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    This was a nice Christmas story Evelyn tells a white lie that bites back and she must deal with the consequences The duke was not my favorite and at one point I was hoping someone else might be the love interest, but I knew that couldn t happen He changes just in the nick of time to save this little story for me This is a proper romance that is very chaste.

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    A Duke for Lady Eve was a very interesting reading experience for me Although I enjoyed the premise of the story and reading the story itself, I didn t enjoy the romance In fact, this is the first book I ve read in years where I actually didn t want our hero and heroine to get together It so rarely happens in my reading experiences that I can t even recall the last time I was so against a couple s match Alas, I felt so here I did love the premise of the plot Evelyn meets a duke at a masquerade and decides to pretend to be a lady far above her own humble station, just for fun After all, she ll never see him again, right Unfortunately for her, she crosses paths with him again during her Christmas holiday and must maintain the charade As fun as such a plot was, I feel it could have been developed with a bit tension and fun situations with Evelyn trying to keep the charade up, especially as the duke shows increasing interest in her And while there were a few of such moments, there weren t as many as I anticipated Still, it was still a fun, engaging plot for what it was As I mentioned before, unfortunately I didn t like our hero and heroine together I didn t think Evelyn or Alverton had any chemistry, and they had so few interactions throughout the course of the story that it was a wonder they fell in love at all While I could see why Alverton fell for Evelyn considering she was such a good person that was so different than the women of his acquaintance, I m a bit baffled she fell in love with him, for he spends the majority of the story rather proud and arrogant, with only glimpses of a potential for a kind heart, surely not enough for her to fall in love with him in so short a time But I was mostly against their relationship because I wanted her to get together with Dr Cooper instead, who was not only in love with her for years, but was such a kind, wonderful, service oriented man Not only was he similar in personality and temperament as Evelyn, but they had a long acquaintanceship and friendship between them, making them a much better suited couple Evelyn instead falling for the proud duke after a few weeks for no particular reason just felt forced to me, and I didn t like it I did like the message about seeing your own worth and not being afraid to reach for love, and the hero did experience some good growth, which he needed to do in order to be with Evelyn, for his attitude was the primary obstacle keeping them apart But his growth came rather late in the story, and it didn t make me think he belongs with Evelyn Despite that, A Duke for Lady Eve was an enjoyable enough way to pass the evening, although I ll have to rewrite the ending in my head to fit what I personally feel is the better arrangement for the characters.

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    I really quite enjoyed this story It s actually the first one in this series that I have read so I can honestly say it s fine to read as a stand alone.I thought this was a fun read I don t want to give any spoilers away so I can t go into it but suffice to say that the the storyline was funny and enjoyable the characters were all engaging lovable well, except for one character perhaps but I m sure that s intentional This is a clean, wholesome read I received my copy free from the author with no obligation to leave a review.

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    A Duke for Lady Eve was an enjoyable Regency romance that kept me entertained with its fresh plot and well written story line Evelyn Trainor has always dreamed of what her life would be like if she had instead been born Lady Eve When a chance encounter with a Duke allows her a moment of pretend, she claims to be the lady of her day dreams thinking she ll never see the Duke again Duke Alverton is tired of the women chasing his title and done with the ladies of the ton When he dances with Lady Eve he is completely refreshed at her openness and in many ways her resistance to him When fate throws the two together again and again, Evelyn must confess to Alverton who she really is, but can the truth really be seen for what it is between the both of them What I enjoyed most in this story was that after Evelyn confessed the truth and Alverton later shared his true feelings, Evelyn didn t just accept Alverton s feelings and in her sincerity she really thought herself unsuitable to the Duke This made the growth and changes in Alverton believable and him of a champion for recognizing it was those very things that made Evelyn a true Lady The story has great side characters, so much so that I want to know what happens to them There were moments though that because of having so many side characters, I wasn t always positive of how their backgrounds exactly fit in Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

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    This definitely brought back visions of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, which is a story I love Evelyn is attending a masquerade ball in London with her aunt She escapes to the garden and begins to hum and sing in a beautiful alto voice and is overheard by the Duke living next door He comes over to the ball to have one dance with the beautiful masked woman and he can t get her out of his mind To keep her identity a secret, she introduces herself as Lady Eve but she has no title and it is a game she plays with her younger brothers She is being pressured by her aunt to marry to save her family from ruin Upon returning to her home in the country, she comes up on the duke once again, unmasked He is smitten by her and while she finds him very handsome, she knows she is not of the same class and they would never make a good match The problem is she is beginning to wish for just that Could a match between them ever be possible I love this author s books because they are clean and full of romance They are a pleasure to read and I feel good at the conclusion of each one and look forward to her next book to be published I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.

