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    OMG you guys we are officially FOUR WEEKS AWAY I can t wait

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    We are incredibly excited to announce the lovely and ultra fabulous M.E Carter s book for Smartypants Romance Weight Expectations is the first book in the Cipher Office Series, is a full length contemporary romantic comedy, and can be read as a standalone RELEASE DATE October 15th, 2019Add to your shelf on Goodreads This book will have no pre order and will release directly into Kindle Unlimited Blurb Rian Thompson thought she joined the gym to get healthy Little did she know she was about to add hundred and ninety pounds of swoonworthy abdominal muscles and arrogance to her life.Every day in Rians s life follows a predictable pattern, and she wouldn t have it any other way She s got a nice job, a nice place to live, and a nice family even if they are a little wedding zilla ish at the moment.She doesn t need anything spectacular to be happy She just needs to get healthy mentally, physically and maybe spiritually if that happens But she ll settle for two out of three until her sister finally gets hitched.Carlos Davies thought his life was perfect Little did he know it was about to be turned upside down by a woman who is not his type.In Carlos s mind, his life is damn near perfect He s got a great job, a great place to live, and a great stash of pick up lines that always work It has occurred to him that maybe no one actually takes him all that seriously But with these bulging biceps and thick, dark hair, does that even matter since he s never sleeping alone Welcome to Weight Expectations, where great and unexpected things happen.

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    CARLOS RIAN pronounced Ryan ARE AMAZING I am seriously in love with their story Rian is so wonderfully sarcastic I literally LOLed for most of the book I loved that I got to be part of her journey and see how she becomes comfortable in her skin Carlos was such an interesting character His growth from being a pompous ladies man to falling for Rian was great to see I loved their slow burn M.E did such an amazing job bringing their story to life I was smiling throughout the whole book It was impossible to put downI actually had to set an alarm so I d be able to shower before work

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    Check Out My Blog For More Reviews And Recommendations ARC provided by the publisher Social Butterfly PR , Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read the book My Body Is what it is and having extra Pounds doesn t mean I m any less Important than Jill in accounting, who has probably never had to diet in her life, and it certainly doesn t give him or anyone else the right to talk about it This is one of the best books I ve read this year that discussed Self image, Weight Problems, Confidence, and Social acceptance in a great way, without any harmful ideas or stupid assumptions Author M.E Carter surprised me throughout the book, with her beautiful, sarcastic, realistic, inspirational, heartbreaking and amazing Writing style Rian Thompson our heroine , beautiful , smart , successful , funny and strong Rian Also, One of my favorite female characters The novel starts by Following Rian Journey towards getting healthy as she is suffering from Obesity What I liked about the Author, her way of discussing this sensitive topic, she focused on Getting healthy rather than Losing weight and getting skinny Be healthy rather than Skinny On the other hand, Carlos Davies , Handsome, fashionable, Playboy, successful and sarcastic Carlos Dammit , I ve been Friend zoned by my own convictions I have to admit, I wasn t always a fan of Carlos throughout the book, there were scenes I hated him On the other hand, there were scenes, I adored him, how he encouraged Rian, Believed in her and her abilities, admired her personality, changed and developed, was AMAZING.I liked how the author changed many topics that are always the same for almost every romance novel, Such as The Friendship between Rian and Abel Almost every romance author Make the male friend of the heroine homosexual not that there is anything wrong with that, I actually always like this character or there won t be any attraction or non friendly thoughts about the hot friend , BUT , In this book, the friendship between Rian and Able was really cool, even though Able was hot and Rian at first felt attraction toward him But, they ended up, great friends Are you always this dramatic Always, I say without hesitation Good I like it See you in thirty It s twenty eight minutes now also, the age of the hero and heroine I liked that Rian and Carlos were 37, 40, really interesting to read about them, not everyone should find love when they are in their 20s or 30s, Love is for everyone, no one should lose hope But here she is, stepping out of her comfort zone to make a better life for herself And damn if that doesn t inspire me to do the same All in all, If you like to read Romance novels with interesting topics, brilliant characters, and outstanding writing style, this is for you Rian, Families aren t perfect People aren t perfect They are going to have flaws

