Evil Can Stop What S Coming Next

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    I haven t read a Dean Koontz book in years but I enjoy his suspense thriller books as much as the next guy Devoted , will be released in stores in March, 2020.The stars in Devoted are.Kipp, a golden retriever with special telepathic abilities Kipp was physically strong, 70 pounds of muscle and bone He was mentally strong to but emotionally compassion remained at odds with instinctWoody Bookman Brilliant, charming, autistic..He hasn t spoken a word in his 11 years of life by choicefor reasons we will discover as time goes on.Woody was a smart kid, who had been reading at college level since he was seven years of age which maybe didn t mean a whole lot, considering that many college graduates didn t seem to knowanything humor like this can be found throughout Woody was also an accomplished computer hacker Woody spends hours on the computer Without realizing it, he made a target for himself by researching his fathers accidental death His fathers killers are now coming after himMegan Bookman, mom.She loves her son, Woody, then life itself and simply wants to protect him.Megan is a widow of Jason who died in a helicopter crash..Lee Shacket, was Jason s best friend Little does Megan really know him Lee is gloomy, sick at heart, joyless, barbaric, and bloodthirsty He has 1 million in cash in his car and is on the runHe blew up a research facility owned by his company, Refine Something went terribly wrong in those Utah laboratories He has murdered close associates and total strangers Lee fancies Megan He plans to take her with him on his escape to Costa Rica but without Woody But Woody and his mom have a guardian angel an allied on their side Kipp Kipp receives the thoughts of human beings and received one from Woody He knows Woody is in trouble and will do anything to help Fun thriller ride filled with warmth suspense, but not terribly intense with memorable main and minor characters All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog Franz Kafka A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you than he loves himself Josh Billings

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