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    Romance Sweet and Clean Language NoneViolence None Though part of a series, this is a stand alone book and does not need to be read in any particular order This was a great book Oh what a tangled web we weave when being deceitful, even when not done to be malicious The character growth of Lord Alverton, and even Evelyn, was good Both were prideful and selfish in their own way Lord Alverton because he had been taught to be so, Evelyn because she couldn t get past what she saw was her own failings I wanted to reach through and shake both of them It was nice seeing Lord Alverton become charitable and the influence that Evelyn had on him I rooted for their HEA.SIDE NOTE No spoilers, but there are times when I wish we got to see the effects on the mean and spiteful when our couples announce their relationship and how good it would be to see them taken down a notch Too often we go from them declaring their love and becoming engaged, to the epilogue years later I feel like the kid on the Princess Bride movie, Who gets Humperdinck, in the end Is it Inigo Who

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    Evelyn has been forced to endure the season by her well meaning father and Aunt and thankfully she has made it to the last ball, a masquerade Duke Alverton is escaping from his mother and all the other interfering women in his family who are obsessed with marrying him off when he hears a beautiful voice singing Lady Eve This chance meeting touches both of them but can Duke Alverton work out who she is and can they work their way through all the obstacles I did not want to put this book down I was totally hooked and pulled into this story I definitely recommend it just be prepared for a late night and to ignore the world around you I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    A perfect book for this time of the year Actually, it s a good read anytime but since it s the Christmas season it s just right I ve read from Kasey Stockton before and she has always had well written characters I liked how the Duke s character developed and grew The chemistry felt believable and I was rooting for the h H I think the supporting characters were a nice addition and helped add to the story and romance I would definately read a book about the good doctor or the earl The story was sweet but definately not too sweet or cheesy Though it was a novella the story felt complete, had a well developed story with a nice flow.

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    An exceptional story I enjoyed this book very much This is very much a story about overcoming a mountain of pride to realize the love your life is right in front of you It is also about realizing your worth and not being afraid to reach for the love that is yours for the taking The hero and heroine are very well developed, likable characters I just love a hero that undergoes change to make him even perfect I wish we could have learned about the best friends of our leading lady and gentleman They deserved to be developed a bit .

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    Why is family such bad guys sometimes In this book, the reader meets Evelyn Trainor going to a masquerade she encounters Duke Alverton Now our duke has problems with interfering women who are obsessed with marrying him off When meeting Eve does something rather foolish and there will come a time when the fates will require her to accept what she must do There are some really great characters and I love how the story ends I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

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A Duke for Lady Eve (Belles of Christmas, #5) All She Wants Is To Be A Lady All He Wants Is An Honest Wife After Escaping To The Garden For A Reprieve From The Stuffy Ballroom, Miss Evelyn Trainor Bumps Into A Handsome Stranger Through A Hedge When He Boldly Requests An Introduction, She Lies And Tells Him A Fake Name, Lady Eve, Positive She Ll Never See Him Again But When She Returns To The Country For Christmas And Finds Her Handsome Stranger The Duke Of Alverton Has Moved In Next Door For The Holidays, She Does What She Must To Guard Her Secret For He Has Declared The Importance Of Titles And Cannot Find Out She Is A Commoner The Duke Of Alverton Has Been Taught One Thing His Entire Life Rank Matters Above All Else Having Recently Inherited The Dukedom, He Is Overcome By The Inundation Of Matchmaking Mamas And Escapes To The Country For ChristmasWhen He Arrives In The Country And Finds The Woman From The Ball Who Not Only Intrigues Him, But Carries The Rank Of Lady, He Knows He Has Found His Future WifeBook In The Belles Of Christmas Series, A Duke For Lady Eve Is A Standalone Regency Holiday Romance The Series Can Be Enjoyed In Any Order Unmasking Lady Caroline By Mindy Burbridge Strunk, Book Goodwill For The Gentleman By Martha Keyes, Book The Earl S Mistletoe Match By Ashtyn Newbold, Book Nine Ladies Dancing By Deborah M Hathaway, Book