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    I hate to be the jerk that leave a terrible review on an ARC, I really do so I preface this by saying that I had high hopes for this book The main character is morbidly obese and her love interest is a sexy Latino, this is right up my alley as a chubby latina, but this missed the mark in almost every way.First and foremost the pacing was terrible 35% into the book the MCs have met once at a dinner and instead of fleshing out the scene the author cuts out and shows us only a snippet of this apparently life changing encounter in flashback It isn t until than half way through the book before the MCs even interact again for any extended time yet the sexy Latin Lover stereotype Carlos is already head over heels for her despite spending most of his time reiterating that he doesn t want a relationship and she is not his type in any way or form.The first half of the book is literally just the protagonist building a strong relationship with her trainer and detailing her workouts which by the way after months of doing her body doesn t change I would have believed a romance with her trainer Abel than what I got There was never a moment where I saw why he was falling for her He went on and on about her not being his type but he couldn t stop thinking about her yet he never really explained and I as a reader never really felt the connection other than what I was being told Let me tell you it is very apparent that the author has never been morbidly obese or if she has she didn t want to dig deep enough to deal with the real and varied baggage that comes with that Rian was given a few moments of insecurity about hotter women and the sagginess of her boobs but a life of being overweight is far complex than that, and if you are morbidly obese having sex with a super hot fit guy for the first time the sagginess of your boobs would mostly likely not be in the top 10 of your worries.Also why did Rian want Carlos That isn t really fleshed out either and there are plenty of reasons not to like him I mean he s hot so there s that He has a good job, so also a plus but why Another thing about pacing, I m so down for a slow burn, I have read 600 page books where they don t have sex until the last 3 chapters pretty much all Mariana Zapata books but if we are going to wait for it there should be a pay off First the tension should build and second we should actually get some action Carlos goes on an on about his sexual prowess and yet there is no sex scene we get yet another scene cut So two of the most vital points in the relationship, their first meeting and their first time we don t see.

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    Last year I fell hard into a Penny Reid shaped hole in rapid succession I read all of the Knitting in the City and Winston Brothers book On the whole, I absolutely loved them loved getting to know and care about two whole communities of people who were friend groups and also each finding love Occasionally a book was a miss for me but that doesn t stop me from continuing with the rest of the series.I was so excited to learn about SmartyPants romance and that the Pennyverse would be expanding with great authors writing within these worlds I already know and love Weight Expectations is the first of these books that I read and unfortunately it was a miss for me and I m stopping at 52% To start with what I like I enjoyed the author s writing voice and I really enjoy the heroine Rian I am always a little cautious entering books where weight is a factor but I think the representation of Rian and her experiences felt really true to me I love her personality and her friendship with Francesca I think she deserves to find an amazing guy Unfortunately that s where this book lost me I just can t connect with Carlos He is only interested in casual dating which is fine but will lose all interest in a woman if he perceives her as smart and motivated I assume at some point he s going to come around and change his opinions but having made it than halfway through the book, I m not interested in waiting longer for him to become someone I m willing to spend time with.I do love that Carlos works at Cipher Security with Quinn and loved seeing glimpses of characters I love from the Knitting in the City books Like getting to peek glances of friends I haven t seen in a long time I m really excited to keep reading of the Pennyverse books I would also definitely read other books by the author I just wasn t a good match with Carlos.Thank you so much to the publisher and the author for the advance reading copy.

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    We re heading into Cipher Office territory and, BOY, am I enjoying our time there rubs hands together gleefully But before we get to that and all the fun, crazy people who populate that officeWe have Carlos and Rian Carlos initially comes across as a weeeeee bit shallow and arrogant Sure, he s pretty to look at and he s got a great workout ethic, but he s kind of judge y and he looks only at the surface Exceptthat s not all he is He has reasons for hitting the gym as hard as he does and he has reasons for his shallow relationships andwell, it turns out he grew on me.As for Rian, she s reluctantly going to the gym in an effort to get healthier and she sees Carlos as being way out of her league Except, it turns out she s not He s drawn to her and her upbeat attitude She likes him and islet s just say she sees that his attitude toward having real relationships isn t terribly healthy She likes him and wants to be his friend and when they end up together at Cipher, she s suddenly seeing him every day AND THAT S A GOOD THING.Fun, flirty, and chock full of off beat characters and a few who eventually get their just desserts I can t wait to meet of the Cipher Office crew Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Weight Expectations by M.E Carter is a fantastic read It s book one in her Cipher Office Series and tells Rian and Carlos s story I started reading and I had a kind of what moment Why does this author write in Penny Reid s Knitting in the City World Because Weight Expectations is part of the Smartypants Romance World, that s why Rian is new at a lokal gym She has to attend to better her health She s a strong heroine and she doesn t hate the gym, she loathes it from the bottom of her soul A nongym person like myself, I totally was on one page with her But the story has in store for Rian She meets Carlos a gym afficinato, so to speak He lives and breathes his healthy lifestyle and they couldn t be different from each other Carlos never ever had a serious relationship and he doesn t want one, so he thinks But Rian is under his skin and when they become co workers, nothing can stop the quirky sales wonder to burrow herself in the heart of the stubbornly in denial man.It s a witty and fun read, the perfect rom com, a slow burn and so so fitting in the SMPWorld I recommend the book and give 5 stars.

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    3.5 StarsI am really grateful to have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review I have been loving the Smartypants Romance books but am sad to say this one wasn t totally for me This is my first ME Carter book and you can tell she s a really good writer I LOVED the heroine, Rian She was funny and real with a lot of depth I liked reading about her and her growth I also applaud ME Carter for creating a real heroine who doesn t have the perfect body which is what you typically find in romance novels What I didn t understand in this book was the romance The development of the relationship between Rian and Carlos felt off They didn t spend that much time together in the first half of the book Carlos didn t really have any depth and was superficial and then all of the sudden he realizes he likes our morbidly obese main character It didn t feel real to me and Carlos just wasn t likable I felt of a connection between Rian and her trainer, Abel Overall, the lack of connection between the romantic leads hurt the reading experience for me but I would read from this author in the future.

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    I started out really enjoying this book Rian is so funny and relatable I couldn t wait to read a romance about a romance heroine who is described as morbidly obese However, Carlos Carlos Carlos What the heck The hero is obsessed with his looks and with the gym and barely notices Rian Then all of a sudden he realizes that she is funny and likes her It didn t seem plausible to me So many things just didn t make sense and when they are together, they don t seem to have that amazing of chemistry I just felt really distanced from the characters and I m not sure how I feel about the morbidly obese portrayal It seems like it was switched on and off I am really grateful to have received an advanced copy of this book It definitely opened the doors to some good conversations to be had.

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Weight Expectations (Cipher Office, #1) Rian Thompson Thought She Joined The Gym To Get Healthy Little Did She Know She Was About To Add Hundred And Ninety Pounds Of Swoonworthy Abdominal Muscles And Arrogance To Her Life.Every Day In Rians S Life Follows A Predictable Pattern, And She Wouldn T Have It Any Other Way She S Got A Nice Job, A Nice Place To Live, And A Nice Family Even If They Are A Little Wedding Zilla Ish At The Moment.She Doesn T Need Anything Spectacular To Be Happy She Just Needs To Get Healthy Mentally, Physically And Maybe Spiritually If That Happens But She Ll Settle For Two Out Of Three Until Her Sister Finally Gets Hitched.Carlos Davies Thought His Life Was Perfect Little Did He Know It Was About To Be Turned Upside Down By A Woman Who Is Not His Type.In Carlos S Mind, His Life Is Damn Near Perfect He S Got A Great Job, A Great Place To Live, And A Great Stash Of Pick Up Lines That Always Work It Has Occurred To Him That Maybe No One Actually Takes Him All That Seriously But With These Bulging Biceps And Thick, Dark Hair, Does That Even Matter Since He S Never Sleeping Alone Welcome To Weight Expectations, Where Great And Unexpected Things Happen.